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You, sir, are grasping

Give me a break. What a bunch of garbage. Don't forget that Gary Friedman is no Democrat. He actually works in Corey Strewart's office and is on his payroll.


More spin coming out of Gillespie's shop. Colgan wins in a competitve race.


I'm a Republican in the district and I'm definitely not voting for the extremist Fitzsimmonds - he's just a drone of the anti-tax puritans. I'm supporting Colgan all the way. Colgan will pull a large GOP crossover voter and win again.

Doug in Mount Vernon


Bob who? What a nobody.

Fitzsimmonds is trying to turn lemons into lemonade. Unfortunately he has no sugar, water or lemons.

webb slinger

Colgan loses...Stewart draws tons of reps out in PW and Fitz's loves him for it.

James Young

I love anonymous weasels who claim to be the member of a political party, but provide no basis for determining the veracity of that claim.

This is a good response. It juxtaposes policy with Colgan's actual record, and lack of accomplishment. Time in grade is not an accomplishment.

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