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Not Larry Sabato

That's the press release.

I hope we something in support from the LG as soon as possible.


Ben, still questioning the AG's judgement because of Regent?

Phil Chroniger

Glad to see partisanship put aside, I think people on all sides of the aisle can agree with this.

Tom James

With liberalism being looked at as a mental disease, how soon can we expect the left to be banned?


This demonstrates how the argument that Regent is a detriment to Bob McDonnell or any other office holder is a complete joke. What matters is not where you went to school, but how you perform in your field. The AG just stood up and gave excellent legal advice that a Democrat Governor trusts implicitly, all this in a time of great pressure. That says it all


A Harvard grad needing the help of a Regent Law grad! I LOVE IT!

It doesn't seem to bother Tim Kaine, why does it bother Ben and Lowell and others so much?

I don't care what office he gets elected to, he was educated by the law branch of the 700 club

Because Kaine was showing due respect to the office of Attorney General. I really don't think McDonnell brought forth any groundbreaking legal advice.

ATTACK KAINE. He didn't go after voluntary recipients of mental health treatment!


Thank you someone for noticing. See http://vafederalist.blogspot.com/2007/04/mcdonnell-and-kaine-leading.html. It is good to see everything in the Commonwealth is not about political gain. I once again compliment these two state leaders for their decisive action in the wake of the this tragedy.

Make fun of Regent all you want, because this year's butt of law school jokes is next year's top 50. George Mason law school was similarly mocked for its first two decades as a bastion of right wingers and religious zealots. In just a few short years it went from the bottom of the barrel to being ranked neck and neck with William and Mary.

"I really don't think McDonnell brought forth any groundbreaking legal advice."

This anti-Catholic bigot must have been in the room when the Governor and Attorney General were working on this. Thanks so much for your insight.

Not Larry Sabato

Jason, once again I have to ask you to please attack me with the words I used and not the ones you choose to infer. I'm getting tired of you infering language upon me, then making your case against the language you used and not what I did. BLOGS ARE WRITTEN, IT ISN'T THAT HARD TO GET IT RIGHT.


Ben, you have said you questions McDonnell's judgement for choosing Regent.

Speaking of inferring, no where to Stewart or Maher attack McDonnell, they take issue with Regent. It is you inferring that this is a judgement on McDonnell and continuing to feed the malicious story.

So I ask you, why are you going to judge McDonnell and try to convince others to judge our Attorney General because of his school of choice when he clearly has a body of work that speaks for itself?

Not Larry Sabato

Jason, I said that I questioned his judgement in picking a college based on a TV show (which is what he said in the interview).

You can go look through all my writing on this site about McDonnell, I have NEVER questioned him just for attending Regent. I could care less where anyone goes to school, and that doesn't bother me at all. To me, it actually makes sense that a conservative Christian with a family who lives in Virginia Beach would go to Regent Law instead of commuting somewhere. As you can see from the video clips of Stewart and Maher, not everyone is as open minded on that.

Again, do not try to tar me with something I didn't say. I have probably written a few hundred thousand words on this site since I started it, if I wanted to say something I could say it. You are really pissing me off saying I questioned his judgement for choosing Regent, when I even specifically said in the comments that I questioned that he chose it from a TV show. Again, I could care less that he chose the school.


GMU Law School does not begin to touch the amount of right-wing zealotry seen in Regent, which was specifically established with a strong right-wing evangelical tilt. GMU is and always has been a secular institution. Although it tilts somewhat to the right, having picked up one too many professors from the Chicago wing of legal economics, its student body is diverse and their philosophies range widely. On the contrary, Regent markets itself very heavily to the right wing Christian evangelical community and uses religious terms and seeks particularly to attract like minded people. It may accept racial and ethnic diversity, but it seems to me there would not be much welcome for those who would advocate a more liberal or leftist legal philosophy. There seems to be little room for dissent within its ranks.

As for the AG working with Kaine on the problem of mental health menaces getting access to guns - it's on a par with being in favor of Mom and apple pie - hardly controversial and not much of a legal stretch. It doesn't change the definition of involuntary commitment in the Virginia Code, meaning there's a hole there wide enough to drive a truck through, and it does not close the option of the object of an involuntary commitment petition to escape the designation as a dangerous mental patient by simply agreeing to go to treatment voluntarily.


So instead of posting the videos without comment the only thing you add is that it is clearly an attack on McDonnell, which it certainly is not. And then you continue to pile on by posting the McDonnell video. This is an issue that should not exist and that it does exist on any level is because you have made it. Whether you are attempting to tar the Attorney General or just were lacking for content over the weekend, who knows, but you are clearly trying to imply something with these posts and that only now you are defending Regent or the AG's decision to go there makes me wonder where you would have let this story go unless someone called you out on it?


I concur.

I don't care what office he gets elected to, he was educated by the law branch of the 700 club

My mocking of Regent has nothing to do with attacking Catholocism.

Bolling just couldn't stand for McDonnell to get all the credit.

Not the last guy

Typical McDonnell troll comment.

Chris from ASL

I applaud the actions by our leadership too...it was the right thing to do.


anon 6:45 is spot-on. This is Bolling's m.o. -- not that I blame him. He holds an office that doesn't give him much of a chance for these sorts of rah-rah moments, so he has little choice but try to grab a piece of McDonnell's glory.

Certainly not the first time Bolling's done it, and it won't be the last.

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