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James Martin

I sorta concur as well... I im'ed Not Bob James and told him my feelings, but i dont censor the contributers to the blog.

That is the closest any blog has ever come to the truth on Tom Davis.



If I end up in hell, it won't be for laughing at this.

This might be a new low. NLS linking to yet another article he claims to deplore, giving it additional visibility and credence it otherwise wouldn't have.

JMU Duke

Inappropriate, but very clever, and pretty funny.

James Young

I'm not sure that I disagree with your assertion, Ben, but I think it's difficult to sustain, with so many "lows" from which to choose.

Ward Smythe

Don't worry Ben, I've got a screen cap.

So what the hell does it say? The video I see has no audio and is a music video.

Ward Smythe

Anon at 10:17. There's audio.

It's Carrie Underwood singing "Before He Cheats."


"Carved my name into his leather seats..."



On C&L I can play and hear all of their videos, but when I play the video on vaprogressive I hear no sound. I dunno? At least it's not a flashback.


And we wonder why its hard for bloggers to be taken seriously sometimes.


Chris: Bloggers have no difficulty being taken seriously -- they all take themselves and each other *very* seriously. Sometimes you find a blogger who likes to have a little fun, while causing overheated readers to hyperventilate.


Ginter- best comment of the month.


I'll remember that when a conservative blogger brings up divorces and other personal peccodillos of Democrat politicans and you guys start losing your minds.


C: See, here we go. Peccadillos are universal. I had Orkin out just last week to fumigate. What counts is admitting you have peccadillos. As a matter of fact, Virginia law makes it a felony to interact with another without disclosing certain peccadillos.

What matters more, though, are hypocrisy and venality. And there are plenty of politicians on both sides packing full bags of both.

Proud Republican

I didn't look at it, and I don't plan to, but I think the best way to deal with things of this nature that you consider to be inappropriate is to completely ignore them rather than drawing attention to them.


PR: Well said, although be advised Carrie Underwood is smoking hot in the vid.

And they say feminists have no sense of humor.


What is this? "New Low" #2,397?

Yeah, it's called 'humor' Ben. In fact I'll bet you money that Tom Davis would chuckle if he saw it.


Other Chris: I'm guessing here, but I bet Ben agrees with your definition of humor and offers another definition -- of irony.

Of course, sometimes there's a disconnect between definition and reception.

Or, I could be reading Ben wrong and he's really a smarmy misanthrope, who gins up fake controversies to feed his stunted ego.

Either way, Carrie Underwood was smoking hot.

Does anyone know any music videos about kids that rob banks?


Hahahahahahaha, well done.

Oh, and the "outrage" is spot on as well.


Jaime: I'm outraged that you're excited over the outrage over Ben's outrage over the outrage over VP's (implied) outrage over Tom Davis's ex-wife's outrage over Tom.

And not one word about how smoking hot Carrie Underwood was in that video.


To quote Borat: wow o woo wee! You're right Ginter, bazoom, she is hot. I hope my wife doesn't read this!

Can we have a state dept. deputy and escort ring amen? Can we have an Oval office hum amen? Can we have a cheer for Rudy? How bout Newt? Brothers and sisters can I have an amen for Teddy Haggert?

See, I put Clinton in there too.. just couldn't think of other dems who were giant hypocrites.


Ginter Parked-you win greatest comment I have ever seen on NLS, and also; Carrie Underwood is smokin' hot.


Please shoot me if I ever write on a blog that I think someone of the same sex is smokin' hot.


That shit was funny

Davis had serial affairs, was Jeanmarie's "mentor" and campaign chair years before he left his first wife, and has a number of questionable financial dealings. None of which have received serious attention in the press. Far more powerful and connected people have been brought down by far less. Davis is an INCREDIBLY gifted politician and manipulator, helped by friendly voices like Ben who shout down any serious examination of the dark side of his personal life. You have to give it to the guy.


Republitarian-people comfortable in their own skin and willing to admit when someone is attractive, regardless of their sex, should be shot?

You sound repressed...


Come on people, its funny... And a great video to boot.

anon 846 - would love to see ANY evidence you have about ANYthing you claim. and don't give me a "oh it is well known" or "wait until the campaign" or any of that crap. bottom line, there is NOTHING on the evidentiary side for you or any of the folks that feel the same way as you. period.

anyways, not a big deal. i'm sure "time will tell" or whatever the sayings are. nobody has anything hard or solid on the guy - because nothing is there. it's all pure speculation.


Frankly, I would have used the song "These boots were made for walkin"...

Maybe the current wife should use "Stand by your Man" as her theme song??

Ben, this could be fun exercise..let's pick songs for all the local politicos and blogmasters...feature one every week!!

Not Larry Sabato

TLM- we did that in 2005. This is Marsdens:



Don't get sucked into this Republican family values hypocrisy. As James Carville once said, he'd give $50 to anybody who could find him a Republican politician who divorced his wife to marry an older women. Davis/Gulliani/Thompson/
Gingrich/McCain are just a few examples of the party of family values and wedge issues are just a bunch of hyporcrical incompetents. And, as for you, cheap shot artist that you are for people who you don't like, you are in no position to lecture people about web etqiuette or give fashion tips.

I wrote last night that I could not hear the video sound (see above @ 4/30 - 10:17 p.m.).

I learned many people are having the same problem. And like me, it only happens on certain videos:



That is unacceptable. I encourage you to ask for a full refund.

It's the embedded videos that are not working. If I go directly to youtube I get the sound. Oh well, at least it isn't a transistor embedded in my brain. ;-)

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