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Religious bigotry? I don't object to Regent's religious orientation, just the fact that it's a lousy law school. Its graduates have a 61% pass rate vs. a 74% average pass rate on the Va. bar. Regent is ranked in the fourth tier of all law schools. Jon Stewart went to William and Mary, for crying out loud. He's a hard-working, well-educated individual who's entitled to expose Regent for the expensive fraud that it is.

Sean Holihan

I hardly think that anyone voting in that contest thought about which law schools they went to.

Regent should be shut down. It's an embarrassment for the Commonwealth.

Regent is is not affiliated with the Commonwealth (thank goodness) except to say that some of Regent's students receive Tuition Assistance Grants (TAG) from the Commonwealth to help defray the cost of the private education. Regent clearly prepared the Attorney General well, didn't he beat a Wake Forest Grad for AG? If this were March Madness, how many folks would have picked a Regent over Wake on their bracket sheet? Screw Jon and Bill.


"Screw Jon and Bill." And by all means, do it in a Christian manner.
"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits."
"On that day, many will say to me, 'Lord, lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many deeds of power in your name?' Then will I declare to them 'I never knew you; go away from me, you evil-doers.'"

here's a man who can't recall if he ever had oral sex and he graduated from LAW SCHOOL?!?!? that alone speaks legions about the quality of education at robertson (er, regent) university.


Well I have to say I'm a little disgraced our Attorney General graduated from a Cable Broadcast University, but whatever, I'm a liberal, we don't have a voice with the 'crazy caucus' of the VA Republican Party as it were anyways. Oh...and Not Jon, I hope you enjoy the Next 10 years here in Virginia. The way things look, the NorthEast Corridor will be spreading from New York to Richmond soon, and with it, a Democratic Virginia will sprout.


This whole challenge of McDonnell's credentials was bothering me, then I realized a few things:

A: He did graduate from law school,

B: He did pass the bar,

C: He was a successful legislator for more than a decade,

D: He is a statewide elected official.

Guess his credentials speak for themselves.

Can Not Ron be given his own website so I can promptly ignore it?

Not Larry Sabato

Not Ron, a better place to comment about my posts is in the comment section where I comment about your posts.

Not Ron is acting like a sixteen year-old who just got a driver's license. Someone need to take away the key s and explain that "a blog is not toy."

If these are the kinds of posts we will be getting from him NLS, I suggest you find someone else.

Making a new post out of a nothing comment is what we find when we look at third- rate blogs. Posts should be on a new topic or add something completely new to a well-debated previous post. This is trivial.

Phil Chroniger

Anon 6:25, does it matter if McDonnell can remember if he's ever had oral sex?

What does that have to do with his qualifications or his ability to do the job he was elected to do?

McDonnell passed the bar, whether or not other students from his alma matter passed or not really doesn't matter, as the state sets the bar, not Regents.


NLS: Will do

A) The Attorney General is catholic, folks like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher ought to be really careful before they cross into some bad territory going after a catholic because of his religion

B) Virginians definitely don't like intellectual elitism, saying that because Bob went to the closest law school to his home, ON THE GI BILL, he is unfit for office, well that won't play with most Virginians,

C) AG McDonnell went to Notre Dame undergrad.. who wants to question that schools academic credentials and

D) It doesn't matter where the AG went to law school, he is... Attorney General. In 2009 he won't be applying for his first job out of law school, he will be running for Governor. All voters will care about is how he did as AG, and with 60 of 64 bills passed, anyone can tell you Bob McDonnell is doing an excellent job, hence the reason for the attack redux by Maher and Stewart


All this Regent bashing is quite funny.

The proof's in the pudding, folks. The Attorney General is an exceedingly accomplished lawyer, and he received his legal education from Regent. It must not be as bad as you make out.

Take your anti-Christian bigotry elsewhere. Nobody here is buying it.


Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech...isn't it just wonderful that these two wonderful rights are being enjoyed before our very eyes....cable talking heads to use the later as a pretext to openly assault the former.

Whose abusing civil liberties now? Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. Religious Bigots.

"The Attorney General is an exceedingly accomplished lawyer"

Show me one above average opinion out of his office?

In general it has been a partisan JOKE so far.


"The Attorney General is an exceedingly accomplished lawyer,"

Uh, by what measure?

The same sort of measure that makes Regeant's "we only compete against schools we know are worse than us so we can look like we have the best record" debate team able to claim that it's #1?


Liberty University's debate team is the national champ not Regent University! Liberty University NOW has a law school and is establishing an engineering school. If you thnk that Regent University is a crummy law school just wait until Jerry gets his hands on all the little strict constructionists soon to emerge from the "mountain" here in Lynchburg! Help us all!

Interested Observer

Do you seriously think that the people of Virginia looked at someone's academic credentials before electing them to Attorney General? The pedigree of their degree is only important if it was fraudulantly obtained. Otherwise, they have a law degree. For that matter, you don't need a law degree to practice law - just be a member of the bar.

Also, it's not like McDonnell won in a landslide either, now is it?


"Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech...isn't it just wonderful that these two wonderful rights are being enjoyed before our very eyes....cable talking heads to use the later as a pretext to openly assault the former.

Whose abusing civil liberties now? Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. Religious Bigots."

Do you like seeing yourself post? You've wrote the same damn thing in the posts below.


Ah, right, Liberty. The point stands. Simply passing the bar and getting elected to stuff is not a measure of a great legal mind. You don't even have to go to law school to pass the bar, let alone go to a good one.


Ben, these not ron posts are comedic gold.

Johnny Longtorso

white Christian heterosexual males -- the true persecuted minority.

I'd take a good lawyer from Regent over a bad lawyer from Harvard any day.


Let's not forget the derivation of the name of the person who started this ridiculous thread:


Wonder what all those persecuted right-wing Christians would think of their defender?

The problem with Regents University is not that it is religous, but that it puts conformity above genuine thoughtfulness. That is why the Bush administration likes Regents graduates -- because they don't want anybody who asks hard questions, just people who conform. It has worked out really great, hasn't it. As for intelligence, I'd put Deeds up against McDonnell any day. The current AG embodies the notion of mediocrity in every thing he does. As for Virginians not liking intellectual elites, how can you explain the defeat of George Allen, who seems to have had every vestige of intelligence removed from his brain. Did he over do it?


Anti-Christian bigotry, I. Pub? Anti-CATHOLIC bigotry?

Give me a freaking break. Do you honestly believe anybody--Stewart and Maher included--would be snarking on somebody who went to Georgetown? Or any of the GOOD Catholic/Protestant-affiliated schools?

How can we pursue knowledge if the main thing is to conform? How are we to discover new things if we are not allowed to question? THAT'S what's so scarey about the Libery and Regent school models. And look how well a government runned by their graduates does. NOT!

And as the lead soprano in my own (Christian) church choir, could you guys just stop with the anti-Christian thing? Puh-leeze, like you're another persecuted Peter. You guys run the whole show. You guys screwed everything up. And you did it the name of your own narrowly-defined version of Christianity. If Peter were here--much less Jesus--he'd knock your heads together.




LAS - I suppose you'd prefer this government be "runned by" intolerant lefties molded and sculpted by left-wing professors. Do you kid yourself so much that you think lefty professors tolerate dissent?

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