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David Mastio

It must be a plot.

Oh no. An all imporant NLS internet poll being tampered with. Will these peole stop at nothing.


That is a shame.


I didn't see the poll, but in general- ANY on-line poll is subject to "freeping" i.e. multiple voting..it happens all the time. On line polls are not scientifically designed for unbiased perfect samples- and should be taken with a large grain of salt. Its usually a contest of who can rally other on-line supporters to hit the poll. My guess is your blog service captures unique IP addresses...but that can be circumvented with TOR or other anonymous web surfing tools. Don't take your "ball" and go home..just offer a caveat.


jestchecking's right- Nothing can be done if people want to "cheat"...


last comment was me

Not Bill Howell

NLS: Since you can tell which ballots are stuffed, why don't you delete them from the totals and report a reliable final vote?

Not Larry Sabato

There were over 700 votes cast- I don't have time to go through and do that. I am working on a better system instead.


NLS, Who cares?

Nobody takes these things seriously. The supporters of the various other candidates should have done the same. Shame on them. Get off your butts!

Tell me you're not going to make this into some kind of controversy? I will die laughing if that's the case.


Why not have people email in votes? People could still use multiple email address, but it would require a little bit more time and energy to bias the results.

Even if you had a "one vote" per person online poll, it would still be self-selecting, non-scientific, and largely for your readers amusement. So I wouldn't sweat this one too much.

If your objective is to measure the level of enthusiasm for a candidate why not focus # of donors to a candidate and total dollars raised? That seems like one reliable measure you could use.

Says more about the "voters" than anything else.

Not Frank Hargrove

Who gives a damn?

Not Frank Hargrove

Who gives a damn?

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