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Perhaps they were picking the weakest candidate and trying to stack the deck in Wilder's favor. That's what we get with open primaries.

Stacking The Deck

Wilder had a tough enough time getting elected without "Democrats" stacking the deck against him.

Not Jack Herrity

Probably the same thing everyone else has against Wilder. He's popular every few years until everyone remembers what an unreformed bully he is. Now it's Richmond's turn again.


Ditto Jason. Many Democrats vote in Republican primaries to try to give the weaker candidate a push. I did that in the last statewide election.

it is a huge leap from voting in a Republican primary in 1989 to being a Democrat against Wilder. Sometimes people will vote in the other party's primary to help an especially good member of that party or prevent the nomination, and election, of an especially odious member of that party -- once again as viewed from the perspective of that individual voters. There are other times when, as noted above, somebody will participate in the other party's primary to help nominate a weak candidate to help their party win.


Richmond has a lot of hate for Wilder. It seems every week the papers go after him at least once.


Question she said John Warner deserved support in 1996, why would she support John Warner over MARK WARNER future savior of the VA Democratic Party?

Not Frank Hargrove

I will never miss an opportunity to vote against Bill Bolling. I voted in the GOP Primary in 2005 and I plan on doing it again in 2009, just to stick it to that fat jerk. In addition, in my locality, the GOP nomination is the election, so if you give a damn, or hate one less than the rest, you vote in the Repub primary. And in 1989, us Dems were told to go vote for Coleman (I didn't), because he was the easiest to beat. I guess it worked. Sort of like what happened in 1977 when all of the Repubs voted for Howell over Andy Miller. They've done it, we've done it, so what. Shout out to GinterParked!

Not Claude Swanson


Hindsight is 20/20, Mark was an unknown quantity at the time, and John has always been popular with moderates. Jim Miller, having been trounced by North the last time around, ran pretty far to the right against John, and Virginia was tacking right at the time. She probably thought that, if Mark were to be beaten, it would be better to have John as Senator.

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

That primary was

Marshall Coleman
Stan Parris
Paul Trible

Scary to think that Stan Parris could have been Governor. Virginia would have declared war on the District of Columbia.

Not Frank Hargrove

It was a truly odd primary in 1989. It is hard to envision any race where Marshall Coleman was the best of the bunch in 3 way race, but there you have it.

Not Frank Hargrove

It was a truly odd primary in 1989. It is hard to envision any race where Marshall Coleman was the best of the bunch in a 3-way race, but there you have it.


In Virginia this "Who voted in what primary" thing REALLY needs to stop. I'm a die-hard Democrat and the first election I ever voted in was a REPUBLICAN primary. Why? There was no Democratic primary that year and I was so terrified of Michelle Brykner becoming Chairman of the Board of Supervisors I wanted to vote against her every chance I got...

Could it be that they, like any GOOD Democrat, recognized that Wilder was secure as the nominee and wanted to try to vote for a Republican sure to lose to Wilder? If I had been eligible to vote in 1989, that's sure as hell what I'd have done...

Until we have closed primaries, this stuff is grade A bull-crap for determining someone's party loyalty.

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