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Invisible Hand

and why would a bunch of uber-conservatives coming to vote for him care?

"This is one of the worst crimes a lobbyist can commit." Oh, if only Randy Cunningham and Jack Abramoff hadn't proven that statement to be so patently and ridiculously untrue, it'd be so much easier to take this post seriously.

Not Larry Sabato

If it wasn't for the registration system they never would have caught Cunningham or Abramoff.

Phil Chroniger

Nonetheless, this is a bad move by Gill and could very well damage his campaign IF this story manages to have legs in the mainstream media.

James Young

Ben, this is ridiculous. Perhaps if you had even the most basic knowledge of law firms and the way that they function, you would know this. Or, in your enthusiasm for Julie Lucas, do you simply not care?


Am I wrong that you need only register if you lobby the US Congress or the state legislature? Could someone who lobbies local governments or entities other than governments not be a professional lobbyist without being a registered lobbyist?


Ben, you nut. You said about Webb "plaigerism is the worst crime an author can commit." I said then, and I'll say now, no, murder is, or rape, and a whole bunch of others.

And Cunningham would have only been caught because of the registration system? I hate the guy, but I doubt this is close to true- he took bribes. He printed a bribes for votes list. I don't think registration was involved, but I could be wrong...

Greg L

The federal provisions appear to be that if you lobby the government - either legislative or executive branch, you have to register with both the Senate and the House. Faisal specifically has mentioned in his resume that he lobbied "congress" and "legislators", which would certainly trigger these provisions. Whether executive branch is covered, I'll leave to the attorneys and lobbyists who frequent this site, but I believe executive branch lobbying is still subject to this 1995 law. I'm sure we'll get clarification of what the requirements actually are.

Of note, there is a connection between Jack Abramoff and Faisal Gill's mentor Grover Norquist. Some might find an appropriate google search instructive.


Maybe he's one of those "consultants" like JMDD who don't really exactly lobby.

You know - he just sets up parties and stuff - he like *facilitates relationships* out of his basement for $80K/yr.

That's what JMDD does right? She doesn't have to register for that either, right?



Maybe someone can explain exactly how that website qualifies as a "lobbying" website. It appears to be a consulting firm. In fact, is any form of the word "lobby" on the site anywhere?

And what did lobbyist registration have to do with Duke Cunningham?



Please don't pile on like this. This is beneath you. As much as I like Greg, he has been obsessive about attacking Faisal.

Loudoun Insider

Publius and others, go to BVBL and view for yourself Gill's own flier that says he is a Republican lobbyist, just like Ed Gillespie and Haley Barbour. Greg isn't making this stuff up.

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