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Not Not Larry Sabato

Productive contribution to political discourse - 0

Ben's random personal vendetas clouding any sense of objective analysis - 1


Ben- John Travolta is going to get you man, cut it out.

I don't know about the worst, but I can't help but suspect that he may indeed be the best politician--and the funniest. Because not only did he find a clever way to use a not-so-bright person into getting exactly what he wanted, but he did it in such a way that lets me say this:

Well, that should teach Ginny not to drink the Scientologist's koolaid.


Not John S. Mosby

Ginny is a nice old woman who deep in her heart is still fighting for George McGovern to pull of an upset against Richard Nixon.

IMHO she's a horrible leader but the Mount Vernon Ladies Society continues to hold sway at FCDC. Too bad, Ginny's way past her prime if she actually ever had one, and is holding the party back. Poor technology, poor planning, it's amazing Democrats have done as well as they have with her running the party in Fairfax.

None of what Ben says is true. Ginny Peters wasn't fired.

Anon @4:59 PM, So she's still his campaign manager?


A little context would be welcome -- what office is David H Miller running for?


Fairfax Clerk of Court.

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