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Not the F.B.I.

Did someone say that the Loudoun prosecutor's office was political? You have to be kidding (* note tongue in cheek)

Isn't that the same GOP prosecutor who gave the opinion letter to the big GOP donor telling him that he could vote to increase houses on projects that he was earning mortgage commissions on?


Interesting it's taken that same "non-political" prosecutor four months to not do anything make a decision on this one either:


Any word on where the F.B.I. stands on all of this Loudoun nonsense? It sounds like the wild west.


NLS is right. This will end up hurting Jill far more than Tate.

This is the same prosecutor who had a bar complaint filed against him for intimidating witnesses in a capital murder case.

James Young

Bar complaints are a dime a dozen. It costs nothing to file them, and the filer faces no consequences for filing even frivolous charges. While I believe this to be a politically-motivated prosecution, no credence to such a belief is lent by the assertion/fact that other bar charges have been filed.

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