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Jeff, don't go away mad. Just go away.

Word to that.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Some people are so damn cruel. People, y'all let the chips fall where they may and have some decency, respect, and dignity for those involved along the way, please?

A Voter

I don't know much about Mr. Dion, but come on... you're saying that he needs to drop out because someone who you think would be better is too afraid to run for office- against someone who, according to you, is incapable of running an effective campaign!? Am I missing something here?

We have a process for this- it's called a primary. If your proposed candidate lacks the desire or ability to fight for the nomination, then they probably shouldn't be running for office in the first place.

JMU Duke

Decency and respect are fine, and should be applied to as many situations as possible. But if Democrats want to take back the GA they are going to have to start running better candidates than Jeff Dion, period.


...If this other candidate won't run unless Jeff drops out, sounds like they aren't a very motivated candidate to put into office. You try to make a big deal out of all these things, and make people seem manipulative when with a little common sense you could stop whining and find a way around the problem.

blue dawg

actually who ever is thinking that they may want to run HAS to have Jeff Dion drop out at this point. The filing deadline has passed and they could only replace Dion as the Dem nominee if Dion dropped out. So its not about being a pansy, its about being the only way to get on the ballot. Its too late for conventions at this point because the nominees have to be set by 7 PM on June 12th.


Thanks--that had slipped my mind.

blue dawg

they are still a pansy for not deciding until may that they wanna run though.

A Voter

So then this other person was too afraid/uninterested/forgetful to run against Dion within the time alotted by the Democratic party... and so now Dion should step asside for such a person?

Blue Dawg:

The Democrats have already selected a convention as the method of nomination for the 51st district. The filing deadline is tomorrow. So you are incorrect that "the filing deadline has passed and they could only replace Dion as the Dem nominee if Dion dropped out."

Here is the convention call:



There are quite a few candidates I have come across in the past few years that don't really seem to want to be running, yet ask for support. It really irritates me that these candidates expect to make mistakes in their races and still be able to do what they want with little effort.

Check your facts before you post. As of this moment both candidates are running and there will be a convention.

James Young

Is anyone else offended by/Does anyone else see the irony in this description of Dion's potential opponent as a "pansy"? ;-)


James, you are going to offend the PC police, or as I like to call them, the Republicans in Augusta county. Watch out. Don't use the word retard either.

Mr. Perverted

So James Young has "pansy" in his google search engine apparently. Care to share your other names for your obsession with all things queer James??

PS: Your tone and dedication is so hot! Got pics?

Bosses in smoke filled rooms

"Holding nomination hostage?" That's what you call it when a committed Democrat steps forward to run for an office that no other Democrat was seeking? And they are supposed to drop out if someone else shows interest?

On the other hand, if Ben wanted to run for the House of Delegates and we had a superior candidate like say, Dave Marsden, would we want party leaders to push Ben out of the race? OK, I guess I can see how that would be fair, in that circumstance... But Dion is a much more credible candidate than Ben!


Well, PW Democrats sure know how to pick 'em, I'll give you that.

A poofter cub scout leader v. a sleazy, philandering schmuck divorce lawyer with ugly paralegals.

Jeff, please withdraw for the sake of the party.

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