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Not Rerras at #2?

veritas blue dem

Unbelievable! The PWC GOP has given the Dems a huge gift. Faisal Gill's candidacy will give the Dems their first PWC seat in the House of Delegates and threatens to bring down Senator O'Brien as well -- improving chances for a Dem takeover of the state Senate.

One just has to ask the PWC GOP -- what in the world were you thinking?

James Young

Uhh, "VBD," that anyone that Dems and "moderate" Republicans hate that much must be damn fine candidate?

I realize that you Dems would have much preferred a lightweight like Julie Lucas. Sorry we couldn't accommodate you.

Not Claude Swanson

Yeah, terrorists fight tough. Some of that probably rubbed off on Gill while he was rubbing elbows with them.


James Young just called Michelle Malkin, who has argued that INTERNMENT of Japanese Americans in WWII was justified a "moderate Republican."

It's no wonder that the moderates are leaving the GOP in droves.

Keep up the great work, James.

Did Not Claude Swanson just call a former United States Navy JAG officer a terrorist?

Reading comprehension, 3:16. Reading comprehension.

He said Gill rubs elbows with terrorists.

Lyle Beefelt

Jim Young's rude characterization of Julie Lucas as a "lightweight" doesn't square with the facts. Here's the facts, Jim:
1. Julie was appointed to the school board through the advocacy of its more conservative members.
2. She won every precinct in a Democratic district running on a more conservative platform than her opponent.
3. On the board, she has been influential in moving the Board in a more conservative direction in several areas.
4. The 51st race, she relentlessly targeted voters from previous conventions and the most Republican ratings in the GOP voter vault. Gill targeted the mosques, the source of over 1/2 his delegates.
5. Considering the size of the district, Julie and Faisal filed double the highest number of delegates in ANY previous PWC convention.
6. Despite disadvantages in money and time in the race, the convention was decided by a razor thin 50.9% to 49.1% margin. If you took out only the delegates that had to be led around by Gill handlers in order to find the tables to check in and to vote, Lucas would have won. If you counted only the delegates that had done ANYTHING Republican in the past, it would've been a Lucas rout.

There's nothing "lightweight" in the facts.

Jim, your problem is a bias against strong conservative Republican women.

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