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Joel Rutstein

I wish I had something more locally tailored to counteract the bias of BVBL, but http://www.dneiwert.blogspot.com/ is a great place to get important information on what happens when xenophobia and racism go too far.

On a barely related note, I'll likely blog on it myself, but, even after just a few pages, I'm pretty sure Joe Bageant's Deer Hunting with Jesus will prove to be required reading.

Speaking of required reading, I devoured the new [and last, sob] Harry Potter yesterday. I'd much rather discuss it than the sad success of a guy who doesn't like exposing his little girls to salsa music and crowded houses.

Sean Holihan


I get it now. He's one of the, "I like watching Will and Grace and will shop at Spencers for clothes but hate the "real" gay people."



So Frenchie hears salsa music coming from his neighbor's house and suspects illegal immigrants. Priceless.

I agree, we should send people back where they belong. Can we please send BVBL back to Canada without a return address? Pleeeeease.

manliness is defined not by the shirt, but by the man that wears it. A fancy lad can put on cowboy boots and a bomber jacket, but the pillow biter inside will always show through.

But one can't expect emasculated sissies to understand this.

forget the shirt-- the sticker on his computer says "SAVE MANASS"


Ben, I don't normally comment here, but I wanted to give you credit. When the WP wanted to know about Greg the Blogger's influence, who did they turn to for comment?

Ben Tribbett......

No comments yet about Greg's "I'm anti-sin" statement?

Of course, what might really get him is the part where they caught him smoking. We know smokers are the true evil in the world. :-)

James Young

Gee, if something like that appeared in a GOP commercial (remember "DemocRATS"?), the far Left lunasphere would be screaming bloody murder.

Would the likes of Raising Dough... er, Raising Kaine, like some ketchup with their double standard?


Very disappointing that the Post would put the local hate monger and bigot on Page 1, although I'm certain Hitler made page 1 in Germany in the 30's

While we're at it, let's also save womanass. I loves me some good woman ass.


Oh please James... And there's no double standard at all to Republicans shouting "Liberal Media" everytime a Republican corruption scandal gets five minutes of coverage, yet somehow a year of 24/7 coverage of "Clinton got a blowjob" and six more months of "Of COURSE Saddam has WMD's... and why the hell should we demand to know if there's an exit strategy?" is legitimate journalism?

The biggest hypocrites in all of politics are those who claim the other side holds the monopoly on hypocrisy.


When I used to have to work there, I always referred to it as Man ASSes. It works a few ways, and there are a bunch of other hateful, and open about it, sad folks you'll find there. I think they are only second to Fredericksburg and Craig County in how open they are about it.

May your son fall in love with a gay second generation Peruvian gentleman (and marry him legally in 15 years) who is caring and loving and loves dogs and raising a family.

Doug, you can damn well leave Craig County out of that debate. We're sure not like Manassas or Fredericksburg and have no wish to be.


Anon 3:28- my apologies to you personally, but I hike there often, and it is the land of many third rate rebel battle flags and quite the interesting sherrif and court house history. I love the buffalo, but boy does that county make me tighten up and fear any sort of pick up truck encounters.

Just another racist Manasshole.

"...rebel battle flags..."? Curious. Both Floyd and Craig had some serious Union tendencies during the Wah. Must be "Come Heres."

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