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How come we never get any coverage on the hotly contested cluster races then?


No disrespect to Chad, but BVBL is a heck of a lot better and this is a long time passed due.

Not Larry Sabato

Ha!!! Watch out Pond Spice Cluster Chair if Liz Griffith comes up short for School Board.


I just added Greg. Mostly bc I think he is kind of handsome.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Yeah, Burke Centre rocks. And don't worry, we'll have those stories on the elections!

And Bwana is one of my must reads too.

Thanks Ben!


I already had both RR (Bwana) and AIAW on my roll. And I am bummed that I still haven't met AIAW.

Hon. Jewington Analplay

As everyone knows about me, I am an expert on circle jerks. I am pleased to see this one is so spirited. Carry on.


You all better watch out. If the Burke Centre ARB finds out about these blogs, they'll shut you down for not getting their approval first.


Not a problem...mine is formated in an ARB color and manner.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Dem4Dems, you obviously know our ARB, which strikes fear in the hearts of all Burke Center residents.

How clever of Bwana. I might rehtink my color scheme too, as my neighbor is on our condo board. But even he gets hassled by them.

And Jaime, don't lose hope, I very much want to meet you too. It will happen!

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