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James Young

So you're going to be working with Stanley some more? As a "friendly acquaintance," Ben, I think he's beneath you. I've always thought more of you than that.

Not Larry Sabato

I think Joe is very talented and of course I am going to work with him more. He's done the graphics for NLS for some time. He's also a really decent guy that doesn't deserve this coordinated stalking effort of the ODBA.


OK,Ben, makes sense...but I lose the Bwana screen name for posting on this site I will be miffed
...and may have to sic the WMD on you! ;-)

Not Larry Sabato

Bwana- people can make up an email address so they stay anonymous. The way registrations will work is I will approve them all at first- but people will have to become a "trusted user" before their comments pop straight up. Hopefully that will reward the good behavior of people who want to comment on the site.

Obviously you will be a trusted user.


I never knew who Joe Stanley was until this entire OBDA thing blew up. But, after witnessing his conduct and reading a few of his rants filled with half-truths and outright falsehoods, I've come to develop a healthy distaste for the man.

Ben, I have the upmost respect for you. But if you are saying Joe Stanley is going to be contributing content to your future blog, I will have concerns about its integrity. I may have to spend my reading time elsewhere.

Not Larry Sabato

Sullivan, with all due respect to you- everything Joe said in his note I have also seen. I understand Joe is controversial but I'm not going to penalize him for that since everything he has said is true.

As far as contributing, he is designing the site and doing the technical stuff- just like he did with this site. If by contribute you mean writing, I don't think that is something he is going to do or is interested in.


Oh, I don't mind controversial people. James Young and Doug are both fairly controversial people, for instance, but they tend to carry themselves with a great deal of grace.

The difference is that I went through Joe's missive, checked the links, and there are things that do not line up chronologically with what he is claiming and a number of other items seem overblown. From this outside observer's perspective, his credibility is tattered.

That isn't to give some of the OBDA people a free pass; I'd have concerns if some of them joined your blog too.


Short of it is, if he is just doing technical stuff, I'm fine. Anything else I'll look at with a critical eye and then make a decision.

haha, we all know the real reason.

Daily Whack Job published the letter of you getting kicked out of FCDC.

Ben what is your policy regarding publishing home addresses?


Sullivan, I hope you didn't but rather Doug in MV. I don't even know grace!

What are you going to do about folks like Not Ted Stevens? I miss that little bribe taker. Do we get icons? I want this:



Can we assign icons to the anonymous nuts? I vote for this for i.punkilous



Hi Doug. :)

Not Larry Sabato

Doug, Icons would be awesome, I will ask Joe.

Stanley steps in it, and asserts free speech as a defense of his conduct. Then, Stanley's most loyal (if not only) ally NLS undertakes to limit the free flow of commentary on the NLS website. Does this make sense to anyone?


1:54 - I've always had a problem with anon hacks on this site, but not from what they say. I guess I don't care about the anon's anymore, but that's the problem with them.. it's just fodder to wade through.

I rather like to have just a tiny bit of context with what I read. I think it helps focus me and make the site more enjoyable. For instance, if I go into a thread (I don't care about some subjects like who is the clerk in fairfax and what cult does he belong to) I like to be able to skip over insane windbags like charles just because I know there won't be anything new or interesting. But when I see the tag for phriendlyjaime, bubby, NLS, Doug in MV, LAS, bwana, James Young, rowhey, i.puppy even, ghost, NJH, all the nots, etc. etc. I sort of know what I am going to get (though I am often surprised!) and I enjoy that. If I see NTS post, I just have to read it!

I understand its more restrictive and that bugs me a little. But I also am so tired of reading through anon. rantings that are carried from thread to thread like a hardly held together paperbag full of week old leaking chinese food.

agh, I'm hungry.


And hey Jaime!! You coming to any VT games this year?


Are you giving me a ticket? :)


Hahaahaha... oops. Sorry, no. Bet Ghost has one for you!



Doug, we should ask Ben if a new feature on NLS could be Open Thread w/Doug and Jaime since we basically hijack any thread we are in anyway. We could post funny pictures and poo stories.

George Templeton

This is a good policy, there are a lot of strident comments on both sides and at the very least and more of them seem to be anonymous then not. It is a pain going through the slop to get to some of the informative comments on here.


Poo will get us banned. I'm not going back there. Maybe Ben will give us a side bar with a velvet rope in front of it and we get to pick the cool people to come in.


And duh, I know, I am not one of those cool people. But I would rule the rope! Rule it!!


OK, so the P word will not be mentioned.

I still think we should be in charge of open threads. And you can have the rope, I want a whip.


Whoohoo! WHAPASH! YIP! I'm about to get in more trouble than a Republican senator in a men's bathroom shaped bangkok whore house.

James Young

Geez, I've never seen to many nice things said about me on a blog. And a DEMOCRAT blog, at that. Maybe I'm doing something wrong....

Seriously, though, Ben, rejoinder to your response: Perhaps he is everything you say he is. I hadn't even heard his name until he pulled this sleazy stunt. But this ill-advised stunt will (and should) define him at least until such time as he recognizes how sleazy it is, and apologizes for it. As you well know, a sincere, heart-felt apology goes a long way.

Stanley's stunt is gutter politics at its worst level. I know we have our political differences, but do you truly endorse his smear of ME in this regard?!?!?!

That you have defended and justified it speaks ill of you (and I say this as someone who, as you know, has no particular axe to grind against you and indeed, respects you in many ways). I'm trying to appeal to your better angels here, Ben. I don't know you well, but I thought I knew you better than that.

JMU Duke

Doug! Don't give away Ghost's tickets before I have a chance to stake my claim! I think i'm going to head down there with him for at least one game this year.


Ben, I find it odd that you are now suddenly interested in cyberstalking. Where were you when others on the Republican side of the aisle were being harassed? The Mr. Maxfield saga is but one example.

Not Larry Sabato

Didn't I do a post about Mr. Maxfield saying leave him alone, he is a teenager?


Doug, I heart you, I really do. I wish you would come to RVA to hang out. We could party like it's 1999 and wear purple Prince garb.


Hell, son, that was so long ago, I can't remember. Maybe you did. But, I don't think you went after JC with the same zeal.

Not Larry Sabato

JC wasn't secretly coordinating his attacks with bloggers over a YEAR LONG period to try and destroy the kid.

Doug in Mount Vernon

I don't think he was talking about me.

I would however, LOVE to join the 1999 Party in RVA when it commences.


Both Dougs are welcome to RVA anytime for 1999 partying. It will be epic.

Doug in Mount Vernon

I want either one of these as my icon:


Or even better since it's the home of Mount Vernon's Constitutional HERO:



2009 retro prince party in purple with very rude guitars.


Doug in MV is a building. Ah, you take me back. A small admission- I grew up being dragged around as a revolutionary war re-enactor during the bicentenial by my parents. I get cold chills when I see Gunston Hall.



I'll bring lots of red meat to your 1999 party...but I don't own any ass-less pants so I can't walk around like Prince did at that music awards show several years past LOL....also, I'll bring martini ingredients and proper cocktail glasses. At the blog conference we had to rough it and use the tumblers provided by the hotel....it was a real tradedy.


Best wishes on your new blog designs. And, for the record, I am not stalking Joe Stanley. In fact the thought of that just made me vomit a little.


Will you hold my hair while I vomit? :-)


Mea culpa...."tradedy" should be "tragedy"


I don't see any year long conspiracy here. What did happen is that Joe kicked a hornet's nest and then got caught.


I will gladly hold your non-hair, NotNotJay. ;)

And yes, er were true roughers, weren't we? With our SKYY vodka and all...

The Richmond Democrat

My ears are burning.


HAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA! JC, it's always a party in RVA when we are together. You're like a party fixture.


Jaime, sweetie-darling, next time I'll bring Stoli and not subject you to the hell of SKYY vodka LOL

*"sweetie-darling" is an Ab Fab reference in case anyone was wondering.

Not Paul Clement

The conspiracy stuff is laughable. I don't think anyone knew who Joe Stanley was before he engaged in his despicable and illegal conduct. I always enjoyed browsing this site, despite obvious political differences. Carrying the water for Joe Stanley is something one expects from lowgrade scum like bubby/mudflap, but Ben should have been better than that.


Listen to me, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl...I liked the SKYY vodka just fine; it was the WIRE HANGERS YOU USED I DIDN'T LIKE!!!!!



WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE GIVE ME....THE RESPECT I'M ENTITLED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!


Um, NPC- what's with the bubby/mudcat stuff? Are you Rowhey or i.pups? Either would be very dissapointing to me- just man up and post as yourself. We don't mind if you put out crazy shit, just want to know who it is.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Wow, I am so not as gay as NNJH and Phriendly just now.


JC at Richmond Democrat should be given a Blogger Award for sticking a fork in that teenage delinquent Alex Davis down in SWACistan. JC is a personal hero.

The kid was impersonating an attorney in defense of Augusta County Republican Chairman Kurt Michael's posting of snuff porn on his blog.

Isn't practicing law without a license a serious offense.


That blog has been stripped, Bubby. The posts are gone. I was trying to find the comment he made where he admitted that he faked a fall to get Mike Stark detained by the police, but POOF! Remember after the incident, in the papers it talked about a man and woman who were initially going to file charges and dropped them at the police station after questioning? John Maxfield and Swac Girl, at your service.

Yet, WE'RE the bullies.


Sorry to tell you but I don't know who NPC is. I haven't been here much for months. Too busy, family medical leave, racing, etc., etc.

I'd tell you otherwise.



would it work to allow people who have already signed up for an ID to post anonymously? Then you would have the info, but no one else would...

wouldn't provide the same level of confidentiality, but it'd make life easier on you. anonymous posters would just have to trust you.

Interested Observer

While I don't think we should be tolerating cyberstalking, how do you have a lively and unfettered debate when someone is filtering all the comments out? I suppose it removes some of the superfluous stuff, but it also removes public accountability (of which there is very little anyway in the blogosphere).

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