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One problem, Joe. You registered the ODBA domain name before anyone started coming after you. The only mention of you before you registered it was that Roscoe must be getting desperate in order to hire a consultant of your caliber, hardly an insult.

First fat joke was made by Joe himself.


3. Joe Stanley - August 23, 2007
That picture really does make me look fat.

4. Riley, Not O'Reilly - August 23, 2007
Sorry, Joe. That’s the only one I had.

5. Joe Stanley - August 23, 2007
That was a joke, I am fat.

6. Riley, Not O'Reilly - August 23, 2007
Ah, I get it. I suppose we don’t have the same sense of humor. I don’t find pedophilia funny, either.

Va Blogger

Do you really expect anyone to believe that you were a happenstance, innocent victim? If you're going to go to such great lengths to try and clear the air, at least own up to your end of the ordeal.

Keep digging that hole, Joe.

Two words --

Summary judgment.

This must be Joe and Ben's legal defense strategy -- "this was a political statement, not defamation..."

James Young

The relevant portion is here: "While the end product is far less repugnant than pedophilia, no fewer individuals are hurt by the organization."

You. Sanctimonious. Boob.

I wonder how Roscoe Reynolds, Eric Ferguson and Chap Peterson are going to respond to reporters once they starting getting called for comment (if they haven't been called already.)


Contrast this post from Riley at Va Virtucon:

...Joey Stanley and his Yellow-Bellied Whiney Puppies Strategy Group — best known for Sen. Thinskin Gump’s (D-WashPo) controversial (some in the media have even said anti-Semitic) attack on Harris Miller during last year’s Democrat primary.

... we now see that Little Joey has trotted out Ben Tribbett who is apparently still blogging at the deceased “Not Larry Saboto” website despite the fact that his “#1 source of … income since 2005 is poker in Atlantic City or Las Vegas“.

With this comment from Jay Hughs at Va Virtucon:

I can’t speak to other blogs because I have no input in their management/decision making processes. But I can speak to Virginia Virtucon because I do have input into that blog’s management/decision making processes. At no time has Virtucon ever employed any of the tactics that you describe, i.e. slanderous, pornographic, false, misleading, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Jay, are you a liar, or are you just "misinformed"?

Can you people, and by you people I mean the ODBA, do ANYTHING other than threaten folks.

I think it was quite clear that Joe stands on his own on this.

If only any of you were willing to stand on your own.

Bubby, name what is slanderous, pornographic, false, misleading about any of that?

Is there anything remotely defensible about what Joe Stanley did? Even Michael Vick apologized.

Wow, Joe! You certainly have awakened the ire of the "WAGUs" (Weirdos And Geeks United). Funny how they say the most slanerous things about others but just can't take it themselves.

Don't sweat it. Most of them probaly never go outside.

I am surprised that anyone that Joe (who is in the right) has linked to regarding their baseless and pathetic attacks is still on NLS's blogroll. They should be taken off immediately.


Conflating most things is pretty cheap and gross. But both sides do it. Constantly. And if very disgusting ways.


"in" not "if"

And don't pick on Riley: he's busy fighting those men's bathroom sex soliciting charges.


The member blogs of ODBA use their individual blogs to replicate misleading, false, pornographic, slanderous, and fraudulent information across the Commonwealth in an attempt to make it seem widely accepted, and legitimate. As a matter of course ODBA bloggers censor, delete, and falsify comments posted to their blogs that disagree, or provide information refuting their posts. While ODBA bloggers run their own public blogs like some American wing of the Iron Guard, they shamelessly take full advantage of other open, free speech Commonwealth blogs to further pimp their discredited fantasies and attack their “enemies” — enjoying the freedom they are unwilling to offer others. The Harris Miller cartoon conspiracy to wit.



Ward Smythe said...
Why am I on this [ODBA] list?

SWAC Girl said...
In the words of President George W. Bush, "You're either with us or against us."


ODBA stands for Odious, Defamatory, Blgoted Assholes, right?

Any member of the press carrying water for the ODBA, including Mastio will be exposed for the hack he/she is.

How come you took The Daily Whackjob off your blogroll? Did I miss something?

We should remember that no one reads ODBA blogs except ODBA members and very few other folks.

They should not be given a platform on a blog of this magnitude.

I suggest we let the ODBA manufactured echo chamber keep rolling on ODBA. Hardly anyone pays attention to what is written there.

Alton Foley, Jeff Evans' campaign manager, is the one who once wrote on his blog that he had "no use for the Koran except to piss on it."

Many of the ODBA members have played dirty, including trying to get members of their own party fired from their jobs.


Political geeks are one thing.

Computer geeks are another.

Put them together in a little fight and guess what. It's like a fight between geeks at a Star Trek convention and no one cares. Next.


Wrong Bubba, conspiring to harm, or deprive a man of his livelihood - that's an actionable offense. I'm sure that Joe is collecting up all the evidence.

Don't eat us, Joe!!!

It wasn't my fault... They started it... waaaawaaawaaaa.

This has got to be to most lame excuse for an excuse I have ever seen.

Go Joe, blame your childish actions on someone else.

Very Mature

Hon. Jewington Analplay

Jeff Evans? Is that you? http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/v/evans.htm

As for ODBA, I think the late Dr. H.S. Thompson got it right:

"Who are these swine? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids like George Bush? They are the same ones who wanted to Muhammad Ali locked up for refusing to kill gooks."

"They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and vicious in the American character. They are the racists and hate mongers among us - they are the Ku Klux Klan."

"I piss down the throats of these Nazis. And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. Fuck them."

I am not sure who si more pathetic Fat Joe or Bubby. Birds of a feather I suppose.


Damn, I drop off the planet for awhile and all hell breaks loose.


Rowhey! It's a fun read.

You haven't been stalking around SWVA I hope.


wow, I try to put in the acronym that must not be named, and Typepad says I'm posting comment spam. Damn you typepad!

Not Larry Sabato

Doug- Actually I banned that word yesterday. ODBA people were on here comment spamming and post of their comments had that word it it. I thought that would take care of it. :-)


Ha! It shall now be know as TATMNBN, or The Acronym That Must Not Be Named. As Jon Stewart would say, or otherwise known as NAMB...

Donkey Breath

Good one Dougie!!

This fight has more drama than a High School Musical! And a fat man singing to boot! Hee Haw. You GO, Joe!


I have been out of pocket a long time, brother. A long time.

I've been stalking around Florida and North Carolina. My son started racing quarter midgets -- that means I have no spare time and no spare money.


ODBA, the joke is on you.
(check out time 1:43, - 2004 Republican Convention)


Rowhey- racing midgets better not be like dog fighting! I don't know what you mean, but I'm oddly curious.


Racing midgets is wrong and I was immature to participate in it. Bubba now has to take care of Bubba. Oh, I found Jesus yesterday, too.

I was racing midgets, but it was not my fault.. the ODBA was calling me names like "slowpoke" I had to defend my reputation.


Ben, you must be kidding?

Joe's act was childish, silly, and shows extremely poor judgment for someone who is supposed to be a political operative and consultant.

Whether or not one agrees with anything that the ODBA may or may not have done or said this stunt (and it was a stunt) demonstrates and incredible lack of thought and common sense. Instead of just saying, "Yes, this was stupid, I apologize, I don't like the ODBA but this stunt was a stupid thing to do," he is conjuring up some silly justification for it.

Defending his actions... are you kidding?


Craig, this wasn't a "stunt" son, it was the first wave. Why do you think the ODBA is so worked up? They can't endure the exposure.


If you have to say "let me explain that"- you are already in trouble.... pretty low class thing to do as I am almost sure every member of the ODBA would condemn that group.


If you have to say "let me explain that"- you are already in trouble.... pretty low class thing to do as I am almost sure every member of the ODBA would condemn that group.

Bubby/Mudcat: why are you defending a man who promotes child rape?


rowhey still thinks bubby is mudcat

why dont you fellas go back and lambaste joe's 10 year old niece and whine when he strikes back

Rowhey better know that when he gets in this fight all lines have been crossed and the personal information of his that might get exposed is local for some of the involved parties.

Comment with caution.

This fight isn't yours Roger. Leave it alone.



Regarding your comment of 1215 28 Aug 2007, I am neither a liar nor am I uninformed. But you’re definitely demonstrating your lack of understanding regarding defamation.

None of those quotes by Riley are defamatory. It’s general knowledge that Mr. Stanley’s company originated the Harris Miller cartoon campaign. That’s the truth and speaking the truth is never defamatory no matter how distasteful or damaging it is. Ben has acknowledged on Virtucon that playing poker is a major, if not, primary, source of income. Again, speaking the truth no matter how damaging and/or distasteful is not defamation. Also, they are not false because they have been substantiated by the posts’ subjects themselves. Also they are not misleading as speaking the truth is never misleading. Speaking the truth may cause you some degree of discomfort but that’s your problem not mine.

Furthermore, none of those quotes are pornographic. Unless Ben was playing poker in the nude which I seriously doubt. So your accusations that Virtucon engages in defamatory and pornographic posts are simply unsubstantiated because they are untrue.

Again, Virtucon does not engage in the type of blogging you describe as I have easily refuted your points. Furthermore we do not engage in the practices of N-----A to which Mr. Stanley was associating all ODBA member blogs.

Is this part of our productive conversation you promised me over on Myron’s blog?


Jay Hughes

Better Informed

Actually Jay, take a look at the link


As you will clearly see Stanley's company didn't even start up until this year. Almost three months after Allens embarrassing defeat.

Get your facts straight.

Your blog also purports that Stanley holds Chap Petersen as a client. No where on Stanley's site does he list Petersen as a client.

I looked back through Petersen's filings and he has never paid Stanley any money.

How do you think Petersen was included in a list you all claim you cut and pasted.

I agree with Bubby you are just as guilty as the others because you have the gall to defend their actions.

I also read your post over at Republitarian.

Your rant on gay rights and being a role model. How do you reconcile those statements by associating yourself with folks that use the term gay as a pejorative?

Several times in the initial Reynolds/Stanley posts leading up to this whole debacle your so called friends over at ODBA insinuated that Stanley and Ben were gay.

I don't know what chemical you use on top to keep that shine but I think there may be seepage!

Paul Clement

If I were Fat Joe I would be quaking right now. Actually Joe quakes when he walks anyway and causes little seismic tremors--but I digress. There is no question that the ODBA has a slam dunk defamation claim against Fat Joe. Moreover, because by his own admission, Fat Joe pulled this caper knowing full well it was false, any actual malice defense is out the window (as are some potential damage questions that Joe might have been able to skate on). If I were Joe's attorney--and I thank God I am not--I would advise Joe to very mekely apologize and take a vacation for several months. He is clearly overwrought and given his enormous girth likely to give himself a massive coronary.

And Bubby, up the meds my man. Up the meds.

Better Informed Than You

Better Informed,

Nice try, but Stanley is the one taking the credit for what happened last year. He clearly takes credit for the "macaca" video:


That's not quite three months after the election now is it?

Ward Smythe


Your link to the "Birth of the ODBA" is incorrect. The ODBA was formed in December, 2005.

Your link refers back to the December/January "Waldogate" episode in which I, along with several other ODBA members stood with Waldo regarding his right to remove blogs from his aggregator.

Better Informed

Stanley never says it was Yellow Dog Strategy and in fact is pretty clear that it was a team effort from Webb's campaign.

It is easier though for clowns like ODBA to put it all on Joe so they never have to admit Allen is a bigot.

One minute they claim Joe is a piss poor excuse for a human being then call him a top strategist in their hack of Press Release.

Hughes would like you to believe that his fellow bloggers were attacking a firm when in reality they were attacking an individual.

If he is oblivious to the crap that goes on at virtucon then he is more useless than he previously has let on.


See Jay, this didn't start with Joe. It started last year when a bunch of these same people got their ass handed to them for linking/defending a pornographic snuff video posted on a member site...the same people that claim insult/injury over Joe's action.

There was no anti-Semitic attack on Harris Miller, only a manufactured rightwing howl that your blog continues to echo - bouncing it about the ODBA.

And if the “Not Larry Saboto” website is deceased how did you just post to it? Nevermind, just be thankful for liberal blogs where that sort of stupid shit is overlooked (and not erased).

When ODBA members knowingly abetted Alex Davis in his impersonation of an attorney, even offering legal advice, the ODBA crossed the Rubicon. A small group of members used the organization for their own cynical purpose. The ODBA became a gang organization with criminal intent.

All current members of the ODBA should reflect on the history of the ODBA and carefully consider whether they want to associated with the gang activities orchestrated through the ODBA. You are affiliating with people that have a history of bad judgment.


Yes Ward, the ODBA was formed earlier, probably under honest intent, can we infer that your moment of reconsideration came on the heels of Alex Davis' impersonation of an attorney and posting of porn violence under ODBA cover? Wise move. I notice that you are once again listed on the ODBA roll call and re-posting communiques. Unfortunate.

See, you're mixing the SWACers with the ODBA and if you remembered your own history, Bubby, you'd remember that a few prominant members of the ODBA came out in Waldo's defense in the wake of that whole mess.


I didn't mix the SWAC'ers with the ODBA -- the ODBA did. If you affiliate with a gang organization you will be ruled by the strongest, the loudest, and the most reckless.

Ward Smythe

You can infer whatever you want Bubby. I was on the ODBA list all through the spring. I removed my self for completely personal reasons somewhere around late spring.

And yes, I was one of the ones who came to Waldo's defense.

James Young

As was I, Ward.



Accusing someone of posting a pornographic snuff video on the internet is an extraordinarily serious accusation.

My understanding is that snuff videos usually depict child pornography and/or extreme violence which renders them an egregious violation of the law.

If you share my view/understanding of these videos, why didn’t you file a complaint with the Virginia State Police? Why didn’t other liberal blogs, like this one post some form of an expose? Let’s face it, Ben Tribbett isn’t shy about posting columns that would damage the Republican party. And, while we’re being honest with one another, a Republican sponsored snuff video posted on the internet would have already posed cataclysmic consequences for said party by now. Given the robust nature of the Virginia blogosphere, in general, any kind of snuff video would have undoubtedly been forwarded to law enforcement authorities for investigation. And that’s the beauty of the blogosphere, Bubby. So your accusation about the snuff video just doesn’t pass muster.

As for some ODBA blogs/blog owners demonstrating bad judgment….dude, couldn’t agree with you more. But the ODBA isn’t a “federation” of blogs where there’s an omnibus controlling entity. Each blog sets its own rules and regulations. As I’ve demonstrated so far, Virtucon does not engage in the practices you’ve articulated.

As always, “Bubby”, I’m ready for you to stop being a coward and post under your real name. My name is Jay Hughes, I live in Ladysmith, Virginia and it’s been a hoot chatting with ya.

“Better Informed”:

Well, here I go again, engaging another anonymous coward. First of all, I use no chemicals on my head to “keep that shine”. Just a Schick razor and some shaving cream. But your joke is funny nonetheless.

As for my rant on “gay” rights, I believe in human rights. What Joe Stanley did, as a self-identifying Democrat who should be supporting self-determination issues for all people, was seriously damage the efforts of those working towards full self-determination for gay people by his flippant linking to the N-----A website.

What’s pathetic here is how you keep defending someone who is damaging one of your core-constituencies.

And ya know what “Bubby” and “Better Informed”, at least Jim Young has the balls to call me a pervert to my face and under his real name than a bunch of pseudonymous cowards like you.


Jay, I would never call you a pervert. A long-winded histrionic bitch maybe, but not a pervert.

And I never said that the Republican Party sponsored a violent pornographic snuff video - an ODBA member did. But I understand the two can get kinda tangled up. Sorta like when a tight-ass closeted queer Republican Senator makes things bad for the party and the team by hustling a quickie in the airport shitter.

Janie Oldham

Sore losers. You all misbehaved, got caught, and Stanley's now throwing a tantrum. REAL impressive Ben.


See, you're mixing the SWACers with the ODBA and if you remembered your own history, Bubby, you'd remember that a few prominant members of the ODBA came out in Waldo's defense in the wake of that whole mess.

Posted by: | August 28, 2007 at 09:54 PM

Yet none of you want to talk about what was on another thread I will paste here, about other members of the ODBA:

The ODBA chooses to ignore the fact that at the Blogs United Conference this year, Carl Kilo if Spark it UP! got very inebriated and physically harmed an Iraq war veteran. The veteran is a Republican, yet Karl assumed he was a liberal because he stated that he would not go back for a third tour because the war wasn't winnable. After the conference, certain Republicans demanded that everyone keep quiet about the incident. Why? Can anyone imagine what would have happened had a Democrat assaulted a soldier in public view of a number of Republican bloggers from Virginia? Karl refused to apologize to the veteran and was led out of the room by Shawn Kenney and taken to the bar by Chris of Spank that Donkey. There he made a fool of himself and the manager almost called security. To this day, they refuse to hold themselves accountable for their actions. They are very sad and small people, and they are members of the SWAC bloggers and the ODBA. Why anyone takes them seriously is a serious question.

Found here: http://notlarrysabato.typepad.com/doh/2007/08/open-thread.html#comment-80617567


The Troubled Man from Wise is Trouble in the Coalfields,
Trouble in the Blue Ridge,
Trouble in the Valley,
Trouble in Tidewater.
Starts with T,
rhymes with C,
and stands for Carl.

Does anyone refute that

1. Joe Stanley (or his organization, it makes little difference) injected himself into the spotlight by posting his version of events concerning George Allen, and then claiming it was all in the name of 'clearing up matters in light of all those folks taking credit.'

2. Posting to a pedophilia-oriented website is aweful under ANY circumstance.

3. NLS apparently thinks that the very logic he dismisses concerning Joe Stanley's candidates ought to apply to someone associated with Jeff Evans. Specifically, Ferguson gets a pass despite Joe Stanley distateful conduct, but Jeff Evans should be ashamed for what one of his campaign workers supposedly? Wow. How's is that for credibility?


Doug, I meant to say "quarter midget." It is a variation of an open wheel sprint car. No harm to people or animals is involved.

James Young

Jay, I appreciate the compliment, but I don't believe I've ever referred to you as a "pervert," at least not specifically.

'Course, you're not throwing your private life up in my face, either.

Not Paul Clement

I wonder if Bubby thinks he is doing Joe Stanley any favors by behaving in such an unhinged fashion or if Ben Tribbet thinks he has helped Joe with this cyber trainwreck of a thread.

Here are the irrefutable facts:
1. A group of people can be defamed the same as an individual and every jurisdiction in the United States has a cause of action for group libel.
2. In order to prevail on a claim of group libel a group that holds itself out to the public must demonstrate that the defamer acted with "actual malice".
3. "Actual Malice" constitutes knowingly employing false information to defame a person or a group of people.
4. Once a person or group has demonstrated "actual malice" in a defamation action. damages are assumed by the court and the burden shifts to the defendant/defamer to try and mitigate damages.
5. A defendant/defamer who is found to have committed actual malice in defaming a person or a group of people is subject to treble damages and/or hefty punitive damages in most jurisdictions, including Virginia.
6. Falsely linking a group of people to a pedophile organization is defamation.
7. Joe Stanley freely admits he linked ODBA to a pedophile organization.
8. Joe Stanley admits he linked ODBA to the pedophile organization knowing that such a link was definitively false.
9. Joe Stanley admits he acted with actual malice and wanton, reckless disregard for the truth.

In sum, Joe Stanley should be crawling on his considerably large belly begging forgiveness from every member of the ODBA. He should also take steps to publicly and unreservedly apologize in every public forum he can think of for the purpose of mitigating the assumed damages.

I would further counsel Joe Stanley that in the very likely event that the ODBA sues him and wins, because defamation with actual malice is an intentional tort, it is unlikely his home owners insurance will cover any judgment or settlement and that he is very likely to have assets confiscated to the extent necessary to cover actual and punitive damages.


I thought Republicans complained about the legal system and how everyone sues and wastes taxpayers money. Guess not.

P.S. What a bunch of whiners.

Not Paul Clement

Well, I suppose I won that argument. Not another peep from Bubby and a pathetic, intellectually-stunted response from nottheODBA.

And a private action against someone who commits an intentional tort is not a waste of taxpayer money--it is precisely the sort of dispute the Founding Fathers would have wanted settled in court. The late 18th century solution to Joe Stanley's actions would have been a pistol ball deposited at a slightly subsonic speed into Stanley's considerable girth. I think the modern manner of handling such actions is much more preferrable.


You didn't win anything. Are you all consulting with John Edwards for legal advice? Since you're all money hungry sue crazy libs now?


Maybe Kilo can beat up Joe Stanley while drunk!

Not Paul Clement

Here's a tip nottheODBA, when trying to make a point, please try to be coherent. It makes it easier for the reader. You come across as a slightly more mentally unbalanced/retarded version of Mudflap or Lowell. You don't happen to suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome do you?


Bubby or should I call you, Mr. Saunders…..I think I’ll call you Mr. Saunders…I prefer real names…..

Wow….I’ve been called many things in my 10 years of political activism like crypto-nazi, etc. but never a “histrionic bitch” before and certainly not by a celebrity like you!!!!!! LOLOLOL…WHAT AN HONOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest, I had to look up “histrionic”. I can see how you might perceive me to be “histrionic.” I assure you I do not suffer from that disorder. I only mention my appearance because it makes it easier for people to spot me in photographs if they don’t know me. The only reason why I shave my head is because the balding genes I inherited kicked in during my mid to late twenties and I think men who employ the “comb-over” technique are the pinnacle of both vanity and denial.

Seriously, though, the only reason why I’m being more vocal about my personal life than usual is not for attention. I get more than my fair share of attention as it is. The reason is I don’t appreciate being associated with N----A…not one bit. Everyone has known about my personal life for years so talking about it here shouldn’t surprise anyone. I’m not trying to draw attention to it as I’m attempting to place in perspective why Mr. Stanley’s flippant use of the N----A website is particularly offensive to me. Equally patronizing is this absurd defense by Mr. Stanley that the ODBA employs N----A techniques and strategies which, consequently, justify the tasteless stunt he pulled.

I hope you would be equally offended if an ODBA member linked Raising Kaine to an environmental activist website advocating violence, and, proceeded to justify such action by claiming RK and said website utilize the same practices when clearly RK has never advocated any kind of violence to achieve political goals.
If you and Mr. Stanley don’t approve of the political strategies used by Republicans then say so, and, with vigor. Use the media and blogosphere to raise awareness of these tactics and get people to vote for your candidate.

As for the porno-snuff video created by an ODBA member, again, has this person been investigated by law enforcement officials? I’ve never heard of this prior to our exchange here which is why I’m a bit skeptical that you’re being accurate in your assessment of the video’s illegality. But, I would encourage you to contact the Virginia State Police if you believe the video is snuff. Otherwise, let’s move on.

As for hypocritical politicians, we have those on both sides of the aisle. You have a former Vice President from Tennessee who likes to wag his finger on America’s so called environmentally damaging, extravagant energy use whilst seated comfortably inside his fabulous mansion that consumes more energy than…what?....5-6 or so average American households? Also, you guys have a Congressman down in Louisiana who has a penchant for cold, hard cash (snicker, snicker!!!!!) such that he has to store it in his freezer in little zip lock bags. Of course, we have our share of “family-values” politicians who like to touch other mens’ penises. And then there’s our religious activists like the Right, Righteous and Reverend Ted Haggard. But probably the one that caused me the most mirth was the Florida state legislator who was so afraid of the African-American men in the public restroom that he had to huff and puff until he BLEW HIS WAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Anyway, as I said, both parties have their share of hypocrisy.

As for being long-winded, I’m guilty as charged. I’m trying to work on it so bear with me. LOL!

Finally, to paraphrase George Patton….I’m gonna read your books, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD!!!!!!!! :)


Jay Hughes


Ben et al,

As a fan of this blog, a person who is generally a democrat (albeit of the DLC mode), and more importantly a(n 11th generation) Virginian, I would like to weigh in on this controversy.

First, would like to say that it looked like another example of the two sides in politics playing twedle dee, twedle dum-unfortunately something that has become far too typical. Alton's original post on Stanley seemed to be a run of the mill political attack post, albiet mostly accurate-the stuff about Reynolds being desperate he likely came up with but the rest of it was accurate. As far as the desparation is any candidate who hires a succesful consultant(i.e, Ray Allen, Stanley, La Civita, Mudcat) now considered desperate? This appeared to be a situation that by leaving well enough alone, (or just pointing out what said above about Ray Allen et al) Joe would come out looking all the better

However, in my humble view, it seems that Joe (likely with Ben's assistance) made a mountain out of a molehill in an effort to embarass the OBDA folks who had attacked him. In my opinion, registering a domain name that clearly (in the public view) is associated with something else, is underhanded in an of itself. Doing so and linking it to a joke site, Move On site etc., might be a prank, but linking it to something like group in question is quite tough to defend. Frankly this is very disapointing for me to see the Virginia blogosphere stoop to this level and even more that this site may well be involved. These kind of dirty tricks need to stop.

Joe Stanley should apologize. Ben Tribbitt (if he was involved as it appears as of the time of writing) should too. Ben, it is not to criticize you that say this, it is because sometimes we have to tell friends when they go too far. Your blog is still a good read.

Next, it is my opinion that Sen. Roscoe Reynolds did not orchestrate and was not otherwise involved in this. Political consultants have pulled dirty tricks in the past-even without the knowledge of the candidates they represent. The doctored photograph of mark warner in the 96 senate race comes to mind. Roscoe however, it would seem, would be best served by distancing himself from Stanley until such time as Stanley apologizes.

Lastly there is a quote by former Arlington Del. Mary Marshall that "in Virginia politics we have no enemies, only friends with whom we disagree." Virginia politics was once noted for its civility, and gentlemanly manner. It is unfortuate that it seems to have been Washingtonized.


One other thing, didnt think the Harris Miller thing was or was intended as anti semitic;


Paul Clement: Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was out making a ton of money in the capitalist system. I'm sending a bunch of it to JohnEdwards.com You should check him out because he's likely to be your next President.

Now, I tried to read your post - you acting all lawyer like and stuff. But I'll be honest: You are a boring gas bag son.

Cook it down and push a bowl over and we'll see if you got anything worth talking about.


Oh, and Paul, quit acting like you know anything about the law. It just makes you look stupid, sad and pathetic.

Not Paul Clement


Yammering about income? Are you kidding? Of course, the way I have repeatedly slapped you around, I can understand why you would want to change the subject. You are living proof that it doesn't take much intelligence to make a living in politics. With that said, I'd be willing to wager heavilly that lawyering, investment banking and venture capitalisim pays much better than being a low grade, second-rate political hack.

In sum, I've taken dumps that are smarter than you. Do the world a favor and go have a frothy glass of drano.


The ODBA used to be a respectable group of bloggers that included VaConservative and Sic Semper Tyrannis. It was formed in 2004 and hijacked after VaConservative left the blogosphere. It's a shame that all of the good guys left the scene. They were some of the best blogs in Virginia at the time.

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