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Sounds like Ben's a moron type news to me.

Mike Rothfeld

Actually, in reading the story, it sounds more like you have a couple of bullies with badges who may now be trying to cover up their abuse of position with perjury.

Not Jack Herrity

My understanding of the story is that the police officers were trying to prevent a fellow officer from being validly served. Not exactly the purest of motives.


NJH, I know a special process server. My undestanding is that the stations were told some time ago that service had to go through one office. I think it's a crock, but it's there policy. Folks at the front desk should be told about it so that they don't accept service in the first place. Actually, unless there's a really good reason for the policy, they should change the policy.

where is church hill dem's comment? did you take it down?


Where is Church Hill Dem?? You leave up the guy who called you a moron, but delete and block CHD?? What's that about?

You're right re: your format change and anonymous posters, "if you don't like it, start your own blog." It's your blog, you can do what you want. But YOU should also remember the old saying, "If you can't take the heat, get the Hell out of the Kitchen!" If you're going to call people douchebags and scream for resignations, you've got to expect a little bit of push back, don't ya??


By the way, I'm posted the Ben's a moron comment in honor of (as a joke) Ben's post above this one. I think Ben's crazy with the resignation talk but I thought a little anonymous name calling was especially timely. Sorry if the irony wasn't clear.

Doug in Mount Vernon

I agree with NJH completely.

You won't here that statement very often, either.

Doug in Mount Vernon

uh-hmmm.....make that HEAR

Not Larry Sabato

I went through Church Hill Dems comments, and over 80% attacked me- no matter what the issue. I am happy to take some pushback but I'm not accepting troll level.

Not Jack Herrity

Doug, please retract your above statement so I don't have to throw poor Ron under the bus. :)



Church Hill Dem's comment to this post can hardly be described as an "attack." He said you call for a lot of resignations...Yawn. Sarcastic--yes, threatening--absolutely not. Anyway some of us are only inspired to comment when we feel so strongly about what you or someone else has said that we have to argue! It doesn't mean we spend 80% of our time plotting your downfall.

Not Larry Sabato

Fine- Church Hill is unbanned. We will consider it a warning.

Church Hill Dem

Thanks, pookie.

I'd like to clarify that throwing water on a fire is different from attacking you. Sorry if you've taken my comments which 80% of the time are about the issues you cover as personal attacks.

I'll try to be more of a rabble rouser.



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