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Joel Rutstein

Ben, the teaser to which you linked merely says that someone testified under oath that the prosecutor leaked. A big deal to be sure, but not quite a finding of fact. Also, did you mean "ring" or "reign" of terror?

Va Blogger

You could have a lot more free time if you just set up a macro that links a story from an RSS feed, then plug the person's name into a phrase that says "_________ SHOULD RESIGN/DROP OUT!!"



"Ring" of terror????...What is this some kind of bizarre Lord of the Rings expose?

Loudoun Insider

You can't tar and feather Vogel over a boneheaded move by Plowman. I'm sure even she thinks Plowman handled this terribly. Plowman has other things to worry about. More to come.


Gotta say, I agree with LI here. All this really indicates is Plowman was stupid.

Any legal minds here? If he leaked stuff, could he be reprimanded by the bar?

What other things, LI? Do share.


I'm no lawyer either, but it seems to me that it does affect Vogel. She didn't win square and fair. Is there Virginia precedent here?

Joel Rutstein

Search the archives here for the period that the leak occurred. This may not have been a case of a lone rogue Vogel supporter. Ben offered evidence that looked like a coordinated effort to go too far in favoring one primary candidate over another. Certain people seemed to know what was going to be made public before it was. Are there reasons Ben named Kenney and Gillespie? This could have ramifications far beyond Plowman, Tate, and Vogel.


I hear you Joel, but there doesn't appear to be any proof as of yet about any broader conspiracy.

Not Larry Sabato

There is a lot more to come in the full story tomorrow. This story will rock the State GOP.


Rock and roll!

Joel Rutstein

Ben, just the state GOP? Isn't Gillespie in the White House?

JuniorBug, if all we're talking about is politics and not the legal system, I say proof schmoof. VA Dems are doubly lucky. Not only do they get to see a preview this November of next year's tidal wave, but also they get to see the RPV fracture in the process.

NoVA Scout

there seem to be a lot of folks in Va blog-land whose shift keys are sticking. That it's an epidemic that favors no party can be proven by comparing this post to some of the comments over at BVBL.

I recommend no sticky drinks within 10 metres of the keyboard.

Was Joe Stanley involved?


I think we're missing the real issue here, that Tate was indicted by an independent grand jury. If Plowman was slipping $5 bills to the members of the jury to sway the verdict, ok then, thats a big deal. But why is it a big deal if Plowman told someone in the press something they were going to find out within hours anyway? What's the story here?

Doug in Mount Vernon

Macaca #2?

Doug in Mount Vernon

FYI Ben,

Tim Kaine, Janet Oleszek, Creigh Deeds, and Dave Marsden were all fantastic at Janet's fundraiser tonight--and the turnout was spectacular for a Thursday night in late August--must have been over 150 people there. It was a beautiful house, too!


This is a totally illogical posting, trying to make believe you have a newsflash on par with the best of Woodward and Bernstein. In reality, based on the statements in the posting, nothing is there. It's just a whole lot of exitement and hoopla over no facts. You are tilting at windmills. Get some relevant facts to justify all that heavy breathing and salivating; otherwise, the post merely insults readers and reflects badly on the veracity of NLS.

Am I way blunt? Yes, but nobody ever accused me of being either tactful or diplomatic.


What kind of prosecutor brings election-related charges against a contestant to a grand jury 3 weeks before a primary? Endorses the other candidate? Then pimps the indictment to the press?

A corrupt, Alberto Gonzales wanna-be prosecutor.

Not Jack Herrity

So much for going to jail to protect your source. :)



it was no surprise that Tate had botched finance records. when i looked on VPAP back in january i knew this was coming


Who has broken the law? You're suggesting that there was a criminal act.

Virginia Supreme Court Rule 3A:5 states that "[n]o obligation of secrecy may be imposed upon any person except in accordance with law." Code ยง 19.2-192 only requires grand jurors to keep grand jury proceedings secret. Please list the statutes that cast a shadow of criminality over Jim Plowman, Shaun Kenney, or Ed Gillespie.

The rules governing federal grand juries are more stringent and the disclosures subject to criminal penalties are broader. But this was a Virginia grand jury.

No law seems to have been broken here. Plowman acted stupidly. And I think I would have done the same thing as the former reporter. It seems to be the right thing to do when someone's freedom is on the line.


The story was updated and now includes a link to a pdf with the full affadavit from Charlie Jackson. It is damning.

Plowman is bragging about how he pulled Tate's financial records and wanted to prosecute Tate, who he calls, "absolutely a criminal," but then mentions he has endorsed Jill and thought that might look bad.

At one point he lets Jackson know that there will be an indictment before the primary, and even urges Jackson to write a story about Tate owing money to the Town of Middleburg, and getting upset when Jackson says that there was no crime to report.

I said this before the primary...this whole thing stinks. Plowman routinely ignores complaints against some people, like the Loudoun County Chairman who has practically admitted he broke the conflict of interest law, yet goes tooth and nail after the opponent of his friend who is running for Senate, based on a complaint filed by one of Jill's campaign workers.


Interested Observer

I think it is a good time to be calling for some resignations. The fact that even the reporter in question was pushing back to Plowman on why this was being leaked to him should say mountains about what is going on in the Loudoun County Prosecutor's office. And the quote about "I'd love to try this case...." Classic. Why would he love to try a fellow Republican on corruption charges? This is the sort of case that politicians of the same party want to avoid with a ten-foot pole.

This probably only goes as far as Plowman and probably not Vogel (except guilt-by-association), but it is still a sleazy story.

Loudoun Insider

You have to understand that everything in Loudoun County revolves around the growth issue, most especially in the LCRC. Tate is a slow growth Republlican from western Loudoun County, so he was an acceptable target for the in-crowd. Others have done similar things and never have to worry. See my latest TC post for more background.

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