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You mean kind of like when you had that post up about how the DPVA doesn't report its website expense to the FEC and then we all pointed out the date and line item number on the FEC report that clearly itemized the expense? Are we talking that kind of bad source?


Ben, it appears you are you still ticked at Vivian over Chap! and Truro...

Anon 3:06

LOL...too bad NLS won't have the guts to admit he blew that one.


"please don't report stuff if your source isn't good."

pot kettle black

Not Larry Sabato

Bwana- Correct.

Ben, did you just delete a comment because I linked to two of your mistakes. WOW

Best line I've heard all day.

Good Sources. HAHAHA!


10-4, dude!

Interested Observer

This is before irony was discovered.

You can't be serious. Those posts you link to are from Feb. and Dec. Uh, maybe some things have changed in the past six months?

Really, your post is beyond misleading. It's downright ridiculous.

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