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Fan of Integrity

A hair emergency?

i'm gonna say that bubbles increased the cost of a hair cut


Does this have something to do with "boobgate"?

This good and decent person is the one who recommended Dr.Omeish?

Does this have to do with potty training?

Greg L

I wonder if this has anything to do with a radical imam who led prayers at the mosque Esam Omeish attended. Ol' Brian does have his own radical islamist connections...

Ben, you're all wet on this one!

Greg L

I couldn't wait and burst the bubbles myself: http://www.bvbl.net/index.php/2007/09/30/moran-kaine-and-warner-disturbing-ties-to-radical-islam/

Hope you don't mind, although you might have been on a different track.

Joel Rutstein

I hope Ben is on a different track, because if he adds islamophobia to his growing fascination with BVBL and its latinophobia, I'm done with this site.


Shame on you Ben. You have swallowed whole the bigotry and hate spewed forth from the darkest corners in VA. You rightfully stood up for Sidarth against Senator Allen, why then are you not instead speaking out against the bigotry and hate against newcomers in VA?

DO NOT give me the crap about "illegals" -- we have invited these folks here by the mixed signals by virtue
of our employment of the newcomers and we have not offered them a "legal" way to enter the US.

None of us are here "legally" We stole America from the native peoples who were here first and there wasn't paperwork to fill out to be "legal" back in the day when many of our ancestors got off the boat in Boston, NYC, Philly etc. Don't think that the fig leaf of claiming to only be against illegals cleanses you of the stain of bigotry.

Not Larry Sabato

Um, my story has to do with Iced Tea, not Greg's.

Joel Rutstein

Well, that's what you get for teasing. And, not that you necessarily will, but, before you criticize HokieAnnie for her passion, I'm guessing that she and I were both primed to expect that Greg's prediction was right, because you two have been getting closer. Classifying BVBL as "platinum?!" Please.

oh the Iced Tea story is awesome, please tell it soon, so everyone can bask in the wonderfulness of Brian Moran


Joel: Bingo -- I've had enough of Ben's favorable highlighting of BVBL's bigotry . There's been quite a few times where Ben has linked to a hateful BVBL piece without questioning the accuracy of the piece or even questioning the premise of the piece in the first place.

What happened to the guy who stood up for Sidarth?

Joel Rutstein

HokieAnnie, while we wait for Ben to regale us, we might as we talk behind his back like this. I probably don't know Ben as well as you, and I'm a lousy judge of character, but I think like all successful bloggers, he knows the bottom line is eyeballs. Our local GOPers have pretty much admitted that immigrant bashing is all they have left in their arsenal. I understand and appreciate Ben's unwillingness to turn the blog into just one more pro-Dem outlet, like RK. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but hypocrisy and corruption can affllict Dems, too. It is good to keep all politicians on their toes. I don't like titillating appeals to emotion over reason. Kaine's botched appointment is the perfect example, and Raw Fisher, the other deserving platinum blog along with RK, covered it perfectly. If Kaine had been more thoughtful, he could have found many qualified appointees who hadn't made intemperate public remarks.

Joel Rutstein

Well, that was a twist. Not only did Ben not join BVBL in shameful islamophobia and Moran bashing, the iced tea/Moran story is, if not pro-Moran, definitely anti-the GOP Majority Leader. And, while I'd love to continue chatting about being on the right side of important issues like immigration and free speech, I need to amend my statement about not liking appeals to emotion over reason. I still don't like them when talking about serious subjects like GOP negative campaigning, cynicism, and discouraging turnout. I do like me a good joke, though, and the thought of karma punishing the GOP Majority Leader with an iced tea bath for stalking Moran is hilarious.


Joel: I don't know Ben personally either -- I just know the guy from the blog.

gotta agree with Ben when he rails again some of the shenanigans of Connelly and Kaine -- boy oh boy is the rail to Dulles a boondoggle. Bechtel and No Bid Contract in the same story should automatically make one be concerned.

I'm glad that this post has ended up being about iced tea -- funny as hell, but Ben earned our concern and doubt about his motives by his troubling posts in the past month.

Tucker Watkins


I know this report must have come from Joey Stanley and based on his other recent actions, I would not put much credence on the accuracy of his reports.

The tea spilled because I was reaching to shake Brian's hand which he had extended to me. He didn't come out front from the back but came over to see us on his way in, before he went to what Joey told me was his event in the back. There were five of us at the table and three glasses were still full so I would bet there were two glasses spilled. There was just a little on myself and none on Morgan since there was another person between the waitress and Morgan. But I guess the truth wouldn't make nearly as good a story.

The restaurant has the best BBQ around and is not at all rednecky but I will let the owner know Joey thinks it is in his description to you. Maybe Joey has never taken you there on your many visits to Rocky Mount but the owner is a great guy who often waits on the tables himself. I am guessing Joey takes you to Ippy's , right ?

Not Larry Sabato

Tucker, thanks for your version, but why did reports from Danville say Morgan reaked of tea? And "Joey" (the person I know in Rocky Mount goes by Joe) didn't tell me the place was rednecky, I called it that since the drinks were served in plastic cups. (The first thing I asked when I heard drinks were spilled was if anyone was hurt from the glass breaking).

Most of my visits to the Rocky Mount area are to see my grandmother, not visit Joe by the way, in fact last time I was down there for the Franklin County Farm event, Joe wasn't even in town.


Just iced tea! Damn I wish this story had a little bit more teeth like ketchup or Mustard accidnetally dropped on them

Joe Stanley

It is just "Joe," Tucker, I reserve Joey for my loved ones. I know you think highly of me, but the "Joey" makes me a little uncomfortable in an icky kind of way.

I have never said this place was "rednecky." It was, in fact, founded by a member of my family. So nice try, but I am afraid your spin machine is out of gas on this one.

This story is not from my reporting. If it were from my reporting I would have noted that you were having a Poindexter strategy meeting without Poindexter.

I was glad to see the Delegate from Salem in Rocky Mount, I only wish I had the chance to ask why the majority leadership is from Salem and yet the Salem transportation district has the highest number of deficient road miles. Maybe I will get that chance the next time he aggressively crashes an opposition event.

I have respect for you Tucker, let us not have fight on the blogs.


Did Morgan Griffith convince anyone that his abuser "fees" are not taxes?

Very unfair taxes.


All this, and no one is offering what is really the most important fact to consider here?

What's the name of the restaurant? If the food is so good there (as per Tucker), then I want to know where to stop the next time I am in Rocky Mount...

I mean-come on, folks! Let's not lose sight of the important things! If we do, the terrorists win! ;-)

Shoot, you don't even have to post it...send it to me or post it on an innocuous portion of my blog!



Anonymous Is A Woman

I'm with Bwana. Name of he restaurant, please.

If Brian did spill tea on Morgan, he wouldnt be the first Moran to act up after loosing his temper. Remeber, he is Jim's little brother.


I had this sinking feeling that this story wasn't going to be about someone being a fan of Michael Bublé.

Now here is the trouble I have with this whole incident: You do not say whether or not it was sweet tea. I mean, really! Bless your heart . . .

Joe Stanley

The restaurant is called Old Virginia Barbecue on North Main Street in Rocky Mount. Take the first Rocky Mount exit coming from Roanoke and it is just passed the first light on your left.

They have four styles of bbq, original, a staple and favorite in Rocky Mount. The new owner, a great guy indeed, has added an Apple Butter sauce that is unbelievably good. His NC and St. Louis sauces are nothing to laugh at either.

Outside of bbq, they offer one of the best steaks in town.

I highly recommend this place. If you're looking for a caterer they do a great job at an unbelievable price.

It's A Fact!

Can we get a thread on just the topic of BEST BBQ in Virginia? I'd like to put my 2 cents in that cup.


Old Virginia is far from rednecky. And I concur with both parties that the barbeque there is now quite good.

In fact, as far as barbeque joints go, it's pretty fancy with Cheesecake Factory desserts and plates. Yup, plates.

Does any information, even that from eye-witness accounts from opposing political parties, cause NLS to modify his post?


What does that say about NLS and the truth?


Just responding to 'is this the best use of time for a majority leader?'

Let's see - a group of northern virginia Democrats go around southern Virginia to bash the GOP leadership. A member of the GOP leadership is present at each announcment to give a response to the press. The press print his response each time. Sounds like good bang for the buck. One GOPer follows many Dems and gets a quote in each story.

Go Morgan!

There was only one person from NOVA in Rocky Mount and that was our next Governor, Brian Moran.

Why was Bill Howell in Rocky Mount on Sunday evening? He isn't from southern Virginia. Did he get his passport stamped?


Everyone ends up in Rocky Mount at some point.

Little known fact - Rocky Mount is the capital of western virginia.


Wow, Joe(y) felt uncomfortable in an icky sort of way? Something quite amusing and poetic about that! LOL


Morgan is a fat loser, Tucker is a monkey spank

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