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God, Stoller is such an asshole.

Calling Stoller an asshole is an insult to good assholes everywhere!

Not John S. Mosby

I really hope Republicans hammer Warner on raising taxes. One, it will remind everyone that he had to raise taxes since ass-clown Gov. Gilmore shot the budget to shreds with his "No Car Tax" pledge. Two, it will remind everyone why they like Warner all over again.

Someone needs to tell the dipshit Reps that Warner's approval ratings screamed over 70% AFTER the tax increase. People approved of it. End of story.

If the Reps plan on running campaigns strictly on illegal immigration - which they can't do shit about anyways - and taxes - which they've screamed about for so long it doesn't register - they'll lose the race by 20 points and possibly give Hillary 13 more Electoral votes.

Agreed - People forget that it was the Health Care professions, Sherriffs, Teachers and the general public backing that tax reform with good reason.


Good idea, NJM. I, too, hope that Republicans remind people that Warner cooked the books and lied about the state of the budget so he could scare everybody into going along with the biggest tax hike in Virginia history... while the state had a two billion dollar surplus.

I pray for that every night right after I pray for a Hillary-Hussein Obama ticket. Oh God please let it be so. :-)

Not John S. Mosby

Once again, everyone in the state knows that Warner pushed through a tax raise. Afterwards, at least 70% said he did a great job. End of discussion. Everyone knows how bad the budget situation was in 2002. Everyone knows how well the state budget has been since then. End of discussion. All of this is in the open and discussed freely. Kaine got elected several years after the fact by running on the Warner laurels, and the people voted him in by a wide margin. End of discussion. Arguing to the people that something they approve of is bad and that someone they like and think was a great leader wasn't simply won't work. But, the Democratic Party of Virginia would probably be happy for you to try.

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