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In Prince William County, school board members are not permitted to be endorsed by political parties, and they all therefore run as independents...your decision to put his name in blue is erroneous.


Please Ben, if you read the WHOLE ESOL article, you would find that the school was misusing funds that were federally mandated for ESOL students use...I'm not suprised by that at all...it happens to ESOL departments all the time, because the students' parents never question anything.

Greg L

Actually, many school board members in Prince William County were endorsed by the county Republican committee a few months ago. Although they run as independents, they do regularly receive endorsements from political parties.

Stay tuned for some more coverage of this rather unusual candidate in the mainstream media. It's going to get REALLY interesting here pretty soon.


Do not listen to the previous poster. He said evil things about an innocent man - the Most Hon. Steve Chapman.

We are still waiting for an apology Greg, and for you to set the record straight.

There is a reason why the Democrats refuse to officially endorse him or put him on any of their materials.

James Young

Greg is correct. The Prince William County Republican Committee has endorsed School Board candidates since they were first elected in 1995, on the theory that "nonpartisan public office" is an oxymoron, advocated mainly by those who find their partisan affiliation an impediment at the ballot box. The PWEA and the PWFT --- also partisan political organizations, protestations to the contrary notwithstanding --- likewise has endorsed candidates.

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