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You "totally agree with Lowell?" SOCKING! SHOCKING, I TELL YOU! Developing...


Gah! Holy crap, how'd this guy get any kind of job? I'm now with NJH about how he can head up anything at iNOVA. You sure he wasn't an Allen appointee?


Something I find interesting. Gov. Kaine basically appoints a islamic radical and all you and RK have to say is "job well done Gov. Kaine" for getting rid of him. HOWEVER, you know full well if ANY Republican had done that he would have been been blasted, there would be youtube videos show that (R) Gov supporting him, there would be petitions against him. Yet, since it was Kaine, it was just an accident and the lame chastising you give the Sec. of Commonwealth. Please, it stops with Kaine and he needs to be treated equally as you would treat a (R).

Not Larry Sabato

Woah. I have been very critical of this, and you can look down this page and see at no time did I pat Tim Kaine on the rear end and congratulate him for fixing his own error.


Well said, Jon. The double standard being applied here is laughably obvious.

Ben, you haven't been highly critical of this at all. You've been highly alarmist about how bad this is for Kaine and your party. None, and I mean NONE of your comments indicated that this was a failure on Kaine's part. Instead, you went out of your way to find a scapegoat to shelter the governor from any personal responsibility for this embarassment.

Jon is 100% correct. Have this happen under a Republican administration, and ALL the blame would be on the governor.


Waah! This Democratic blog sounds Democratic! Waaah! Yet I still troll on here daily instead of just ceasing to read it or shutting my damn mouth. Waah!

Clean it up in '07

With this blunder, Kate Hanley has done more to advance the GOP message and help excite the base more than ANY GOP operative has been able to do thus far this election cycle. I'm wondering if she will send RPV a consulting bill?


Awwww, did the mean Republican point out Democrat hypocrisy? Sorry, Bitch...maybe you need a thicker skin.

Fan of Integrity

So super secret background checks may have unearthed this video - but short of that I imagine Kaine had to go on his stellar reputation in hiring him -- then had to fire him once the video emerged.

And jihad has recently been 100% known to mean violence -- but it's also known as: an Arabic word that means "striving in the way of God." This striving can take a number of forms, including the daily inner struggle to be a better person.

What year was this video shot?

It's funny to see the GOPers claw at trying to create a double standard when there is none.

And IPub -- if you want to defend a "woman" who harasses and threatends a 16 year old for finding out the truth -- it says more about you than the person many years ago who coined the SCB phrase (which she rightly earned). Relax there fella.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Nobody has been going easy on Gov. Kaine. Democratic blogs put up the video, criticized Kaine, and demanded that this situation be rectified. Certainly nobody even attempted to defend it.

When the governor realized the mistake his administration had made, he indeed corrected it and the guy was gone immediately.

Compare that to when the Bush administration is caught in an embarrassing situation. They dissemble, cover it up, blame the other side for partisanship, and finally dig in their heels and do nothing to fix it for months or years.

If we Democrats are applauding Tim Kaine for getting rid of the guy so quickly, it's because we are proud that when our elected officials are caught in embarrassing situations, most of them - though certainly not all - acknowledge their error, apologize, and fix it.

What more can you ask? Perfection?

Nobody can promise you that. All anybody has a right to expect is accountability and responsibility. And judging by this incident, we're ahead of the game at that.

The question that Hanley refuses to answer is who recommended this guy. Anybody want to put money on Brian Moran?


Can't we hope it was Faisal Gill?

Anonymous Is a Woman nails it, as usual. I. Pubes is an idiot, as usual.

I. Publius is a hack. Never anything but the partisan Republican line. I mean that's ok, certainly anyone can post whatever they want.

His comments would carry more weight if he ever wrote anything thoughtful, or remotely balanced. Toeing the Republican line all the time gets you nowhere in the world of thoughtful give and take.

I definitely think NLS goes too far in bashing Democrats for sport, however, this blog and the people who post on it, take more Democrats to task than any other so-called "Democratic" blog.

In fact, the shrillest voices on this blog are the Republicans, just like they are on the Republican blogs.

Where were you guys when Sen Stolle and Del Dave Albo appointed George Taplin of the Minutemen and Help Save Herndon as a citizen advocate on the Crime Commission Task Force on Illegal Immigration? The Minutemen, FAIR (which is heavily involved with the Virginia Help Save movement) are all considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center to be "hate" groups or groups that appeal to bigotry. FAIR has taken money from the Pioneer Fund, established by the father of the eugenics movement, Harry Laughlin, who was also instrumental in founding the American Nazi Party. Why aren't you all outraged about that extremist representing citizens on a legislative panel? For more


Lowell has always had strong feelings about Israel so the strong post makes sense in that context

Anyone who even remotely follows the blogosphere knows

RK is a hack site
NLS is about personal vendettas


AIAW - Fine. Then I look forward to seeing the next occasion when a GOP official has a similar "slip-up" like this one from Kaine.

We'll see how the lefty bloggers treat it after the apology and correction.

Oh... and Fan of Selective Integrity - you like defending a haughty little kid who libels a candidate but then lacks the integrity to admit he was wrong and apologize?

Either look up the word "integrity" or change your name. Leave the big words to the grown-ups.

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