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another CAvictim

" I refuse to talk to the press." This quote has been repeated many times over the years from the Fairfax Co. CA's office. The many citizen victims of the CA's arrogance, disdain and utter disrespect for the people Mr. Morrogh says he will serve, as they always have, is not something we want. We want a change Mr. Morrogh, we want competence not BS. It's time for McDade.


There are so many things it is appropriate for a prosecutor to say at different stages of prosecutorial decisionmaking which do not jeapordize an investigation but provide assurances to the public that its prosecutors are doing their job ... I am at a complete loss to explain why the CAO has taken the tact it has.


Stonewalling by a candidate who has yet to be elected to anything is not a promising sign. To anyone paying attention, it screams the question of what are they hiding.

200 Grande

They are hiding a mismanaged Commonwealth which is Morrough's fault.

To end this, Fairfax County needs to VOTE for McDADE.

Another vicitim for change

Bob Horan and Morrough are almost as arrogant and unresponsive to the people as Gerry Connelly. It's time to throw the bums OUT.

another CAvictim

Did you know that Mr. Morrogh claims that the Fairfax CA,s office has more former assistants in high office than the other jurisdiction. I would be proud also. Could it be that the majority of criminal/traffic attorney's in Fairfax Co.cut their teeth as attorney's in the "lean and mean" office of Mr. Horan and Morrogh. Is this what is called the " good old boy " system. Did you know that you must be an attorney to speak with the CA in Fairfax. Joe citizen, who wants to represent him/her self can, but can't enter into a plea bargain unless the person is an attorney. However, the other jurisdictions don't have this insider rule. I can go on forever about Fairfax, and I probably will. 40 yrs. of this good old boy network needs to be changed. i am voting for McDade on 11/06.

I realize that this family is in pain, but how many times would they want something to come before the Grand Jury before they would be happy? Is it a number of times, or is until a Grand Jury says that the guy should go to trial? I'm sure if you presented it enough times a Grand Jury would eventually indict the guy. It doesn't seem fair to me, however. It seems that politicians are just trying to make political hay out of the thing, and don't care about the justice system.


The job of the CAO and the grand jury itself is to determine whether or not there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed in its jurisidiction. If the CAO or the grand jury thinks there is some "magic number" of times it can consider new evidence or that it can only consider evidence that comes from "approved sources" - then the system has broken down.

In the Cornejo case, Horan, for only the third time in his nearly fifty year career, did not issue a direct CA indictment, but pursued the indictment via the grand jury process without making any recommnendation to the grand jury. Highly unusual.

It probably would have been okay, except the family pursued a civil verdict and the civil jury heard eyewitness testimony that was discounted by the CAO but was key to the civil verdict. And then Horan in commnets to the WP and the FCNP said he was "surprised" by the testimony presented by the Cornejo family in the civil trial. Horan also promised to reopen the investigation.

Horan made no further comment before he retired despite his promise and his heir apparent is now actively stonewalling what should be a public process.

That CAO actions have been questioned by numerous people, with legal and other backgrounds, in blogs and other media, from legislators and politicieans and activists on both sides of the aisle.

The CAO stonewalling shouldn't be excused as simple politics - it is propounding a belief aong a lot of people that an injustice is being committed against a community and the Cornejo family that wants an answer to whether or not the shooter got away with murdering Steve Cornejo in Fairfax County because of internal CAO politics.

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