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Hmm. Didn't see that coming.


Really? Seriously? That's all you guys got against Warner? Man, you all are really desperate.


If Buchanan throws in, Tom Davis definitely bows out. Or never bows in, right? Buchanan does answer the call for crazy white man authoritarian fundamentalist super-con for the party. He is a bit more flamboyant than Gilmore (to say the least) and has no time ever as Governor for people to be angry about.


What I curious to know is whether there was ever op-research done on M. Warner by the Clinton campaign.

I know that J. Warner had some stuff on him in '96 -- but it was never really used.


The best thing about Pat is that he is not ambiguous about being a racist, so we get a free ticket to talk about that all we want. He actually writes books about the white race vanishing because of immigrants! And not illegal immigrants, the legal ones! And the fact that hispanics have higher birth rates than "white folk". It's wonderful. It's like he wrote a book titled "Watch out for Macacas!".

I'm in a delirium of joy right now.

Virginia Brigand

This is too crazy!

Not Jack Herrity

I know it's dumb to point this out in this thread, but don't you think the Moving Virginia Forward people could have spelled Margi's name correctly?



Wow. Maybe Virginia can have two Buchananites in the Senate!



Mark Early would have used anything damning--he had plenty of nasty people working for him (Lacivita included). If you're suggesting something happened since he was GOvernor, you're as crazy as Riley.

Unfounded innuendo is, literally, all the other side has--so I expect to hear alot of it, although that certainly doesn' make it right.


Was he selling arms to Iranians?! Oh, wait, no, that would be Ollie North. And that would be true. It's going to be very funny to see the stuff they come up with, but the most dirt on Mark is probably going to be from his farm.


The information to which I refer focused primarily on how he used his position on Chris Dodd's staff to secure cellular phone franchise licenses.

And, no, Mark Earley did not receive the same information.


Actually, Buchanan's entry would play like this:

Davis would not announce, and Gilmore and Buchanan would "Sez you" their way across the commonwealth about who had been a more disastrous candidate for president.

Prior to the convention each man would demand certain miniscule changes to the party platform and to delegate lists. Neither getting everything they want, each would pitch a hissy fit and hold their breath until they turned blue.

the inability to talk necessitated by holding their breath would cause each man to explode.

With both their announced candidates blown up, the GOP turns to a fully funded and unscathed Tom Davis. To run against Warner.

No...really...that is exactly what would happen!

I am curious why all these Republicans keep talking about opposition research regarding Mark Warner.

If the Republicans thought they could beat him, they would be quiet about it and use that to win.

Instead it appears they are scared of him and are trying to keep him from entering the race. No one tries to scare a weak candidate out of a race.

As for Buchanan, at the very least it would make for a very entertaining race.


I find it hard to believe there is anything serious out there on Mark Warner. Warner has played a huge role in the rise of the Democratic Party in Virginia. Why didn't they use it in '05 to discredit him as he was campaigning for Kaine? Why didn't they use in in '06 when was helping Webb defeat the icon of the Republican ascendancy in Virginia? Why haven't they used it this year as he helps to defeat Republicans in the General Assembly. Maybe because there is no "it." Maybe "it" is just a bunch of desperate people trying to find a way to defeat a political powerhouse. Then again I could be wrong.


J. Warner didn't need to use it in '96. Why it never got to others, I don't know.


And the rest? I suppose they were just willing to let their candidates fall to save the information for a future run of Warner that may or may not have happened. I find it hard to believe that you were in on some damaging information that political strategist for major Republican campaigns didn't have.


This is great news. I like Mark Warner a lot, but Buchanan provides a real choice in November if this is true.

Buchanan speaks his mind, will run away from Bush on many things. This would be great for democracy in Virginia.


Just go research comments made by Rowhey in the 06 Webb campaign. Lots of little silly things got thrown out there and they'll do the same with Warner. With Webb, it almost worked. Really. But Allen turned out to be such an enormous boob, he lost. Won't happen with Warner.


Excuse me, but what is Buchanan's connection to Virginia? Where does he live?

JMU Duke

Well, this proves one thing that Pat Buchanan has been saying for a while, there is a God. Thank you!


dems4dems- he's lived in Arlington long as I can remember.

Loudoun Conservative

ick... & I'm pretty right wing


Doug - He was born and raised in the District. OK, now he's ours.

Everyone else: Click on the link! This is a non-story! What's the blogsphere's term for slow news day?


You can believe whatever you want to believe. J. Warner doesn't always play well with other R's. Once he vanquished M. Warner, I don't think he gave a damn about anyone else.

I think this is a great reason for Tom Davis to get in the race regardless of what Mark Warner does; he has a distinct advantage at winning the nomination if Gilmore can't cut into Buchanan's base in Virginia Beach and they each go head to head in South West Virginia.


"Vanquished"? I guess making it to 47% against an entrenched and respected Republican in a Republican state during a Republican revolution here in Virginia qualifies as being "vanquished."

Oh, never mind, I read "Pat Robertson," forget I said anything, they're all going to get smoked.


Uva 08,
You need to go back to your English department and dust up on your vocabulary.

The definition of vanguish is as follows:
b. To defeat in a contest, conflict, or competition

Jim Webb vanguished G. Allen in '06. Tim Kaine vanquished Kigore in '05. J. Warner vanquished M. Warner in '96.


I still think this is a non-story but recall that the last time Buchanan ran for office, he burnt his bridges to the Republican Party and ran as an independent. I doubt the party's grownups would allow him back in.


I'll remind you that John Warner once supported an independent candidate. The party's grownups allowed him back in. I'm not saying that would be the case here...however...Buchanan would be a force in either convention or primary contest.


What Buchanan does is cut the hardcore-conservative vote in half, giving Davis a chance at a convention or primary.

Jim Gilmore better be doing whatever he has to do to talk Pat out of this.


WTOP is reporting that Warner is in the race.

So we could have two isolationist, protectionist, NRA toting US Senators, Lou Dobbs will be very pleased.

Not Wayne Rooney

Buchanan, what? You mean Alan Keyes was not available?

Too Conservative

Kilgore and 8 district chairman just endorsed the Congressman.

Check out the letter on TC


As ridiculous as this sounds, it brings up a very valid point. Although Warner seems invincible right now, we can't be certain until the field finally fills out.
Virginia (NoVA) is full of political celebrities because of its close proximity to DC... Ollie North, Fred Thompson to name a couple.
I suspect that the GOP will realize that their best chance to hold this seat is to talk a wellrespected political celebrity to run. This strategy almost worked in '96 with North and worked for the Dems in '06 with Jim Webb. (I consider Webb to be a non-felon democratic version of Oliver North)
So if you want to play the prediction game, research which right-leaning political celebrities live in Virginia and currently work in DC. Because I do not believe that any living VAGOP official, past or present can defeat Warner. To be honest, I'm not sure that J. Warner could defeat Warner given his health, advanced age and changing demographics.

George Templeton

I think thinking of running is a long way from actually doing it. Maybe this is a little bit of premature jocularity from you NLS.

L. Douglas Wildest


I only count 5. Two others are former chairmen and the last doesn't seem to have been a district chairwoman.

Go Pat Go

Yes! No Neo-Cons or Pro-War Dems (Warner)

Doug in Mount Vernon

Ahhh, yes. Good ol' Pat.

Mr. Culture War himself!

He'll go over like a deer head in Arlington mail boxes.

(I consider Webb to be a non-felon democratic version of Oliver North)

Greg, is North a felon?

September 2007

Dear Friend,

The recent announcement that Senator John Warner is retiring after 2008 marks a pivotal moment in the history of Virginia’s Republican Party.

We believe the person best-suited to represent our principles and keep the seat in Republican hands is Congressman Tom Davis.

Our nominee must have a long record of conservative accomplishments and a clear understanding of what it takes to win statewide. Tom Davis has both – so we write to ask you to join us in urging him to seek the nomination.

Tom has won eleven successive elections in some of the most Democratic sections of Northern Virginia, including defeating incumbent Rep. Leslie Byrne in 1994 and winning six successive House races in tough partisan terrain.

Tom’s never shied away from the toughest of challenges. Prior to his election to Congress, Tom was the Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, the governing body of the eleventh most populous municipality with the second largest county budget in the United States. In 1993, during Tom’s tenure as Chairman, Fairfax County was recognized as the nation’s best financially managed county – just one year after Tom inherited a $200 million budget shortfall. Tom did what leaders do: he established priorities and cut spending, and during his three-year tenure the average real estate tax bill went down.

Tom’s list of legislative accomplishments began almost as soon as he came to Congress. During his first year alone, Tom authored and cosponsored several important bills that were enacted into law, including the D.C. Financial Control Board Act, the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act, the Federal Acquisition Reform Act, and the Securities Litigation Reform Act. That first year, Speaker Newt Gingrich tapped Tom to chair the D.C. subcommittee. Through Tom’s oversight and legislative intervention, Congress brought the city back from the brink of financial collapse and the gross mismanagement that characterized the reign of former Mayor Marion Barry.

Ever since, Tom’s reputation as a serious legislator and reformer has blossomed. He brought school choice to public school students stuck in failing District of Columbia schools. He’s championed “competitive sourcing,” so that government employees and contractors are forced to streamline their operations and save taxpayer money. He authored historic “sunshine” legislation that established a publicly searchable database for all federal contracts and grants. He’s been a leader on legislation to cut taxes for middle class families. And he strongly backs legislation that would repeal D.C.’s handgun ban.

Over the past 10 months he’s received the Sonny Montgomery Award from the National Guard Bureau and the Harry S. Truman Award from the National Guard Association of the United States for his tireless work on behalf of our men and women in uniform.

Tom’s also viewed as one of Congress’ most objective and effective investigators. He chaired the Select Committee on Hurricane Katrina that produced the widely-acclaimed report detailing the failures of all levels of government. He shed important new light on Sandy Berger’s theft of classified documents from the National Archives. The Government Accountability Office reported that, as chairman of the House Government Reform Committee from 2003 to 2006, Tom’s oversight saved taxpayers $6.5 billion.

As chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee from 1998 to 2002, Tom did more to help build the Republican Party around the nation than perhaps any other Member of Congress, defying the pundits and increasing our majority during two difficult cycles. And we’re all familiar with his unparalleled efforts around the Commonwealth to help elect Republicans to local, state and federal offices.

Virginia needs a principled achiever like Tom in the Senate. Tom’s is a record of getting things done in ways that are consistent with our best traditions and relentless in pursuit of a better future.

Tom has a 21st century vision for tackling the biggest challenges we face – entitlement spending, the war on terror, illegal immigration, energy independence, and the global economy. And he’s the kind of pragmatic bridge-builder who can actually get things done on all of these fronts and more.

People in every part of the Commonwealth want the opportunity to compete, and win, in the global economy. That means a strong education system to attract, train and retain a modern workforce. That means repairing and expanding a transportation infrastructure capable of carrying our people to work and our products to the world. And it means tapping into stable energy sources to fuel productivity gains and continued economic expansion. Baby Boomers on the verge of retirement need to know the fiscal structure underpinning their income and health care is sound. Every citizen needs to feel secure against the menace of global terrorism. And every citizen deserves a government that’s committed to protecting our borders and enforcing our immigration laws.

We believe Tom can step up and take the lead in formulating the policies and concrete proposals to solve the problems voters care about. In the Senate, he would be proactive in offering market-based, fiscally sustainable alternatives to the usual expensive, big government solutions offered by Democrats. And we know we can count on him to approve only conservative constructionists for federal judgeships.

We don’t think voters are “fuzzy” about who we are, but they’re understandably leery about what Republicans will do, or won’t do, about their everyday problems. We need to convince them we can do the real work of governing.

Tom’s best able to do that convincing. Please join us in encouraging him to become our candidate for the U.S. Senate by emailing him at Tom@tomdavis.org or calling his campaign office at (703) 277-9635. Additionally, please take a moment to forward this important message on to your friends, family and colleagues.


Jerry Kilgore

Former Attorney General

Commonwealth of Virginia

Jason Gray


4th Congressional District Republican Committee

David Avella


8th Congressional District Republican Committee

Stan Young


9th Congressional District Republican Committee

Jim Rich


10th Congressional District Republican Committee

Becky Stoeckel


11th Congressional District Republican Committee

Wayne Ozmore

Former Chairman

4th Congressional District Republican Committee

Tucker Watkins

Former Chairman

5th Congressional District Republican Committee

Connie Meyer


Hampton Roads Republican Professionals Network

2nd Congressional District


Well it looks like Mark Warner is going for the Senate. Shame! He's going to become part of the Pelosi-Clinton-Kennedy crowd and subject to left wing nutjobs telling him what to do. I really wanted him as Govnenor so he can continue being an effective standard bearer for common sense middle of the road Democrats. Now that he's out of the picture, Dem's have no credible standard bearer against B1-Bob McDonnel.


Rowhey it is always a good idea to have your own spelling right before you start criticizing the vocabulary of others. "Vanguish" is not a word. "Vanquish" on the other hand, is. The definition you gave does match that word but you conveniently forgot to mention another part of the definition.

"van·quish /ˈvæŋkwɪʃ, ˈvæn-/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[vang-kwish, van-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–verb (used with object) 1. to conquer or subdue by superior force, as in battle.
2. to defeat in any contest or conflict; be victorious over: to vanquish one's opponent in an argument.
3. to overcome or overpower"

The first one certainly implies beating someone by strong margins. J. Warner hitting the lower 50s as an entrenched Republican in a Republican state doesn't seem to qualify in my opinion.

I make plenty of grammatical errors when I type on blogs so I never make a big deal when others do the same. When someone else tries to use those mistakes to discredit or insult me, however, I at least expect them to have their own stuff together.



I agree. I thought for so he would pass up on the Senate race and run for govenor in 2009. Also, he has inside information that he has no chance of the VP nod or he would never run for Senate. I guess its Bob M. in 2009.


Yes, North spent time in Federal prison for Iran-Contra.


North was tried in 1988 in relation to his activities while at the National Security Council. He was indicted on sixteen felony counts and on May 4, 1989, he was initially convicted of three: accepting an illegal gratuity, aiding and abetting in the obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and destruction of documents (by his secretary, Fawn Hall, on his instructions). He was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerhard A. Gesell on July 5, 1989, to a three-year suspended prison term, two years probation, $150,000 in fines, and 1,200 hours community service. However, on July 20, 1990, with the help of the ACLU (see [1]), North's convictions were vacated, after the appeals court found that witnesses in his trial might have been impermissibly affected by his immunized congressional testimony.[3]


So in fact North is not a felon. Lying, unpatriotic sh*tball maybe, depending on your personal feelings. But ot technically a felon.


Washington Post is reporting that mark is in.


"And he strongly backs legislation that would repeal D.C.’s handgun ban."

Is this statement about Davis true?

Davis the Lesser

I hear that a lot of those chairman cited in the Davis letter as "supporters" simply agreed only to endorse him if he were the nominee in the general election. A little deceptive on the part of the Davis crew.



Hopefully. DC has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the nation partly because it's one of the few cities where it's illegal to protect yourself.


Pat Buchanan is nothing but wind and fire. Name one thing substantial that he has done for the Republican party except cause problems. (the crickets are chirping..silence)
He would be a disaster as the next US Senator from Virginia. In the end, it will be a battle between Gilmore and Davis.

more conservatives in the merrier for Davis. if Buchanan runs Tom gains.


I think we're giving Pat Buchanon too much credit by saying that he'll change the dynamic of the race significantly.
Davis will have enough of a margin on Gilmore that any "peeling off" of conservative votes from Gilmore won't even matter. The GOP nomination is Davis's to lose unless we get any wild cards.


Not that I'd expect any different from NLS, but couldn't you at least stick a question mark up there?

The article linked to says nothing of the sort. It says that various people want Buchanan to run for the Senate, not that he IS entering the Senate race.

Maybe I'll start a blog calling on Joe Gibbs for run for Senate, and see if NLS reports that he's now a candidate.

Geesh. Granted, your credibility was gone a long time ago, but you could at least TRY.

Just what city in Virginia does Pat Buchanan live in? I thought he was a DC resident...he was born there.

Scared as hell

Here's some GOP convention math. This convention like most will break down like this:
40% Nutjobs (Buchanan)
35% Aspiring or part-time Nutjobs (Gilmore)
25% Scared of the Nutjobs (Davis)


Pat Buchanan is "being discussed" as a candidate by his sister, Bay Buchanan, and some DC choirboys. This is a bold step into the vacuum of Virginia conservative politics created by the death of Jerry Falwell, and the dementia of Pat Robertson. But it won't survive the coming born-again counter-attack.


Rowhey is a great guy.

Bubby is a boob.

the poster formerly known as 147.

Does this mean we're not having any convention predictions coming up? ;-(

"Scared as hell" gave us one already.


But Bubby, Pat Robertson has a new manshake line coming out! It's the "Larry Craig traveler's minute manshake"! He's going to live to 150 on that. And Jerry's corpulent son has already picked up the reigns of that particular religious empire already.


UVa 08, if you will notice from my post, I did spell 'vanquish' correctly at least once in that thread -- which tends to substantiate that I, indeed, know the correct spelling. That being said, I need to edit a little better.


vanguish = New Jersey phonettic spelling of vanquish

phonettic = phonetic


Doug: Little Jerry is still struggling to get out of his short pants and into his robes. This rumor has to sting.

Meanwhile down in the Robertson compound the worst scenario has played out - the Catholic conservatives are getting uppity, and nobody in Richmond will take Pat's calls. How can we advance to Armageddon with a Catholic Senator!

Draft DeLay for Senate


He IS a VA resident, and can bring Alexandria home to the Republican Party!

Don't delay--draft DeLay today!


Why hasn't Tom DeLay been extradited back to his home state of Texas to stand trial? Does AG McDonnell need his address and a posse?


Rowhey, I know. This whole exchange was rather juvenile. People make mistakes and the best thing to do is ignore the minor mistakes and instead focus on the main idea.


In a weird kind of way I have a grudging respect for Buchannan. Hes kind of like the American Enoch Powell I guess--an arch racist, but at least he admits it.

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