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time to resign Missy

Delegate Bob Marshall

If Governor Kaine had taken my recommendation to the Immigration Commission, he would not have been in political hot water. This will affect his entire political future.

I wrote to the Governor urging that he appoint Manassas resident, Hugh Brien to the Immigration Commission. Hugh Brien is the ONLY immigrant who ever was appointed to head the US Border Patrol. Hugh was born in Ireland and became a US Citizen, the proper way.

Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13th district, parts of Prince William and Loudoun)

I'd like a little more information about this please? It doesn't even make sense.

Not Larry Sabato

See the post below this one for what happened.

Chris - Mason Conservative

In the end, the buck stops with Kaine. Despite politics, I do have great respect for Kate Hanley and it would be a tough blwo to his administration if she has to take the fall for this.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Nice try at a distraction BVBL.

Ain't gonna work.

Church Hill Dem

Why is every misstep resignation-worthy? People screw up. Nobody got hurt. This was all learned after the first meeting of the commission, well before any policy recommendations or substantive business had taken place (beyond the commission's unfortunate snub of its nose at Del. Marshall), and addressed promptly.

Keep Kate around.

Pete in Williamsburg

No way should Hanley resign. There are over 2,000 gubernatorial appointees and the fact that one bad apple wasn't caught until the last minute is not a fire-able offense. This guy had not yet been in a position to cause harm and when he was discovered, everyone took appropriate action.

On the other hand, how much money and damage have screw-up Bush appointees caused? Too bad that in a post-911 world he appointed a horse lawyer to run FEMA and a slew of draft dodgers to run everything else.

You leave my mamaw alone!

I wonder if someone should look into who actually nominated him…did Omeish request appointment on his own or did a current General Assembly member put his name forward? Did Kate put his name up? Ben you should look into this….

Not Jack Herrity

I'll put in a good word for Kate. Besides the fact that she does a very good job overall, I'm afraid Timmy would submit Dan LaBlanc's name again if she resigned. :)


Interested Observer

Bob Marshall - does the Governor even acknowledge that you talk to him? How supportive have you been of his initiatives? Last time I checked, the Republican House Delegation wasn't very supportive of the Governor. I suppose if he had taken you advice on a number of other issues we would be looking a lot like what you clowns did during the Gilmore Administration...

I often wonder why it is that a Dem. leader can "make a mistake" and it is so easily swept aside. If this had been a Rep. leader there would be calls for his head .. (no pun intended regarding Omeish and his beliefs).

That said I do not think anyone needs to be fired over this but.. it is not a good example of leadership, or an example of good leadership.

Can someone make clear to me how this is an issue anyway? To most Muslims, jihad means a social and psychological struggle, not war in the way that Al Qaeda has appropriated the word for their own use. This is absurd.

Not Jack Herrity

Given the fact that the Governor acted VERY swiftly, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Those of you who can guess my politics will realize that's awfully big of me.

What shocks me is that this guy is the Chief of General Surgery at INOVA Alexandria Hospital. I'd be very concerned that someone with his stated views could fully adhere to the Hippocratic Oath.


If I had enough sense to google this gentleman's name, then I sure would have hoped that my governor's appointments' representative would have done the same.

From their website (AMS):
Our Mission: To build an integrated empowerment process for the American Muslim community through civic education, participation, community outreach, and coalition building; to forge positive relationships with other institutions outside of our community, that will ensure and facilitate the protection of civil rights and liberties for American Muslims and all Americans.

I didn't hear the word (as the republican site said) "hamas" in this video clip...

Exactly what were the statements that this guy made that were so controversial....actual words please.

Not John S. Mosby


You have a definite Jewish hard-on for Muslims. I understand that the guy is an ass-clown but he was one of, what, 20 appointees? To some committee nobody has ever heard of. They wanted to have one of every color and creed on the thing, so probably a staffer recommended the guy to fill the "male muslim" slot and everybody said fine. Whoever first recommended the guy is the one really at fault, although the vetting process should have kicked him out early. Then again, how much vetting is done for a little-known committee at a state level?

Let's ask the real question.p

Ben what previous grudge to you have against Kate?

Did she support Marsden, Galligan or Gerry? Or is she simply not returning your phone calls?


Ben supported Galligan.

I know that the agency performs a lot of functions for the governor but isn't it one of the deputy secretaries whose responsibility it is to vet all candidates for these type appointments? Perhaps that is the individual who needs to resign.

Kate Hanley has always been one of my favorite politicians. She worked hard, paid her own way, and respected the people along the way. Employees of Fairfax County thought she was an incredibly fair Supervisor - everyone loved working with her on any project. I think it was her health that prevented her from running for more.

I've seen a lot of Supervisors up close and personal - and she was truly one of the best.


This is her only function - gubanatorial appointments. She blew it.

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