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James Young

It's interesting that Paul is now mouthing the smears that his supporters have been using for months.

Those internal polls must be making someone nervous.

Dear James,

Internal polls show Paul winning by a very comfortable margin.

Thank you for your waste of a comment. Please try again later.

Om my gosh, Paul Nicholls responded to his opponent. He must feel the heat.

I guess anytime anyone responds in politics their polls must be bad.

That must mean everyone running for office has a bad poll. Everyone. Jim, you talk about logic so much, please hold yourself yo yhe same standard.

The guy cracks a joke and you guys say it means he's going to lose. They must teach you that on Rovian Spin School.

Lovell Reiley

If I were Paul Nichols I would be embarassed to claim victory in a campaign that has hit record lows for overt and despicable religious and ethnic stereotyping. Having him play bystander and passive beneficiary of this nasty campaign was bad enough. Having him now actively engage in this campaign of innuendo and character destruction is disgusting.

Winning without honor or adherence to basic democratic values is a hollow victory indeed.

I read this: "Winning without honor or adherence to basic democratic values is a hollow victory indeed." and all I could think of was that Republican Convention.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Remember Rove's statements last October:

"The Republican Party will not only retain control of the House and Senate, but make modest gains in key elections..."


Doug in Mount Vernon

Also, I find it fascinating that many of the Republicans who are known for bloviating rhetoric about the steadfast perils of illegal immigration in Prince William are "hollowly" decrying basic campaigning of any form as "overt and despicable religious and ethnic stereotyping" just because the opponent happens to be Muslim and have very shady associations in his past, including some nefarious contacts with this most corrupt administration in US history!

When will they start standing up to the rhetorical xenophobia and "ethnic stereotyping" against the immigrant community? Illegal, legal, or in limbo, they all feel attacked. Have you spoken to many legal immigrants lately? If not, you should, because lots of them will soon have their voting cards!

Loudoun Insider

James Young has adopted the playbook of Al Sharpton for this particular contest.

James Young

"Loudmouth Inciter" is a liar, which is probably why he hides his identity. I don't know anyone who is carelessly and without specific cause throwing out accusations of racism in the way that Al Sharpton does, and the commentators who have been behaving most like Sharpton (throwing out slanderous charges even after they have been disproven) are Jonathan Mark and Greg Letiecq, in order of descending misbehavior. That having been said, at least one of Nichols' supporters (not sure if he his an operative) asked me about my support of "the terrorist") at a social event. So "religious and ethnic stereotyping" is going on and it is going on mainly within the Democrat ranks, DiMV. But then, that's a major part of Democrat history, after all.

Moreover, the only attempt at "racial and ethnic stereotyping" going on in the debate over illegal immigration is by those advocates for lawbreakers who devoutly wish to confuse the issue of lawbreaking (towards which PWC's actions are directed) with the issue of immigration and LEGAL immigrants (towards which they are not). Hence, this week, we were treated to a "Day without Immigrants," rather than a "Day without Illegal Immigrants."

Of course, DiMV betrays his moonbat status by complaining about Gill's "nefarious contacts with this most corrupt administration in US history!" Perhaps DiMV should be forgiven. That is, if he's 7 and lacks memory of the "most corrupt administration in US history," which left office (with the silverware) on 20 January 2001. Far-left moonbattery frequently confuses policy differences with criminal behavior, and should just as frequently be taken seriously on account of it.

Loudoun Insider

JY is blinded by yet another man-crush, this time Faisal Gill over the (as described by JY himself) "too pretty" Sean Connaughton. Gill has far too many ties to questionable characters. I would feel the same way about him were he a gay Irishman.

Doug in Mount Vernon

James Young is a curious choice to be lecturing me for "moonbattery", that's for sure.

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