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Not Jack Herrity

Where does it say the mailer came from the Republican party? Given what the article described, there is nothing to this. Stewart can successfully argue that he was passing along to citizens vital information about an important vote taking place at the Board of County Supervisors.


Didn't Ebert say he was handing the investigation and decision to a special prosecutor? So why is Stewart attaking Ebert? Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Trent A. Barton


Unfortunately, I must inform you that you are wrong about Chairman Stewart using the Republican Party bulk rate permit to mail out a governmental flyer and having taxpayers pay for it.

Let me share with you a few facts that I have been able to compile myself: Chairman Stewart used Executive Press to send out a notice to the county residents informing them to a meeting on Tuesday which the illegal immigration resolution is due to be voted on. Chairman Stewart used the funds from his discretionary fund (similar to franking privileges account that can also fund other projects the supervisors deem worthy) to pay for the official mailing. I can assume that Chairman Stewart wanted everyone to know that the resolution is coming up for a vote on Tuesday. Therefore, Chairman Stewart's office contracted Executive Press to print a notice about the meeting to ensure the public knows about the public meeting. Executive Press used its permit for the mailing. The republican committee had nothing to do about it and in fact no one in the committee knew about the mailing until it landed in our mailboxes. As to how the detractors of Chairman set out to mislead the public and you, they grasped that the permit number was the same. The Prince William County Republican Committee used the same printer last year to mail a flyer and to print other election materials. Executive Press often uses its business issued permit when printing client’s projects, which is done fairly often and legal.

Chairman Stewart got three bids and selected Executive Press to do the printing and it got dropped a few days ago after a few supervisors made a plea at the October 2nd meeting that they put off the vote until a budget meeting could be held. That budget meeting was held yesterday. Chairman Stewart wanted to let the public know the illegal immigration resolution was going to be put a vote this upcoming Tuesday and choose the mailing as the best effective way to let the residents of Prince William County know. Nothing nefarious or illegal about Chairman Stewart mailing his constituents about an important issue that he has received thousands and thousands of email and calls about. Many elected officials do that every day as an effective tool of communicating.

So no violation of law. No betrayal of public trust. No special prosecutors--No trials and I am sure you are sad no prison sentences. If you had just made a few calls instead of jumping for glee and rushing to post that Chairman Stewart got "caught", you could have seen that you have been fed bogus information.

Just my Information



Great comment at the Potomac News:

"Clearly illegal. When I first saw flier in mailbox I thought "WOW! is Stewart desperate". He is grasping at straws. His control growth platform is a joke and he has nothing else to run on, but trying to fool all the citizens of PWC into believing he is the main force behind immigration reform. WRONG!! I am not that stupid. There was only one reason he sent the fliers out and it was solely for his personal political gain. This is all over TV and papers. No need. A republican against Stewart."


Another great comment:

"Stupid Stupid Stupid but alas typical and not unexpected given that the demagoguing he and Stirrup have engaged in on this issue. Sorry boys, I have steadfastly supported you until now but your recent actions are selfish, childish and will ultimately prove expensive for county residents who will garner nothing in the end. You should have stuck to your previous issues and at least made an attempt to address our concerns but instead all we get is lip service and new empty resolutions. Say buh-bye."


nothing here. it was a mailer asking people to get involved in their county government....it only states its an important vote (which it is) and come be heard....

PWC Resident

Corey Stewart seems to be skating on thin ice. PWC residents are receiving a large sized "NOTICE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION VOTE" reminder encouraging them to attend on October 16 or to be sure and call or email the Board with their views. Of course, he also conveniently gives his number and email as well. All at taxpayer expense. Can't say the board hasn't sent out reminders of votes previously, but none stand out. It's embarrassing to live here.


This mailer is not written in a neutral tone, as one would expect a notice about an important public event would be, and it appears to be very political. Witness: "will vote on implementing its policy to crackdown on illegal immigration and cut off taxpayer-funded services to illegal aliens." What buzzwords!

If Stewart were wanting to merely inform the public that a vote was coming, he could have said, "A vote on funding the illegal immigration resolution passed on Aug. ? will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 16." However, since this meeting is a regular BOCS meeting and not a public hearing, I question why it was necessary to send out this opportunistic flyer. Sounds like cheap tricks and grandstanding to me.


PWC Resident, I used that Corey Stewart email address and gave him a piece of my mind.

I've gotta say, you folks in NoVa are cool. Down here in Richmond, we have all sorts of shenanigans going on, but our boards and councils typically are aligned with our constitutional officers. It's oh so much more entertaining when that's not the case.

Keep up the good work guys. Beats Falconcrest reruns any day.


We try to stay entertaining, anonymous, at 10:18 pm.

We're SO much better off in Fairfax where OUR chairman conducts important business in SECRET:


Loudoun Insider

Those "discretionary funds" were an accident waiting to happen. I agree with Stewart on many issues, but this is just an incredibly stupd stunt. Kind of like backing Faisal Gill.


Geez...he sent something out telling them to attend a meeting discussing this issue. Is that wrong?

Don't give me the crap about him running on this issue as it doesn't hold water. He said come to a meeting and voice your opinion.


The meeting is not a public forum, and there will be very few people that get a chance to speak, 55. This was a political rally called by Mr. Stewart.

He used taxpayer money to pay for mailing a notice about an event that everybody already knows about and he did it without telling any others on the BOCS that he planned to do so. I have it on good authority that use of these discretionary funds are always announced to the board before they are used.

He also did not use county printing facilities that would be far cheaper to use, and by the way, he didn't get his money's worth because the word "crackdown" on the back side of the flyer is improperly used. It should be "crack down."

Greg L

The meeting includes "citizen's time", at which any citizen can speak to the board on any tpoic they desire. That's about as much of a "public forum" as you can get, and it happens at every meeting.

Insofar as county printing facilities are concerned, something of this volume required competitive bid, and you know what? The county didn't bid on this. You can't legally award a contract to an entity that doesn't submit the lowest bid, or even a bid at all.

This will end up just like the boob story that Ben dropped like a hot potato as soon as he started looking stupid.

Somebody Ben looks up to is going to quietly tell him that he's being an idiot and/or an ass, and he'll drop this one too, and hope everybody forgets about it.

A post card, from Corey Stewart, talking about immigration, less than a month before the election. BVBL and the usual crew of crack pots that idolize Corey Stewart might find it acceptable. I don't. Instead of dealing with immigration, Corey has turned it into a political football and made this county look like a jooke. Sean Connaughton said you coldn't trust hin. We are now seeing the full truth of his words.



The key thing to remember is that this is not an isolated incident. This is part of a consistent pattern of Corey violating or at least skirting the law and ethical boundaries over the years. He admitted at the Chamber Forum yesterday that he had sent similar mailers before. He admitted to the Washington Post after the election last fall that he had absolutely no facts to support his smear campaign against Sharon Pandak (including mailings and slipping flyers in with the Republican sample ballots at the polls). He was roundly chastised by the Supervisors about a month ago for sending a letter to every HOA in the County, on County letterhead, offering to visit them all and bring along County staff (at taxpayer expense. And again, he didn’t tell any other Board members (except his political crony Sup. Stirrup) or County staff.

So of course Corey and his political henchman, Gary Friedman and Greg L are spinning like there’s no tomorrow. There isn’t. They are watching their power, political future and 15 minutes of fame disappear before their eyes. If Corey’s agenda goes down to defeat on Tues., and it is looking increasingly likely that it will, he’s done, both on Nov. 6th and in the 11th Congressional race. Everyone wondered whether Corey's incredible arrogance and complete lack of judgment would eventually kill his election chances. I guess we got our answer.

Hopefully, Prince William voters will elect Sharon Chairman and bring honesty and integrity back to the Chairmanship.


Greg L., it's funny but the county didn't know about the printing -- so they couldn't bid on it. Furthermore, the "citizen's time" isn't going to last all afternoon. It's limited -- it will not be enough time for everyone to speak. Go ahead, you and Help Save Manassas come out in force. Bring all your cronies. Stir it up.

Look, I've be a loyal member of the GOP all of my life. I have dutifully pulled that lever marked "R" even when I had to hold my nose when doing it (Connaughton, Davis, etc). That having been said, I've dealt with Corey and John on several issues and sadly, this is typical. They both provide little more than lip service and demagoguing on many issues, accomplishing little or nothing in real terms. No I can't vote for Pandak, my conscience won't let me do that, but I can't pull that "R" lever for these clowns either. Guess a write in vote for the Gipper will have to sufice. BTW, this is typical Corey arrogance, the type that is painfully obvious even when he is talked to those that used to support him.


Alas it doesn't take long for the blogoshere to retreat from the ethics conversation of last summer does it. This Cory Stewart thing could have easily been cleared up with a simple phone call to Executive Press, but whats the fun and getting the facts right when you can bandwagon controversy that doesn't exist. Plenty of politicans use that company down this way as well for mailings. This is another example of "wanting" there to be something than "proving" there is something. I do not guess Stewart will get any apologies from the bloggers that projected lies about it but then have any of us really come to expect them anymore. Just another reason why good people stay in private Virginia and avoid public service.


AlterofFreedom, except that if Stewart had wanted to be above board he would have told the BOCS that he planned to do the mailing.

Also, it doesn't matter that the chair of the llth District Republican Committee owns Executive Press?

Mimi Schaeffer

Another law and order GOP phoney who thinks the law only applies to "others."

Joel Rutstein

LM, can you please name names? Executive Press apparently doesn't maintain a presence on the web. What kind of shady outfit is this?

PWC Resident


O'Brien, James K $32,874
May, Joe T $4,649
Lucas, Julie $4,327
Miller, Jackson H $3,042
Cadin, Marc $2,108
Lingamfelter, Scott L $1,935
FitzSimmonds, Robert $1,560
Chapman, Lynn $1,427
Hugo, Timothy $919
Cuccinelli, Ken $750
Andrews, John $497
Callahan Jr, Vincent F $250
Devolites Davis, Jeannemarie $184

Joel Rutstein

never mind. I picked this up from the comment thread over at RK - Executive Press' President and Secretary is the Chair of the llth Congressional Republican Committee, Rebecca Stoeckel.


He's not really "under investigation". At the moment, a Democrat running for election, who happens to also be the county attorney, has SAID he is going to "appoint a special prosecuter" to look into the mailer.

The first question is whether the county attorney can simply appoint a special prosecuter to investigate whatever he wants. The second is whether he can find any special prosecuter who would find anything wrong.

Last year Corey Stewart wanted to use his discretionary funds to televise the public planning commission meetings. The other supervisors wouldn't support that. (here's an article on it: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/01/17/AR2007011700092.html"

BTW, I probably wouldn't have done this if I were Corey, but that doesn't make it wrong or illegal.

However, I'm glad he DID SEND THE FLYER. Other than HSM (which has done I think a LOUSY job of getting information out to the general public), there are NO organizations telling the public about this. Meanwhile, those who oppose it are spending tens of thousands of dollars in targetted mailings, phone calls, and e-mails to people they expect to join them in opposing the measure.

Some of those organizations actually receive TAXPAYER DOLLARS to do this.

Without Corey's mailings, the average person in the county might not have known about the vote. Now they do, and they can contact their representatives.

Someone complained that Corey's e-mail and number were on the mailing. The number and e-mail were his official ones, because as the Chair he is representative for the entire county, and every one of us can write to him to tell us whether we want him to vote yes or no.

So are all the people upset here upset because they want him to vote NO and are afraid that too many people will get his mailing and call to ask people to vote yes?

I don't get it -- what are we mad about here? We DON'T want the public to know about the vote? We don't want the government to spend tax money TELLING people about the vote?

I know why some of the other supervisors are upset. They want to vote no, but are scared to death of their constituents, who overwhelmingly support this. I think each supervisor has to vote what they think is right, but they shouldn't be scared of the citizens.

Annandale Insider

Joel Rutsten: So what? What's wrong with an officer of a private corporation being an unpaid political party activist?

Let's see... good price, good work, good turn-around, being awarded a job in a competitive bid process... how "horrible"!! [insert extreme sarcasm here]

"Shady outfit"? 18 years in business doesn't seem very shady to me. While it looks like a large number of politicals have worked with this firm, I imagine there's twice that many NON-politicals, though I doubt anyone bothered to check that.

Get your facts straight, sir. If you are not sure what the facts are, why not just give them (or her) a call?

Attacking a publicly elected official may be fair game, however slandering a private person or entity is not.

Joel Rutstein

I raised a question. At RK, I also questioned whether we should believe Stewart's uncorroborated statement about the bidding process. Raising questions does not amount to slander. I don't know why a private company should be spared from scrutiny when the company accepts a government contract, especially when the head of that company also happens to be an official with the same political party organization as the government official who awarded the contract.


So is the issue now drifting toward the content and the so-called public forum? WOW I though it was out of a complaint about the wrongful use of taxpayer funds at the bequest of the Republicans. Seems none of them knew Stewart was even mailing this thing out in the first place. FYI I think that its true that Democrats have used EP in the past for services they provide. So now that the first effort to smear Stewart for an illegimate mailing has shifted toward this other nonesense about the business. Folks look at the VCAP and see where campaigns spend money in the course of the same campaign. I guess not one of our candidates can use the services or resouces of Moveon.org if they wanted to get help with things, thats ridiculous. It does not matter that the owner may be affiliated with the Republicans as long as services are actually being billed and paid for. I guess because my Supervisor owns a large catering company it is restricted from bidding for campaign business and event services across the State. Going down that road will open up more things than you would really want to. If you want some transparancy regarding the services campaigns are using lets have at it and then watch jobs and revenues fall as we are forced to use outside companies from out of state because we want these services to be rendered by "independent" companies with no interest in Va politics. Lets get back to reality.


"So is the issue now drifting toward the content and the so-called public forum?"

No, it's the entire debacle. It stinks to high heaven.

Craig Vitter has more. Some speculation, but makes you wonder:

Executive Press is located in Fairfax County. Corey couldn't be bothered to have his flier printed and mailed by a company in PWC...

Executive Press is the company that printed all of Corey's campaign materials in 2003 and quite a number of his materials in 2006.

According to one source in 2003 Corey racked up quite a tab with Executive Press that went unpaid (whether or not this debt has be repaid is unclear). There is some question as to whether or not the unpaid balance was properly declared on his campaign finance forms.

It has been suggested that one reason that Corey used Executive Press for his mailing was to continue to make up for the unpaid debt and to smooth over that relationship.

Contrary to what another commenter on this blog said, I have been told that no Democratic candidate has ever used Executive Press to have their materials printed and/or mailed. I cannot confirm this however it makes sense as why on earth would a Democrat go to the 11th District Republican Committee Chair to have their campaign materials printed?


Joel Rutstein, I checked into Executive Press and it's in the city of Fairfax, but it doesn't seem to have a web address.


So now a Democrat would not use a private company because one of its founders is a republican chair. Well if EP came in with the lowest bid for services and the Democrat choice to give it to some one else I guess we know exactly what kind of politician they will be. great use of managing campaign contributions. Hey what if people up and stop using the business associated with Mark Warner when he first ran for office of Governor solely because one of its founders was a Democrat. Executive Press has every right to bid for business as a private corporation no matter whom it is run by.

I met Cory Stewart at a friend's back yard picnic a couple years ago. I spoke with him for almost an hour.

He is dumber than a box of rocks: Almost rock hard stupid although he is personable in a jock sort of way.

NoVA Scout

There are at least two possibilities. One is that the mailing was intended to have a positive political effect and to remind the fervent anti-2I base shortly before the election that Mr. Stewart was standing strong against the foreign hordes and/or to bring pressure on the wusses on the Board who are quavering over little things like costs, tax impacts, budgets, and perceptions of PWC in various important opinion groups not only in the County but around the nation (If you were a Fortune 500 Executive, would you want to put a plant into PW after hearing its elected leaders telling us about how bad things are there). That scenario, given the use of tax dollars, gets prosecutors very, very interested.

The other scenario is that Mr. Stewart was reminding the good citizens of the upcoming meeting and the issues on its agenda in order to improve the process of democracy in Prince William. That seems like a good use of taxpayor dollars, although I assume there are some procedures for how such outreach programs are normally funded and authorized, even if discretionary accounts are used.

So either this is a big story, or its simply a conscientious supervisor trying to increase public awareness of governmental processes.

What does it smell like?

BTW, I assume the wildly popular Stewart's campaign coffers are bulging and that he could easily have funded the $35K from there. Using tax dollars may prove conclusively that there were only public civic purposes involved and there was no political content whatsoever. Then again . . .


To make matters even more disgusting, Greg L. over at BVBL is insinuating that Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert murdered his wife years ago. Greg L. has increasingly started to go over the edge. There is a rumor that he lost his job because his employer deemed him mentally unstable. He's said nothing about this in his blog (understandably), but his comments are becoming more radical every day. Does anyone know anything factual about this?


He will knowingly tell tales to help his "boys".

Time for Barton to pack up and leave time, along with all the baphoons he has attempted to thrust upon the citizens' of Prince William.

Barton seems to think he is in the same league as Boyd Marcus...hahahahahah

Ari Stotle

NoVa Scout may not have heard that Stewart is saving his sheckles to run for another office, after he wins Chairman. Mike May will be appointed Vice-chair and will be the acting BOCS Chairman while Stewart goes off to play politics at the expense of PWC taxpayers.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Anon 12:46

Does anything Greg L say ever surprise anyone anymore?

I don't think so. He and Chairman "Push Them Out" must be so proud of themselves. Their own fervor and irrationality are beginning to cave in upon them like Biblical stones being cast forth from their very mouths....

Yeah, this is entertainment, not good government.

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