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Tom C

Exactly. Chap is a class act.


Coming late to the game, but...

I don't even get WHY Jeannemarie would send out such a flyer. Seriously, what is the purpose? How is encouraging her voters to harrass the Petersen's supposed to help her get more voters to the polls on Tuesday, November 6th?

Otherwise, it's completely beyond the pale. Shame on them! And kudos to Chap for remaining a stand-up guy.


... that's really decent of Chap Petersen.

I still want to see a picture of the actual flyer though.


I just made a small donation to Petersen's campaign earlier this week. My friend and I sponsor the YD club at a high school in central VA. I met Chap when he and 2 of the 3 other lt. gov.
candidates attended a forum at our high school.

Seems like to me his hard work and efforts canvassing up there will win out over the nastiness the other side has demonstrated.

Good luck,Chap!

Chap should win on this alone, although there are so many other good reasons to elect him.

Shes a horrible person, devoid of decency and honor. It's clear now why police endorsed Chap.

Chris - Mason Conservative

So then why then did the DCTimes and the largest teachers union in Fairfax endorse Jeannemarie?

And have all of you actually SEEN the mailer or are you just trusting Ben's word at how "disgusting" this is.

Not Larry Sabato

Chris, I just read your piece on this. Will Jeannemarie be mailing her home phone number out to everyone on her mailing list? If not, why not, since she mailed Chap's without his permission. Don't you understand the difference between something being available and something being broadcast to tens of thousands of people, including child sex offenders?


I am pleased, but not surprised that Chap did this.


Chris has called Ben out, and properly so. This is nothing but bombast from NLS, as usual. Take all the polls you want, nobody cares about this. We care about issues. You're like a wannabe Drudge...all you need is flashing sirens and more "Developing" headlines. Boo for you, Ben.

Show us the mailer. Print it, blach out the number and names, then rescan it. 5 minutes. Let's see what all of this talk is about or is there a reason it is not being shown?

Not Larry Sabato

It's up 634.

Joel Rutstein

I hope someone can post an image of the mailer soon, blacking out Chap's personal information, of course. One look at this thing and Chap bashers, Ben bashers, and Jeannemarie defenders will have to admit that this is a big deal. I don't know how many of these were sent out, but I got one, and I'm quite sure that Jeannemarie's campaign knows I'd never vote for her; so, this was not targeted at possible Jeannemarie voters. Chap's personal information is circled in bright red ink with a bright red arrow. Jeannemarie put Chap's personal information in the hands of creeps who might call Chap's house and harass his family. These cowards might also be more likely to be too stupid and/or lazy to search for the information. Jeannemarie conveniently put it right in their slimy hands. The most damning evidence that this was no inadvertant disclosure of Chap's personal information is that if Jeannemarie really wanted to make the point that Chap's disclosure form was deficient, she would have shown the blank space where she says information should have been, not the top of the form containing Chap's personal information.


Okay, now I get it--sort of. But why didn't JeanneMarie black out the personal info herself? We don't need his telephone number, address, and names of family members to get the point of the negative mailer--Chap is a hypocrite and a lobbyist. Okie-dokie. Why not just say so without involving his family?

Did she think keeping that information in would make it more believable? I don't think it's working--because I don't believe a word of it.

The Southern Belle

okay doubters, now you've seen it? what do you think?


Is there any way Davis can be held accountable for this on the floor of the State Senate?

Oh, by the way, here's her email: district34@sov.state.va.us


Smitty, do you know what the word "chutzpah? means? That's a Republican insisting his people care about "issues."

Dude, that's some nerve you got, and I don't mean the good kind.

The disclosure form is a public document and available to anyone. How is that despicable? You can get a copy of any legislator's form at any time. Maybe the form should be changed?

The record of her daughter's arrest is public information too but you don't see chap mailing that out to 30K people. hmmmmm - now there's a thought

It wasn't just any arrest for the daughter- it was the largest string of armed robberies in 34th Senate District history.

There was never a good reason to give up the high ground on this issue. Chap's response simply shows that he has both class and political smarts. This paints him as a sharp contrast to Ben.

Joel Rutstein

anon at 6:48, hy do you think even the most ardent Chap supporters and Jeannemarie bashers at this site, including the proprietor, have resisted searching out and posting Jeannemarie's personal information? We haven't even posted a link to where this information supposedly can be had so easily. I was SO tempted to call out the conservative blogger at virtucon daring him to prove his allegation that Jeannemarie's information was "right there" at the website of the Center for Public Integrity. He did link to the Center. I searched for "Jeannemarie Devolites Davis," and exactly zero matches came up. Perhaps I could have found her personal information by searching for Tom Davis but I didn't feel like scrolling through the more than 200 matches. If you do look at some of the matches, however, you'll see ample evidence of how lacking in integrity the Davises are, making it all that much more likely that Jeannemarie's disclosing of Chap's personal information was intentional. Chap has wisely and with great integrity himself asked us not to post Jeannemarie's personal information. We'll respect that. You, anon 6:48, however, and those who agree with you that this is no big deal, certainly don't have to follow our example or Chap's request. So, post up or shut up.

Interested Observer

NLS - let it go now. This will take on a life of its own and you can claim to have brought down JMDD. Don't retaliate, the press will love this one...

sure, it is public information, but it was pushed on 30,000 people - clearly there is an expectation that someone would use it, perhaps for harassment, since the piece is an attack ad...

Mail out the record of her duaghter's arrest. What does JMDD have to do with that? Are you saying parents should be prosecuted for their childeren's crimes? Good parent have kids that make mistakes, even big ones.

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Joel Rutstein

Ben, I don't agree with Interested Observer. Don't let this go. You've wisely held off on your threat and credited Chap with helping you make that decision. We cannot trust the press, especially the Washington Post, to appropriately cover this. Jeannemarie's likely deliberate disclosing of Chap's personal information is outrageous. She should be compelled to apologize publicly. If she were truly remorseful, she'd just drop out of the race.

"What does JMDD have to do with that? Are you saying parents should be prosecuted for their childeren's crimes?"

I'm sorry - are you saying that Sharon Petersen and her kids should be attacked by chap's enemies?

Chris - Mason Conservative

This is all just bombast to distract the real message of the ad--that Chap's law firm was a lobbyist for businesses like Bechtel that did business with the Assembly and Chap did not disclose it. There is a reason Ben didn't print the entire mailing, just the cropped version. And you have to basically be blind to think that arrow points right to Mrs. Petersen's name.

His firm also did business with Enron and U.S. Tobbacoo--which is fine. But Chap is running on attacking candidates who are lobbyists, all the while NOT telling people his firm did the same thing while he was in the Assembly. I have the full front side of the mailer at my site where we learn about Chap's law firm and its activities while he was both a partner and a state delegate.



If this isn't a big deal, then why is the home phone at the Peterson house allegedly receiving numerous phone calls, some of a threatening nature? Why is that OK?

Regardless if this information is publicly available, there is no reason to send it out to such a large mailing list. It’s simply irresponsible, and those of you who support it have no personal integrity.

The Southern Belle

Chris - thank goodness you are here to defend the righteous efforts of JMDD to blast Chap while simultaneously promoting yourself.

Get a life - this one backfired. no one cares what the point of the mailpiece was - they just care that she's an awful person who exposed Chap's family in an unseemly and possibly harmful way.

Joel Rutstein

Don't listen to Mason Conservative or Jeannemarie. Chap's too gentlemanly to call Jeannemarie a liar, let alone send her phone number to 30,000 mailboxes. Chap has more than adequately explained Jeannemarie's attempt to draw attention from her lack of ethics by impugning Chap's integrity. The following is from Chap's excellent website, http://www.thestraightrecord.com/ethics.htm.

"Setting the Record Straight on Ethics
Last week, you received a direct mailing from Senator Devolites-Davis regarding my record on ethics.

The irony is striking. Devolites-Davis is paid $80,000 a year to work “10 hours a week” from home for a Capitol Hill lobbyist -- ICG Consulting, Inc. -- which promises clients access to her husband. That story was documented by the Washington Post last year. The publication of that story and the unseemly relationship it disclosed is a continuing embarrassment to our community. It illustrates the need to close the “lobbyist loophole” which makes a mockery of our ethics laws.

What is my record?

I am an attorney with a small general practice in Fairfax City. My wife is a former attorney and stay-at-home Mom that watches our three kids and her disabled mother.

My clients are individuals and local small businesses, usually minority-owned.

Until 2005, I was a lawyer with the national firm of Bracewell Patterson, LLP (now “Bracewell Giuliani, LLP” – as in Rudy Giuliani), which has offices around the U.S. I was a partner in the Northern Virginia branch office. My clients were largely Fairfax County businesses.

Regarding the allegations ….

Bracewell had no lobbying practice in Richmond. There was no conflict of interest, nor any reason for me to abstain on any vote while a State Delegate. The idea that I was disqualified from voting on state laws because my firm represented clients doing business in Virginia is ridiculous. If that were the case, then nobody with a career could serve in the General Assembly (which is a part-time legislature).

The attempt to link me to the policies of Republican corporate contributors like Bechtel is especially pathetic. My old firm did not represent them on any matters in Virginia. Nor did it have any involvement with the “Tyson's Tunnel” debacle.

Those Fortune 500 companies contribute to Republicans like my opponent. They don’t support Democratic challengers like me.

I have been a lawyer in good standing for fourteen years. During my time in public office, I was never the subject of an ethical inquiry. Nor did I ever use my political position (or my spouse’s connections) to obtain outside income. That is a critical difference with my opponent.

Let's keep the record straight."

Chap's home address, phone number and the names of his kids is all over the place.
Chap's family, as in his parents, as well as Chap have deep roots in the City. If Sharon has really been receiving "numerous phone calls, some of a threatening nature," why haven't the police been called? Given Chap's family's roots and his relationship with the Mayor of the City, I would think he would get police attention. Further, one would think he would want it in the interest of his family. Instead, it is treated as a campaign issue. Something is wrong with this picture.

Anon 08:08 -- How do you know the police haven't been called and aren't investigating this right now?


Yeah, something sure is fishy. The fact that people think what was done is OK. Thats fishy.


There's no reason they couldn't have blocked out the data. I suppose some recipients might think she was trying to mislead them, but most wouldn't have cared. She could have "fuzzed" it out.

On the other hand, if someone wanted to attack Chap, they just had to type his name into the internet, and they'd have his phone number. And he's rightly advertised his wife and kids, because he's proud of his family, so it's not like this revealed some secret names.

So the complaint is valid, but overblown as usual. And your bizarre theory about the "arrows" is just pure NLS.

Give Chap a thumb's up for putting a stop to your nonsense. Of course, it was clear that your intent was malicious.

Not Charles

I think you're missing the point. Yes, the info can be found. No one's doubting that. But what is the purpose in including it in a campaign advertisement? What possible motive could you have?

Not John S. Mosby

Perhaps someone could mail out some snippets from Tom and Double D's divorce papers when they dropped their old spouses for the true love that is them?

If Liz B is South County Bitch I guess Double D should be All-County Cunt.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Chris, I'm the wife of the NoVa Central Labor Council president. And I can tell you as a fact that all unions, including the FEA, that's one of the two teacher's unions, have a policy of endorsing any incumbent who has voted their way on some issues.

That doesn't mean that individual members support Jeannemarie. It means, somewhere down the line, she voted for a piece of legislation that they supported. And she's an incumbent.

But what she did here was over the top and beyond the bounds of decency. Never mind who endorsed her. This is something you don't do.

And Chap did prove to be a class act for asking that Ben not return measure for measure her actions.

BTW, thank you Ben. I'm glad you didn't publish her address and phone number. Two wrongs, in this case, do not make a right.

Chris, you're a good guy and you are loyal to your candidates. That's normally commendable. But please don't jump the shark on this and try to defend the indefensible.

This time she was wrong. Terribly wrong.

Joel...If you want JMDD address and phone number, go into Mason Conservative
point and click on her filings and there it is.


Well, all his kids names were in his own mailers to those same 30,000 people. Why his children's names have to be listed on a disclosure form might be a good question.

I don't think there was ANY purpose in including it, which is why I said she could have removed it. The purpose was to put the FORM on the mailer. The form had information that identified it as Chap's disclosure form. That was the purpose.

You could ask what is the purpose of requiring that information on the disclosure form. Again, my guess is nobody ever really thought about it much. These forms are used all the time by campaigns, and every time we have a big argument about what information should have been blocked out.

My point about it being public information is not to justify the inclusion, which I believe they would have gladly blacked out if anybody had noticed it ahead of time and said "hey, we should black it out".

It's just not a capital case. This wasn't state secrets, or secrets at all. Most of the information has been published to those same voters.

Still, and I have to keep saying this because the opposition is itching to latch onto any minor misstatement to launch an attack, any time you put out that information SOMEONE could get the idea to use it. So we should take these opportunities to remind candidates to remove personal information when reprinting public disclosure forms.

Still, I'm more interested in mailers that make false claims about candidates wanting to raise taxes when they don't, or that candidates want to put women in jail when they don't, or that attack a candidate for working on legislation that didn't exist until they no longer worked in the legislature.


I think the real question is whether this was a case of malice or stupidity. It is conceivable that the JMDD campaign was eager to show Chap's lobbyist connections, so they sent a copy of Chap's form without redacting the family info (which is public anyway). I mean, Ben has been making constant fun of "mistakes" in JMDD mailings, so how do you know that this was intentional? To me, there is less here than meets the eye.

As far as Ben's concern for families and children go, that is crocodile tears and everyone knows it. Ben has no qualms about posting (or seeking) real names of people with whom he disagrees, streets, IP numbers, or threatening employment (whether or not children are involved). Clearly, the outrage is quite selective here.

AIAW, When the union does its endorsements, is that based on votes by the membership or only executive officers? Just curious.

Anon 08:08 If the police were called, I expect we will see it as a notation in the Connection's Police Beat or whatever it is called. The City tends to list all police responses
to incidents in the City

Is the use of Sheriff's deputies from Fairfax to patrol a neighborhood appropriate? In Fairfax County we have a separate, professional police force. These officers are the ones that patrol the streets and neighborhoods. Fairfax's Sheriff's department does a good job with the jail and serving court summons.

Fairfax is not Loudoun County where the Sheriff's office still performs policing functions.

Just odd in Fairfax County.

The Post should retract its ill-advised endorsement. JMDD is a hypocrite. This is what she said when her daughter's situation came up: "I think it's a shame that all the members of the press that are here today do not have the common decency to show a family some privacy during a difficult time" ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A52646-2002Jun14&notFound=true ).That was in a public courtroom. I guess the same sense of privacy does not apply to mass-mailing phone numbers she knows will lead to crank calls or worse. A person who is that desperate for the job does not deserve to keep it.

Joel Rutstein

anon @ 9:17, thanks I guess for pointing out that masonconservative proved that Jeannemarie's address, phone numbers, and children's names are available on the internet. I was actually challenging those who disagree with me (and Chap and most of us here). I think this is a big deal. Those who don't need to go a little further than masonconservative. It took two clicks to get to Jeannemarie's form. Moreover, even if he were to post an image of the form itself on his blog, it's not the same as mailing it to 30,000 addresses. And I still think this was a deliberate disclosure by Jeannemarie. Just look at the way she depicts the image of Chap's form on the other side of the mailer. It has the top of the form showing what it is and Chap's name, but superimposed (I guess over where the other personal information would be) is a clipping from the relevant part of the form showing the name of Chap's firm. This depiction proves that Jeannemarie thought about what she wanted to show. For the other form, there's absolutely no reason why she wouldn't do the same type of superimposing with the part of the form that didn't include the information that Jeannemarie says should be there. This is not just a mistake on Jeannemarie's part. This is just gratuitously facilitating the harassment of Chap's family.

Chap lives next to the jail, so the Sheriffs are right there. That's in Fairfax City, not the county, so their police are much more limited.

Nothing wrong with what the Sheriff is doing. His website explains his mission best:
"The sheriff and his deputies have both civil and concurrent criminal jurisdiction. That jurisdiction is in Fairfax County, the City of Fairfax, and the towns of Vienna and Herndon. The Sheriff's Office—in conjunction with local police departments—assists with controlling traffic, issuing traffic summonses, and working with state and local law-enforcement agencies. Additionally, sheriff's deputies aid the county police, the U.S. Marshals Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a joint fugitive task force that provides apprehension and arrest of felons who face current warrants."

Why would someone who calls himself "Mason Conservative" defend a woman who proudly calls herself a "RINO?"


I am a Republican. My entire family is Republican. We WILL NOT be voting for JMDD as we are truly disgusted and cannot believe how low she has sunk. I am so angry about this. How DARE she do this to his wife and children, especially considering all that she herself has been through with her own children. How DARE she. She needs to be shown the door.... I would love to have the Republicans win to retain this seat, but cannot stomach JMDD's actions any longer. What she's done is so wrong and I implore my fellow republicans to STOP trying to justify the unjustifiable and frankly stupid actions of the people we (used to) support.


The Sherriff is there because of 'bizarre' phone calls.

Hahahahaha......stop lying Ben.

BTW, where are the names of Chap's kids on this form?


Prior to this mailing no one knew the name of Chap's wife? or where they lived? How strange. Why were those things kept secret? What's wrong with Chap's wife that she had to be a secret? Why was it a secret where he lived? Did anyone know that his wife's name was a secret and that his address was a secret too?


Janie sounds like a typical JMDD supporter, another RINO, no doubt.

I was just watching the world series. They showed Troy Aikman with his family and named all his kids...in front of millions of viewers. They should be ashamed.

Doug in Mount Vernon

You people are so stupid. It's not that people KNOW or ARE ABLE TO KNOW their names. It's the context along with ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBERS that invite 30,000 recipients to seemingly call the Petersen's PRIVATE residence (not a campaign) at will and being whatever harassment they deem necessary.

It's truly disgusting. This information is also the kind of stuff that can be used in identity theft. That's what all the fuss is about among federal databases that carry Personally Idenitifiable Information (known as PII in computer security circles) that is statutorially protected in federal information sources under the Privacy Act.

I think it's time for Virginia to fix this. Candidates have NO BUSINESS mailing out any PII on any candidate to any voters. That is crazy. If voters want to contact candidates, let them go out and find that contact information on their own.

Second, the issues that are surfacing in the Clerk of the Court race are inexcusable. As a computer professional, I find it abhorrent that the Clerk of the Court will allow someone paying $45 per year to have access to a computer system that likely has my, and several hundred thousand others, PII available to anyone who happens to get this contract to use the system.

Who vets the applications for access to this system? What on EARTH makes Fairfax County think it's OK to have PII available on any on-line system.

Virginia statutory law needs to be corrected to prevent this. And, we need to hire Dale Evans as Clerk of the Court to ensure this problem gets fixed.

JMDD screwed up and the Republican bloggers are fighting this hard because they know it hurts her.

She and Tom Davis made a mistake in letting this go out and they and their supporters know it.

Joel Rutstein

Let's also not forget that Chap's personal information was mass mailed in the context of highly inflammatory charges that Chap is unethical. Apart from the irony here, because on the charges are false and on ethics, Jeannemarie is clearly the worse candidate, Jeannemarie deliberately (see my prior comments for proof) put Chap's personal information out there essentially giving a green light to creeps who would use it to harass Chap by saying that Chap and his family are o.k. to harass because Chap is so unethical. We're less than two weeks from election day. Most voters' minds are made up. If Jeannemarie wanted to, in Chap's words, fabricate something even more explosive against him she would have. Instead she just tosses out the phony ethics charges again and puts Chap's personal information out there to hurt Chap and his family. I'm not sure she even thinks this is more likely to get her re-elected. I think she's just desperately spending what's left of her ill-gotten campaign funds in a panicked thoughtless way. Perhaps she thinks if she has to go down, she's going to take Chap and his family with her. Pathetic.


Chris- thanks once again for lowering the value of my education. The entire GMU alumni association is now requesting you rename you blog, tag line, etc. to Dumbass Conservative and save George Mason's fine name.

All of the conservative postings here have been entertaining, but really.... really, time to go sit this one out, idiots.

If you can get him to relocate his blog to an address next to the Prince William Parkway half way between Manassas and Dumphries.... he could name it the Dumassas blog.... and it would have a deeper meaning in terms of the delegates and county supervisors they have previously elected....

The polls must be getting really close if Chap's folks are making such a big deal out of this non-issue. Wow, you guys can certainly play the victim well.

Most Democrats were ok with flyers going out to thousands of households saying a Republican is affiliated with a group that tortures people, but when a Republican mails out a public document with public information and it is the end of the world. The indignation rings hollow!

BTW, the reason family members, including children, are on the forms is to disclose if they are compensated inappropriately by groups as a way of funneling money to legislators.

Pete in Williamsburg

I doubt JMD's campaign will issue an apology or clarification about this, but I'd be extremely curious to see one. They don't have many options: 1) apologize, or 2) say it was an oversight. Neither would be acceptable.

As for any "oversight" explanation, it reminds me of when Bush was able to work in a deliberate mis-use of Democrat versus Democratic in his 2007 state of the union address. Later, Tony Snow slimed, "It was a mistake. That's just the way the President talks." Hogwash. The president can be an inarticulate embarrassment when he's speaking off the cuff. A SOTU address is one of the most carefully crafted writings on the world. Nothing is left to chance.

Likewise, every mailing is crafted and analyzed down to the fonts, the colors and the exact wording. If JMD declares it a "goof," that's the most disingenuous route she could take.


First of all, most Dems I know at least were NOT ok with the Simmons mailer, and I think you'll recall Ben condemned it hard.

Second, why don't we send out the names of your family members, your address, and your phone number, claim you've been unethical, and are a Democrat (or hell, a Republican) and see how much fun YOU have with it? Somehow, I don't think you'd be too thrilled yourself.


Anon 7:58. No. You are actually wrong, something you probably hear daily. We are actually upset that someone would do something this disgusting.


OK, this has been beaten to death, given FAR more attention than it deserves. In fact, the whole I'M SO OFFENDED nature of this episode sounds like yard sign theft and other late election season crap that only rabid partisans care about.

So, to sum up...

- JMDD's campaign made a mistake by sending this out. They definitely shouldn't have sent it.
- Chap is a good guy, and he wisely put a leash on Ben before he embarrassed himself and Chap.

Can we now talk about the choke job by Virginia Tech last night? Somebody probably needs to get some intervention going for Bubby. Maybe send some counselors to his doublewide.

That Bud Foster guy...he's really good. ;-)


OK, this has been beaten to death, given FAR more attention than it deserves. In fact, the whole I'M SO OFFENDED nature of this episode sounds like yard sign theft and other late election season crap that only rabid partisans care about.

So, to sum up...

- JMDD's campaign made a mistake by sending this out. They definitely shouldn't have sent it.
- Chap is a good guy, and he wisely put a leash on Ben before he embarrassed himself and Chap.

Can we now talk about the choke job by Virginia Tech last night? Somebody probably needs to get some intervention going for Bubby. Maybe send some counselors to his doublewide.

That Bud Foster guy...he's really good. ;-)


bite it, i.pup

My rather simple take on this is JMDD's staff again did not proof this before it went out.
As a result, Ben being the good little helper he is paid to be, saw an opportunity and went with it.
I keep thinking about why I left the GOP..It was the lies and smears and trashing of John McCain.
For whatever reason, with this year's election cycle, I feel like I am back to square one. Perhaps there is value in being an Independent..I really don't know anymore.

Not a Babe

Pete in Williamsburg

I don't think too much has been made about this. So often, there is an obvious over-reach in order to over-react to a nuance or innuendo in a campaign mailer.

However, this one is really glaring. There was zero issue-attack or character-attack value in posting his home info. There was nothing about it that constituted "the voters need to know this."


Morning, Doug... no worries, man. I'd probably be a tad upset too if my team had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, giving up two touchdowns in the last two minutes.

The Food Lion and IGA stores enjoyed their brisk late night sales of Mad Dog, Thunderbird & Boone's Farm, though... so that certainly helps the local economy.


I. Pub,

I pretty much never agree with you, but as a proud Wahoo... amen.


O/T- since I am so angry with the entire city of Boston (and after the skins go up there Sunday I'm going to have a third reason) I'd like to take this moment to point out what a complete buffoon Rudi JulieAnie is- rooting for the red sox. Good Lord. What a pandering a-hole.

Now, you want to do it, so bash VT for completely blowing it. That was one of the most awesome games I've been to for about 57:49 minutes.


pup- how the Div III spiders doing this year?


Whoa me and my DIII colleagues take offense to that, but wtf Tech choked like John Holmes was in the room.




veritas- tech choked like they were Debbie with John Holmes in the room. That makes more sense. And it was a major choke, with gag.


Ben- once you wake up how about a little immigrant action? I know you are on letiqiqqique's side on this one:



The Spiders are having a great season, Doug, thanks for asking. In fact I believe the team is exceeding expectations, just like UVA. How about them Hokies, huh? They living up to theirs?

BTW, I've never been to a UR sporting event. Don't really care about those teams. Just like Sam, I'm a lifelong Hoo. So, maybe you switched loyalties, and jumped on the Tech bandwagon after you left Geo. Mason, but I don't think most people do that. Especially not Hoos. Once you've walked the Lawn, it's hard to imagine cheering for anyone else.

Anonymous Is A Woman

To answer Isophorone's questions about how unions make their endorsements (it's way upthread), I'm not exactly sure because I'm not a union member.

I do know, though, that they will normally back incumbents who have voted favorably on their issues, and that includes Republican incumbents such as former Delegate Jim Dillard, who regularly enjoyed the Central Labor Council endorsement. On a national level, the Seafarers Union and some of the other maritime unions endorse Trent Lott because he votes in favor of legislation beneficial to the entire maritme industry rather than specific union-friendly legislation. So, the endorsements aren't always parochial.

In JMDD's case, she probably has cast some votes beneficial to education, which led to the FEA endorsement. It doesn't necessarily mean she's a strong union supporter.

As for how the CLC, or specific unions, pick their endorsements, I think (and I will have to check it further by asking my husband - hard, in depth research there:)that they send out questionnaires to candidates and then a panel will interview each candidate who returns a questionnaire.

The panels are composed of union members from the district in which the race is being held. It definitely is not just an executive board that does all the interviews or endorsements.

The panels are representative of each union that participates.

It may be composed of the individual union officers (not always presidents but some officeholder) who is democratically elected by the membership.

To complicate this, individual unions can also make their own endorsements separate from the Central Labor Council. The can, and do, sometimes endorse the opposite candidate from the one endorsed by the CLC.

Labor is not monolithic. Each union votes to endorse the candidate that best serves their interest, just as Chambers of Commerce and other interest groups vote to endorse those whose votes favor their agendas.

And, this is really important, union endorsements in specific industries, such as the maritime industry or the building trades industry, will sometimes mirror the endorsements of industry trade groups. Both union and business group may simply be endorsing a candidate for voting in favor of legislation favorable to the entire industry because it helps to create jobs for union members as well as prosperity for the business owners.


The fan rules on espn.com are quite clear. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=rules/070905

1) GMU has no football team, so I can root for any team in college ball I like; 2) If your spouse attends a university, you can root for said team; 3) if you actually live in the town, can walk to the stadium from your house, you are required to be a fan and host tailgates (sorry no mad dog, but we did have Caol Ila 12 yo to ward off the rain); 4) I'm a huge mason fan- you catch basketball a couple years back?

And I have lost Bubby, so if anyone finds him please let me know.

P.S., because I'm a huge fan of the State of Virginia, I usually also pull for UVA (pride of location, no?) but I do believe I'll revise that stance now.

Donkey Breath

Isn't this the point where we start talking about JMDD's affair, oops I mean marriage to Tom Davis....?? I mean given how sensitive she is about that, surprising that she would mess with Chap's family.

re: Doug 9:20am,

It doesn’t look as if the immigrant community likes it much when they are the victims. I wonder if they are beginning to realize how the rest of society feels being victimized by the many criminals who have streamed across our boarders and laid siege to our population. It is often painful when the shoe is on the other foot.

don't worry...after a few tuesdays from now we'll never hear from Jeanmarie again


Anonymous Coward 11:15-

I would say thats pretty bad appulding the mugging of anyone, but since a Latino guy hate f- your lady friend its okay.


Time for a push poll.

"What kind of politician publishes the home address of HER opponents child for sex offenders to find"

"Would you support a person who encourages sex offenders to seek out candidates kids"

Come on guys - time to play there game?


I heard through the grape vine that Chap is doing a press conference some place.


Yes, Doug, there certainly were a lot of Mason hoops fans that year...doesn't surprise me that you were among them. Lots of Rockies fans this year, too.


I'm just guessing, but you don't have a lot of friends do you pup?

no applause just facts..

and btw.... Seems your Latino friends are too busy killing each other and raping little girls to bother much with any lady friend of mine:

Rodriguez-Barrera found guilty by jury

Rape of girl, 10, investigated (The rapist was only described as a Hispanic male)

these came from a small paper (mjm) in only a couble of days


Do I understand this correctly? Did Chap Petterson call a press conference to whine about receiving (by his own account) two phone calls? Two calls to his number listed in the phone book? Is it correct that he is claiming he had to rush his family to another location and ask for security patrols by the Sheriff because of two phone calls? Wow, what a spectacular display of arrogance. Would someone tell Chap he really isn't that important, that, as much as he would like, they aren't the first family that needs to be rushed to safety if their protective shield is compromised. And would someone also tell him that using your wife and kids to make people feel sorry for you is even more shameless than I would have expected from him (about the most shameless politician I've ever seen).


anon 1:11-
Hey you hear about the Murder in Huntley Medows, must have been latino...oh wait he was a white guy. Actually Latino's legal or illegal dont make up the majority of inmate population, So you want to say anything to that community?

Fred Mittelman

Very Good ben. At least you have the decency that the Republicans do not to shield personal info like addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers from public exposure. Clerk of Court John Frey sells all of Fairfax County's Land and Court records, which contain such information, for $25/month to any one who wants them. He then tells folks it is only a "noisy minority" that is concerned about identity theft. He also says it will cost too much and take to o long to redact ssns from the records - bs - Broward County FLa (which Frey likes so much) did it for $200-300,000 and 2-3 months.


Chap lives in the City. Why are county sheriff's involved?

What you have posted of the mailer doesn't even make sense. How about posting the whole thing?

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