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I met Cory Stewart at a friend's back yard picnic a couple years ago. I spoke with him for almost an hour.

He is dumber than a box of rocks: Almost rock hard stupid although he is personable in a jock sort of way.

What does that say about you that you spoke to him for an hour?

PWC Resident

Why does Corey Stewart always have a nasty smirk on his face and look like he's about to kill someone? This guy is frightening.


As Craig reported, in addition to the Potomac News, the Washignton Post is investigating too.



Greg L. over at BVBL has removed from his list of Paul Ebert's instances of corruption, "Perhaps, murder his wife", which was in his original post. It's doubtful Greg grew a conscience overnight, so someone must have gotten to him. There was also a post about him allegedly losing his job as a result of mental instability. He has taken that down too. In neither case has he posted a note indicating that he edited the entry. The guy has lost it.


Over at Raising Kaine they have a letter from Gary Friedman resigning from the Democratic Party over Paul Ebert appointing a special prosecutor before the election to investigate Corey Stewart's mailer. Does anyone know Friedman? He sounds like a nut job. Ebert is appointing a special prosecutor, which is what he should do, and what it appears he has done in the past. Friedman sounds like he has a man crush on Stewart. How is it that the guy is a Democrat anyway if he works for Stewart. All the crap the Republicans are pulling in P.W. County and this guy is upset because the Commonwealth's Attorney appoints a special prosecutor in response to a complaint. Something smells here.

James Young

Wow! A public official asks for public input on an issue of public importance.

Pandak must truly be an idiot if this is the best you can do.



He did not ask for public comment. The piece clearly took a position on the issue. It was not a mail piece informing people about the meeting, it was clear electioneering.

PWC Native

It appears Greg L. over at BVBL is in trouble. Under a "Ham Sandwich" entry he accused Paul Ebert of murdering his wife, writing, "Perhaps, murder his wife." It was an outrageous smear about a tragic family event. Greg L. has since edited the accusation out of his post without comment, some say at Corey Stewart's request. There is a rumor going around that Greg lost his job because of mental instability, but he refuses to address the issue. Is BVBL falling apart?


If, as Jim Young claims, the piece was intended for informational purposes only, why didn't Corey vet the language with the County Attorney and County Exec's Office to ensure that the language was completely neutral?

The only reason Corey would keep County Staff and the other Board members in the dark is he knew what he was doing was improper and he would be stopped if anyone outside his personal staff found out.

Joel Rutstein

I don't know all the personalities and such, but I think another plausible reason for Stewart's secretive unilateral decision making here is that Stewart may be more interested in promoting himself than actually achieving progress on the issues. The video clips of Stewart that RK and others are doing a great job of publicizing, the Republican quotes in the Post, and even the less than enthusiastic defense of Stewart by BVBL makes me think that Stewart may have decided to test just how receptive the climate would be for him to take the next step in his career, perhaps trying to succeed Tom Davis in VA-11.


"If, as Jim Young claims, the piece was intended for informational purposes only, why didn't Corey vet the language with the County Attorney and County Exec's Office to ensure that the language was completely neutral?"

Yeah, and the mailer might have used correct grammer -- "crack down (v) on illegal immigration," rather than "crackdown (n)."

Cory Stewart

Why is this asshole giving me a bad name???

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