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Good find, Ben. Thank God you're here to share this with your readership contingent from Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.


Does your soul hurt when you beat up on Obama? If not, why not?


Both Hillary and Barack supporters have to accept that they will be on the same team in a few months. They have to stop sliming one another. It's so Republican.

Phil Chroniger

No, d4d, it's primary politics.

Timothy Watson

I guess you won't be posting a note that the site is paid for and ran by Hilliary Clinton for President, eh?


Like Obama, I vote "present."

didn't see any attacks on kindergarten records there, or whether anyone might be a drug dealer.

a message from Wes Clark? Not even his troops would want to hear him anymore.

But not to worry, in the long run, nobody with a name that rhymes with "yo mama" can get the nomination.

H is a shoe in.

Timothy Watson

Wasn't it Wes Clark that said John Kerry had an "intern problem"?


Isn't Wes Clark owned by the Clintons?

Poor Hilary, no longer inevitable. Give it up Ben, she is the past, Obama is the future. She screwed up on Iraq, big time. She, along with Kerry and Edwards, made the craven political calculation on that vote, rather than taking a stand against the madness. Not only a lack of judgment, but a lack of political courage on thier part. And, at least Obama's attacks are on matters of substance. He isn't playing to racial sterotypes -- black people as drug dealers, or silly non-sense like grade school essays. Clinton and her supporters are nothing more than a bunch of hacks who will do anything to be on the winning team.

get a grip, nls


How does it feel to watch that bitch slip behind Obama in every polll?


this is tha same old stuff of the past we do not need in the political arena.


John Edwards is going to win Iowa, check out my blog post from a week or so ago. http://brimur.wordpress.com

Can't get any eyes on your blog, huh? That's a pretty pathetic cry for readership, brimur.


Guess I'm pathetic Mr. Anonymous-Blog-Post-Critic. Ha.

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