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Understood that the anti-development crowd will vote for whomever has the best chance of defeating Gerry but isn't his ability to raise large sums of campaign cash at least as important? Also, NoVA Dems are pragmatic. If they see Gerry winning in November and Leslie struggling, they may vote for the candidate who offers the best chance for a pickup. (Recall Webb v. Miller?)

Not Larry Sabato

First of all, why do you say he can raise large sums of money? For a federal race the money has to come from individuals, not corporations- which Gerry has always struggled with.

Second, NoVA Dems guessing who can win statewide can't be compared with them picking their own Congresswoman.

Third, comparing Leslie to Harris Miller in any way is laughable.

Fourth, anyone who doesn't like out-of-control sprawl and giving away everything including the kitchen sink to developers is part of an "anti-development crowd"? Whatever.

Not Larry Sabato

Nice 1050!


Voting for Leslie is pragmatic and will give the Democrats the best shot at winning the 11th. Count me as a Providence voter who will vote for Leslie.

George Templeton

Any excuse to post the flag shirt is a good one. Kate Hanley come back! Please!!!!!


Actually, I have wondered about this...Gerry may well run across the county, but that would include all those very reliably democratic precincts in the 8th district.

a three way primary will be interesting...


Well, he does have nice legs, apparently.

Loudoun Insider

Once again I have to point out that NLS endorsed this a-hole for re-election.


good points but Gerry does have Braddock district where his vice-chair Sharon Bulova reigns, Springfield dist who are more conservative and may not favor the more liberal byrne as well as Mount Vernon...Oh wait Mount Vernon doesn't turn out anyway...
Also Leslie is hurt by the fact that it will be Presidential Election and more people will turn out that are drawn to GC's name recognition. Anyway should be a fun race to watch

If Leslie is so strong why does she have Ben on here four times a week regurgitating these same tired lines against Gerry.

Maybe if she was doing something worth writing about you could do something other then attack.


Voted 4 Charlie

I thought the gentleman at the smart growth meeting (I was there, too) said that "If you vote for Gerry Connolly, then you are definitely going to go to Hell."

I object to anyone referring to people who want smart growth as being anti-development. Charlie Hall was never anti-development. He is an extremely practical man.

Not Larry Sabato

You might be right about that, I didn't write his quote down.

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