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Marion Scary

Bitch set me up

Nice rack. 7 cum 11, baby.

The Stiff

Can SHE be on the dating portion of this site.

Hubba, hubba, hubba....


Gonna git me some o dat...

Dem white bitch be da bomb!


tag team bro

Uncle Fred

damn, boy!

Toni Romo

I is goona kick jo ass Tyrone

Ben, nice new years treat. Thanks.

George Templeton

Hail to the Redskins and a playoff trip to the Seahags to celebrate in the New Year. Happy New Year everyone!


great package!!

Man do I hate the Redskins. Should be good to see them lose to Seattle in the playoffs again....if they make it, that is.


Anon 9:38: Where do we find you so we can tar, feather and scalp you after the game?


Be sure to check out RuinRomo.com

Anon 9:38

Miami :)

If you're attention span is tantamount to that of most 'skins fans I know, you'll forget about the game and quit watching come halftime.

Anon 9:38

And also- Jason Campbell couldn't carry Tony Romo's jockstrap.

Google results for NLS:

Not Larry Sabato - 9 visits - Nov 21
The official transition office of Congresswoman-Elect Leslie Byrne.
notlarrysabato.typepad.com/ - 73k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Accuracy Rating Takes a Historic Hit

Congratulations to Ben for his dead-on football prognostication skills.

You should change your name to Not Mel Kiper.

New England Patriots predicted record according to Ben: 9-7.

Actual New England Patriots record:

Ben's accuracy rating on this one: 56.25%

Transistion office to leslie LOOSING again!


I don't particularly like Leslie, so I thought you needed to hear this from me as opposed to a Byrne supporter:

You're not clever. You're not witty. Nobody laughed when they read your comment, and it's not because your "joke" went over our heads, it's simply because it was non-sensical and stupid. It maybe have been the most non-sensical and stupid thing ever posted on a blog, in fact, so congratulations on that score. I did not think the bar could be lowered any further, yet I have been proven wrong.

And because I don't actually even like Leslie, you know that comes from the bottom of my heart.


Congratulations Redskins! Beat the Chickenhawks; then the Dallas Choking Dogs!

George Templeton

dems4dems Hail! And just think one more win and the Redskins get another shot at the Convict Cokesniffers!


I had no idea that Barrack Obama made the playoffs.

And to think he's in the same bracket as the Skins.

Timothy Watson

Dave Albo sticks again (he's like a bad penny):


Will someone please break whatever this guy uses to submit bills (computer, printer, modem, etc.)?

Timothy Watson, what's your beef with HB161?

Spirit of Tom Downing

Romo-Simpson reminds me of the Seinfeld episode (The Rye - Season 7) with Elaine and the saxophone player, and with similar results.

ELAINE: No. No. Don't be silly, John, you were very good. You just don't have to try so hard. Good luck, honey.

MANAGER: Ladies and gentlemen, John Germaine.


(John attempts to play saxophone, discovering that no sound is being created by the instrument)


On HB 161. It looks like Albo realized that if you call the abusive driver fees "civil penalties" there's a right to a jury trial in an enforcement action to get the fees. http://books.google.com/books?id=y1y8r3kqHbYC&pg=PA111&lpg=PA111&dq=civil+penalties+jury&source=web&ots=37W1mhHdID&sig=8xm9rsg8cqIg9cCux2sqGSABOr4 Gee, they should have thought of that before. However, I don't think just calling them "liquidated damages" as if this was some sort of contract action is going to do the trick. It's clear these are fines for violating a criminal statute.

Anyone out there familiar with the current interpretation of civil penalties law? I'm retired and have no access to Westlaw.

George Templeton

Now t, that is not a very nice thing to say about the man who might do us all a favor and defeat Hillary!

Redskins fans are hilarious. They beat a cowboys team that yanked their big players- Romo, Barber, didn't have TO, Crayton, Witten, Ware, most of the secondary and o-line- and you had all of your big names in the entire time. Congrats! Good luck getting ran over by Alexander and Co. in Seattle.


I'm surprised to see an "enlightened" Democrat who criticized a campaign staffer for going to Hooters using an image like this to top his web page.

Interested Observer

Nice, tasteful way to end the year. Your "sensitivity" is certainly showing...

Timothy Watson

Has Albo "liquidated" the Warsaw ghetto yet?

So, was man-face in the stands for yesterday's game? She must have been there, considering how badly Romo sucked.

George Templeton

Anon 10:49 a.m., you must not of paid attention but most of those players played into the third quarter and the Cowboys still got worked.
As for the Seahawks, I am not sure you noticed but Alexander doesn't run over anyone anymore. He is a shot RB. I am morried worried about Maurice Morris than Alexander. The Seahawks are there for the taking.

Why is Romo red? Is he a Republican?

Interested Observer

If this is an "official" Leslie Byrne site, then I guess we'll be seeing it in the next FEC report, right?

Does Leslie like you New Year's posting? Since, after all, this is her official transition site....

Timothy Watson

@Interested Observer

Have you ever heard of something called a "joke"? (Both to the "transition office" subtitle and the Jessica Simpson picture)

The "transition office" subtitle has been there for several weeks so you're really on the ball there.

And you can see more provocative images on network television, so grow up.

Not Lil' Johnny Howard


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