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Joel Rutstein

RK is all over Dominion's badness. You should do what you do best and start naming good progressives to vie for our Delegate's seat. Of course, I'd welcome our Delegate demonstrating more progressive positions with his votes and public statements, too.

Marsden must think the D next to his name on the ballot stands for Dominion...


Am I missing something? I don't see Marsden's name on either list? Did you just have a hankering for putting his name and face on your web site.

Not Larry Sabato

He's up for his testimony on behalf of Dominion before the SCC despite the fact that the issue was outside his district and was otherwise unexplainable why he would be so engaged in the issue.

There's only one person who could win a primary against our friend from Burke, and Ben is too much of a pussy to do it.

Fairfax Indy

Not that I think this big power line project is a great idea, but I imagine Marsden will tell you that he doesn't want brownouts in his district because not enough power can be delivered.

The whole point of Dominion wanting to put in the powerlines is because they don't have the infrastructure to support the region's demands. Now, they can invest in underground instead of above ground wiring and it won't trash the environment and won't go down in a storm.....


Marsden's constituents need to start putting pressure on him for things like this. Of course, I have Dave Albo, so I'm in the 42nd going completely insane over MY delegate. But come on, Marsden is supposed to be a Democrat now--and representing our values at that. Maybe if he hears from enough voters he will get the message...those of you in the 41st, speak up!


Fairfax Indy, the typical house in Virginia uses 150-200% of the power it needs to. Why? Dominion's profit is based on how much power it can sell you. Why should it help you conserve energy? And why should Dominion do anything but try to build a giant new transmission line so it can keep selling you twice as much power as you need? It's our legislators that need to stand up and demand our tax dollars (and electricity) be used efficiently.

Dominion has incredible influence in both political parties. Look at who Dominion has hired and what politicians they have worked for in the past.


Let's take a pause in this feeding frenzy and get Dave's take on this.


The committee isn't "green" enough?

To hell with green or brown, it looks to me to be a panel made up of experts across a wide range of fields including energy production, energy use, public policy, and conservation.


The same NIMBY whiners who bitch about new power lines are the first ones to complain about Dominion when the power goes out.

We live in an affluent society, and the people demand energy. Dominion does a very good job of delivering it.

"Fairfax Indy, the typical house in Virginia uses 150-200% of the power it needs "

This has got to be about the stupidest statement that I have read in a long time.

Thanks for the laughs.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Wow, so much misinformation in comments.

Actually, the new Dominion lines are intended to hook up new generation sites west of us to a corridor of transmission capacity up the east coast into PA, NJ, NY, CT, etc. They are actually the ones who need the power--NoVA, for all its growth and demand, is NOT what's driving this profit-minded effort for a new line.

Second, the idea that it is laughable that we should want to conserve energy especially when usage is easily preventable, cost-efficient, and beneficial to keeping demand in-check, is plain IGNORANT.

I suppose a war every 3-4 years to ensure uninterrupted supply, but unnecessarily large consumption patterns, is preferrable to conservation, peace, and building goodwill in the world again for America?

would you be so kind as to tell us ignorant folks, how much energy we "need".

While you are at it tell us how big a house we "need", how big a car we "need" and how much food we "need" to eat.

Then please compare those "needs" to your actual situation and let us know if there is any hypocracy.

Honesty check....
I would say anything more than a two room (total) house and a bicycle (or moped) and you are using more than you "need"..

I await your response...

careful of the subject changes and name calling that I know you will want to begin.. stay on subject

Has anyone considered the impact on the environment with a bill that raises the requirement for state or local authority to submit an environmental impact report. from one hundred thousand dollars to one million dollars.

A ten fold decrease?


Virginia is last in the country in spending on energy efficiency and conservation. The windows in the typical Virginia house let out more energy than they should, the appliances suck up more energy than they need, and the incandescent light bulbs burn ten times the energy a compact fluorescent would. THAT'S how a Virginia house uses 150%-200% of the energy it actually needs. It has nothing to do with usage. But if you want to prove how conservative you are by paying double on your energy bill, be my guest.

Also, I love when anonymous commenters know they're making such inane statements they say "no name calling" in advance. They know they're idiots who won't put their name to their opinions, but are asking us to please not point it out.

ahh yes the typical liberal namecalling and changing the subject when they can not or will not answer a question.

All that wasted energy in keystrokes and not one answer to any question that was asked.

maybe you didn't understand.. try reading it again slowly and see if you can get it (you must be a product of public educaiton).

If you don't get it by reading more slowly,.... its..... ok.....I....understand......your.....limited.......capacity .... for.....thought. It is obvious in your writing.

oh, and so you will be more informed, like it makes a difference in your insane world, it's

(tell you any more than you knew before?) sheeze you guys are so transparent.

and btw green, obviously you don't live in a hut with no electricity... care to tell us how much more energy you use than you "need"....



To NLS...

You refer in your post above to "Tim Kaine's environmental commission" -- apparently regarding Executive Order 59, establishing the Governor's Commission of Climate Change -- and complain that it "does not look green enough" to you.

It also appears that almost none of the comments above have anything to do with the merits of such a Commission, the stated goals of said Commission, and the qualifications, or lack thereof, of the 32 people appointed by the Governor to the Commission.

As noted by Bacon's Rebellion over a week ago, there are but two scientists on this panel, neither of whom have any training in climatology or meteorology.

As someone who has a background in both of these, with both an undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences from Mr. Jefferson's University, as well as a pretty good grounding in the minutia of Virginia's climatological records (including my own continuous weather observations and research at the National Climatic Data Center), I feel like I have some basis for making a comment regarding this topic.

As I stated on this topic to members of my little e-mail list a week ago:

"You'd think this guy [Tim Kaine] would at least have enough political sense to pretend this was a scientific inquiry and appoint people who have some knowledge of climatology (e.g., Pat Michaels, Jerry Stenger, or Bruce Hayden, just to name a few current and former state climatologists.) And might it not be helpful to first determine if there, in fact, is actually a problem and then have some scientific basis for your goal, rather than just creating an arbitrary goal that may or may not result in anything of substance?"

If anything, this Commission is too full of greenies with little or no scientific education, as well as a pile of bureaucrats, foremost among them members of the General Assembly who haven't even been sworn in yet!

If the Governor is actually trying to make a serious effort at learning about and dealing with a perceived problem, rather than throwing red meat at his liberal, greenie base, you'd wish there was someone on this Commission who even had the slightest experience with real climatological studies.


Greenmiles - fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

IOW, you should try to make your points without making shit up. It makes you look like a real dumbass.

don't look now but there is a call for snow in Daytona Beach Fla. and most of the rest of the USA, some record snowfall in the midwest and northeast..

must be that wretched global warming.... lol

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