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My biggest fear is that I get on here and start internet running game on a girl, and it ends up being Eve Barner.


Hey, NLS is what got me and Dan together...it could work :)

Wait...this is not a dating site already?

"a friend of your"....right

Are you out of your mind? How can you think others will take you seriously with helping Leslie on this blog when you are also running a dating service?

Focus. Get back to the Primaries and ensuring we get a Democrat elected to the 11th CD and the Presidency.

And delete this diary. Meathead.

Not Larry Sabato

No seriously it wasn't me, but if I was talking to someone on a dating site and they said their favorite blog was NLS I would be hooked for sure!!!


I would be dissapointed if that became the sole purpose of this site.

I love it too much to see it cheapened by match making. Unless of course you put candidate and constituent together for a long and fruitful relationship.

Excellent- I wouldn't use it but it would be spectacular entertainment.


This has real potential.

A Voter

Well, it might not ever become an effective dating site, but I'm sure it would create stories that wouldn't soon be forgotten.

"Anon. is a Woman" and/or "ZB" (you're a woman, right?)... would you like me to pick you up around 8pm?

Alex P. Keaton

I am sure Ben and Doug in Mt Vernon will be very happy together.

This is a fantastic idea! I even have a name for your service. You can all it


Maybe you could finally touch a boob Ben.

Not Larry Craig

Maybe NLS is the place for hook-ups. After all that bathroom dating thing did not work out so well...

the poster formerly known as 147.

This is the most unexpected post in the history of the Virginia blogosphere.


This is so awesome and so stupid at the same time! Hey, I'm married, but I'd use it as a dating site! Maybe Bill Clinton would use it! More exclamation points!

Timothy Watson

Maybe you can find someone else for Tom Davis to have an affair with...

Not Larry Sabato

Timothy- that was comment #18- I thought it would come quicker than that. Congrats.


Isn't there a Dem dating site already?

Could you please explain more how the system would work?

Forget it, Ben. I don't wanna get matched up with George Burke!

Phil Chroniger

Anon 4:33...calm down, Ben is just having some fun.


Yup, there are several Dem Dating sites on a quick search. NLS, what would you have that would make your service unique?

Not Larry Sabato

I'm thinking it would be like the old TV show Love Connection except I would pick instead of the audience.

I'm open to other ideas.

Is this an acknowledgment that NLS is actually a complex personal ad symbolizing BTs obsession / preoccupation/ infatuation / complex / attraction / crush / fascination, and or fetish towards pantsuits and those who wear them, such as Leslie and Hillary?

How will the opposition- Larry / Bill, counter this?

PS… the Hillary nutcracker isn’t designed for use on yourself

Jonathan Mark

Why only singles?

Kate Needs a Date


You could try matching Tucker Watkins with Kate Griffin. Geesh, on second thought forget it. That's kinda like matching Cliff Claven (the mailman on Cheers) with Angelica Houston.


I don't want to see anouther fag dating sevice


t would love to meet a 5'5'' brunette Christian.

A blond or a redhead would be o.k., too.

t, I actually immediately thought of someone who would fit the bill, except she's Baptist, pro-life, pro-gun, goes to church three times a week...and is a Democrat. Which is too bad for you because not only is she incredibly interesting, she's really cute. She was my date to Governor Kaine's inaugural ball, and take my word for it, she fills out an evening gown rather nicely.

She loves Kaine by the way, and has since he was the mayor of Richmond, it's sort of a consequence of them both having been missionaries. You really should try voting Democrat, t, you meet the most interesting elligible female Christians at the Democratic formal events.


"I'm thinking it would be like the old TV show Love Connection except I would pick instead of the audience."

Hah, I loved that show!

Ummm I mean my parents loved that show...yeah that's it.


Maybe Kaine isn't that bad after all...

What's her number?


I guess it wouldn't hurt t to vote Democrat....

Just this once

who says "fills out an evening gown?" How old are you?

Twenty nine. I'm pretty sure my vocabulary is a consequence of reading too many books and not watching nearly as much television as other people. On the bright side it's not like I feel to urge to elaborate by saying "she's got legs that go all the way up, and you should see the gams on this broad."

t: sorry charlie, there is no going democrat with my friend "just this once." She's saving herself for marriage and is consequently not looking for anyone who is interested in a one-time thing.


She sounds like the perfect wife...

How can I meet her?

Timothy Watson

I definitely agree with t here.


Hello guys. Just want to tell you - never ever use " rodeway inn" those guys are cheaters- they overcharge you as much as thay can, and you
even can not get your money back.
So be careful!


“When you get home and encounter a war protester, walk up to him and shake his hand. Then look at his girl friend and wink at her because she knows she’s dating a pussy.”

~ General Tommy Franks

Women who want to date pussies for a little while could probably do a lot worse than NLS. This place is full of 'em.

I. Publius--that hilarious, I do the same thing to Republicans whose contribution to the war effort is a retarded magnetic yellow-ribbon bumpersticker. Thank goodness we've found something to bring us together.


Good afternoon. I the first time at a forum. Very much at you it was
pleasant to me.

I'll give you something to fill out a dress.


Why, I.Publius is a notorious war hero!

Just ask him.

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