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Joel Rutstein

If Connolly waits to announce his bid for VA-11 until after Davis announces his retirement, I think it would be completely fair for Byrne to argue that a vote for Connolly is a vote not only for the status quo, but also a vote for the closest candidate to Davis, because the GOP candidates undoubtedly will either be to Davis' right or will want to claim to be a moderate but won't have whatever effective-enough seeming image Davis has used over the years to bamboozle the press and the voters.

I'd be more impressed if Davis does run for re-election and Connolly decides to challenge him. Otherwise, I still don't see what advantages Connolly has over Byrne.

Ben, you forgot to mention that leslie's ally and proxy, ken longmyer, dominated in mason in the 2006 primary for the 11th district. One can only expect that lesile will do better than ken in the remainder of the district.


So what you're really saying is that you took out two precincts that voted heavily for someone OTHER than Leslie, because you wanted the numbers to tell a lie.

Good grief you're a fool.

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