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except that he is right

Obama is desperate. Hill and Bill are moving quick and Oprah ain't saving him!


Why the hell should this guy be fired immediately? For expressing an opinion? An opinion about the most crucial issue that has been facing us for these past five years?

The plain fact is that the President's military adventure in Iraq could have been stopped. It was the greatest strategic blunder I have seen a president make in my lifetime (and I'm an old fart). It has cost us dearly in lives, money, national prestige and credibility. It has limited our ability to respond effectively to genuine threats and done grave damage to our armed forces.

We can't deny the fact that the spinelessness of many of our Democratic elected officials enabled the President to take us down this road that has done so much damage to our country. If they had chosen to dig their heels in back in 2002, they could have stopped this madness from happening and protected this country from Bush's radical and ill conceived actions.

I know you are a supporter of Senator Clinton, but raising the issue of her support for the war is hardly beyond the pale. And that failure to oppose the war when it could have made a difference speaks to both her judgement and her leadership. Considerations that voters can and should weigh when choosing a president.


That's a fine comment, Dan.

(I'm an Edwards supporter, myself...but I will back whoever the Democratic nominee turns out to be.)

Apparently the criteria for firing invoked here is that one cannot in a single instant be all three of the following:

1. Criticizing Hillary Clinton.
2. Absolutely correct.
3. On the record.

The Obama campaign is off key, and about to come off its foundation:

Just read the last passage of the morning's WaPost:


Obama predicted that the climate will get ugly in the days ahead, starting with a television ad scheduled to begin airing in Iowa on Friday attacking Obama's health-care plan, paid for by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, a Clinton labor ally.

"In seven days, what was improbable has the chance to beat what Washington said was inevitable," Obama said. "And that's why in these last weeks, Washington is fighting back with everything it has -- with attack ads and insults; with distractions and dishonesty; with millions of dollars from outside groups and undisclosed donors to try and block our path."

Barrack refers to unarguably the most out-of-the beltway labor group? BHO and Don B. were on their hands and knees crawling for this labor organization's support, only to find out that their campaign's education, health care, and pension platforms were loaded with presumptions and speculations, and evidence of novice inexperience.

Now Barrack attacks this group? He is going for broke, isn't he...

Here is another report of the story, with video footage of Axelrod trying to carelessly score some political points.


This is Barrack's senior strategist?

Also, read at the end of the report on Barrack's call for the media to not score short-term political points! Geesh.

Hilary Clinton is a typical inside the Beltway Democrat -- afraid to lose an election, rather than willing to fight to win one. That is why she supported the war in Iraq in 2002, because she wants to look tough. On the other hand, Obama opposed the war, even though it was popular, because he knew it was a dumb idea. Seems to me there are some problems with her judgment, which, in all honest Ben, you ought to acknowledge. Well, in about three weeks, the Clinton campaign will be over, and Obama will be cruising to the nomination, so get ready to make the transition.



Like you, I will support the eventual nominee of the Democratic Party. And my criticism of Democratic elected officials was more general and not specific to Clinton.

I am still sick about the 2004 campaign. The country desperately needed a serious debate about Iraq and we spent the entire campaign talking about Viet Nam. My greatest fear about a Clinton nomination is that we will once again be talking about the past. The Republicans are so anxious for her to be the nominee you can smell it. She gives them the perfect opportunity to avoid talking about all the things they don't want us talking about and which they can't defend.

We'll be talking about Whitewater and Monica and every damn thing except the future of America.

Wouldn't you save a lot of time and posts if you just called for all non-Clinton supporters to be shot at dawn?


This is a classic example of the media making the news...The FULL context of this story is that Clinton campaign staff were touting their candidate and saying that her meeting with Butto as First Lady in 1995 and subsequently since then gave her more experience in Pakistani affairs. The media then asked Axelrod about his reaction to that comment by Hillary's staff...the rest is history -- the media is still talking about how David Axelrod dissed Hillary. MADE UP NEWS BY THE MEDIA!

This is a non-story. Voters want and need to hear about what candidates will do on issues not this nonsense made up by the media to create headlines.


The trend continues

Judging from the comments and my own analysis over the last month this basically seals the deal

Obama and Hillary will continue to rip each other a new one while continuing to rely too much on first time caucus goers

Edwards will win in Iowa


I couldn't have said it better than Dan and Terry. This tragedy brings to light the importance that our president be, first, a visionary and, next, a leader, not a follower. Obama lacks Hillary's broad experience but he seems to have a clearer vision and is less of a pander bear.

Meanwhile, isn't it wonderful to watch the Republicans chop themselves into little pieces? What do y'all think of Bob Nofacts annointing McCain as the likely nominee?

uh, you do know that Hillary's campaign did the same thing, don't you?

You're stoned.

Ben is definitely smoking dope. Where the freak is bin laden? Why hasn't he been caught and al qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan completely destroyed? Because of the idiocy of invading Iraq. She does bear some small bit of blame for that.

Should the FEC require NLS to file documentation now that he is officially an arm of a political campaign?

Master of Group B

I enjoy watching the other side of the isle fight every once in a while. It pleases me.

Master of Group B

Yes, but it needs to be taken up a notch.

I think I will post a comment on here every once in a while that will really flame the anger of Liberals.


* Obama is pro-capitalism!
* Hilary met Sean Hannity once, and didn't say one mean thing about Fox News. She's such a wimp!
* Obama only believes in following the dictates of two Micheal Moore movies. He's SO out of touch!
* Hilary voted to protect our country, before she regretted it. She's practically a republican!

Anon 11:24am,

There is a sharp contrast between what Axelrod said and what Bayh said.

Axelrod did not infer but DIRECTLY state that Hillary's behavior was a factor in an assasination. Absurd.

Bayh reminded us of the GOP's/Wingnut time-tested strategy to play Democrats as weak on national and international security. Bayh spoke positively of Hillary's ability to fight those kind of attacks while not singling out ANY other Dem candidate.

There's a simple solution to all this Hillary-Obama mess:

Vote Joe Biden, a man with REAL experience dealing with Pakistan.

Doug in Mount Vernon

So, I'll take this to mean that you've finally recognized the invincibility and inevitability of President Obama?


The whole world spun upside down. Now it wasn't even an assassination but a bump on the head from the sunroof. No bullets, no schrapnel. Looks like the Americans are being taken for a ride again and all the politicians are being sucked in.


Did you see the hatchet job on Joe Lieberman at Think Progress? http://thinkprogress.org/2007/12/28/liebermans-silent-oversight/ Lieberman (unlike Henry Waxman) has done nothing to investigate Bush Administration malfeasance. Oh, Obama is on that committee. But then he's said of Joe that "nobody does it better." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIlVZpfaV-M Not that Obama is all that into his day job -- he missed the vote on Kyl-Lieberman, and he has missed 80% of the votes since September. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bti8bJq0m7A


Such twisted, tortured logic! I think this guy has a future with Fox News.


Such twisted, tortured logic! I think this guy has a future with Fox News.


Axelrod was responding to a question about how Hillary's campaign was claiming that Bhutto's death proved that we need a president with "experience".

It's funny how these kind of contextual details seem to get left out on this blog. It's called journalism and this website isn't it.

Master of Group B

Tatum, thank you for validating my comment above!

For the love of all stupidty, Masterbater of Group B, no one is commenting on your assinine comments. Mom's calling, better zip and go see what she needs.


Damn, Tribbett - you sure look like a dumb s.o.b. every time you whore yourself for Hitlery.


Obama Was Right....Hillary Wrong Re: PAKISTAN
By: Greg Jones

With the terrible announcement of Benazir Bhutto's assassination in Pakistan, one can't help but be reminded of a recent Democratic debate in which Hillary Clinton literally laughed at Barack Obama's statement that the United States should concentrate on the unrest in Pakistan even if it meant sending U.S. troops to the Afghan/Pakistan border where the Taliban, Al-queda and other terrorists are camped. Hillary did her pompous, smirky laugh stating that Obama wants to 'talk to our enemies (Iran) and attack our allies' (Pakistan border). But as events unfold in the region we are learning more and more of just how disasterously wrong she and our foreign policy have been. We are supporting a crazy dictator (Musharaf) who we have given millions of dollars to....who has point blank told us that he will not go to the Pakistan border to address the true terrorists because they 'made a deal'. It doesn't matter that crazy Mu has weapons of mass destruction and is probably hiding Bin Laden in the border region. And to Hillary.....this is all just fine. Is this the great 'experience' that she boasts having ? Now, as we watch the turmoil increase in the Pakistan region Hillary will surely state that we need her 'experience' to handle the situation when in fact, it is this very mindset or experience that is leading America and the entire world toward catastrophe. Face it Hillary.....You are wrong...Obama was right. Oh.....and need I mention that the recent findings show that our 'enemy' hasn't had a weapons program for years ? But Hillary voted to basically crush Iran........wrong again Hill. And to top things off....you'll probably stay supportive of Crazy Mu along with the other Bushites and regime controlled media 'experts' ! With 'experience' like yours.....who needs enemies ?

NOTE: CNN's Wolf Blitzer just released an email to be read in the event of Bhutto's death. She names Musharraf as responsible. ANYONE (politicians, media, etc.) who is still supportive of Musharraf is dangerous for America and should be investigated. Also, be prepared for the standard 'fear' tactics to kick-in.

Greg Jones
Visit: www.Blacks4Barack.homestead.com

Master of Group B

Anon 909,

Despite your crude attempt at humor, clearly Tatum agrees with the comment!

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