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South of the River

One sec Ben...I was there and these harmless kids, as you refer to them, actually booed the representative for Duncan Hunter when he declared we need to win the war in Iraq! Apparently they are publicly advocating that we should lose the war. They shouted and interrupted practically every speaker, and behaved in a truly disrespectful fashion. I'm all for people participating in the political process, but not in the manner the Ron Paul supporters behaved.

Also they were pretty vocal about the fact that they weren't Republicans, so what exactly entitles them to help decide who the Republican nominee will be?

Not Larry Sabato

Let me address your second point first. There were rules set by RPV. They could have said anyone who signs a form saying they were a Republican could vote. Instead they said pay $35 and you can vote. Hell, I could have voted if I wanted to. That's their rules, and the Ron Paul people played by them.

As far as booing the other speakers- having your friends come home dead or disabled can be an emotional issue. Cut them some slack.



The Danville Register and Bee ran the AP story about this if I remember correctly.

In the story, Tucker Watkins is quoted to the effect of, "You need to look at who won second place to get a feel of who the Virginia Republican Party supports." It's not an exact quote, but pretty close.

I was fairly shocked that a spokesman for the Party basically says to a reporter in much more diplomatic language, "We don't really care about the candidate who won our straw poll or his supporters." It's as if those Paul supporters don't matter when you say look to 2nd place for the real winner.

I find that a highly dangerous line for the GOP to take. I can't understand why you want to discount a group of voters who cared enough to show up at your event and pay thirty-five dollars to participate. Seems like I'd be appreciative and welcoming rather than dismissive.

I'll grant that Mr. Watkins could have been misquoted or taken out of context by the reporter, but it seemed to be a very cold statement to make about potential voters.

If Tucker Watkins statement is true, it sounds sort of arrogant and snobbish. I read that Paul has raised more money from members of the military than any other candidates -- that's pretty telling.

Off topic -- is there a way to search topics/people on this site? I don't see a "search" but wanted to ask just in case. Thanks!

Dan Lyons


My name is Dan Lyons, from Hampton, 25, college graduate and professional designer. I was there for the straw poll, and the idea that most of us were college kids is actually not true. I was the youngest of the bunch I was with, and while there were many young people, Ron Paul got 182 votes out of 479. I would say there was a much greater age range amonst us
than that of other supporters. Smelled bad? Last I checked, most people resort to ad hominem when they're out of rational points. I did bathe that morning, myself. I do recall having to shush a good many Romney and Thompson supporters, holding up a written note at times, you'd expect more class from the 'old guard'.

I do agree that the guy from the Washington Post is wrong for discouraging young voters from participating, like anyone cares what he says. What the Republican Party must understand is that Ron Paul's supporters are the future, the Libertarian, constitutionalist, classical conservatives, and that they'd better support Ron Paul and his values. The values that the Republican Party claims to support and doesn't anymore, Save for Ron Paul and a select few others. When Socialists and Neocons go to sleep at night, they check their closets for Ron Paul first. We're sick of the party of limited government not limiting it; the party of low taxes taxing us to death through insidious inflation; the party of individual rights shrinking towards corporatist collectivism. It's our party, our country, and we're taking it back.

-Dan Lyons

Spank That Donkey

Get for Real...
Libertarians should know a thing or two about Freedom and how it is won and maintained...

By the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants alike...

Their only excuse for not knowing this principle is that they were educated in Liberal Public school systems followed up with a dose of Liberal College professors...

For goodness sakes these people wouldn't have had the guts to kick the Taliban out of Afghanistan...

I admire their political involvement, but get for real.... They might want to brush up on history and current events....

btw... Many struck me as anarchists.... and this was their only ticket into the show...


Well butter my biscuit and call it breakfast Mr. Lyons, its morning in America! You boys clean up the GOP and get that Party to the table!

Va Blogger

I think its a bit presumptive to say that all Ron Paul supporters know someone who has died in Iraq. You don't have to know someone who died to be fired up about the war.

When I go to bed at night, I check my closet for Ron Paul, too. He's batsh*t crazy and no telling where he's hiding!

I also check my closet for any members of his crazy internet army.


Ben, not sure if you also attended the seminars that day or not, but one thing that stuck out in every seminar I attended at the Advance was that the speakers kept repeating "we need to get more young people in the GOP."

And here comes Ron Paul, with a massive following of young people, all suddenly exposed to GOP speakers and politics, all donating at least $35 to the GOP, and all cheering for a GOP candidate.

But all of the "old guard" activists I spoke to had nothing but contempt for Paul and his activists -- even some of the speakers who had just hours ago advocated for more young people to get involved.

It was very confusing, and did not at all feel like a "big tent." Are the Democrats more welcoming?


Doesn't surprise me that they would be unwelcoming to these young folks. Don't y'all know that GOP stands for Group of Old People?


I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this whole fiasco, I love Ron Paul gaining some ground, and I love the most the fact that Ron Paul is more popular than freakshows like Duncan Hunter. AND VIRGINIA REPUBLICANS CANNOT HANDLE IT.


You're just upset because everyone talks about WashPost blog, not yours.


You're just upset because everyone talks about WashPost blog, not yours.


See, "Ruff" said it twice, and it still ain't true. If only we had figured that out with the Iraq = WMD chant, we would be saving the taxpayers $200 million a day!

Ruff is a gay guy who lives in Washington D.C.

Tim, are you sending your fist shaped dildo allies to defend you?

Loudoun Insider

After the Advance, I'm sick to death of both parties. Ron Paul seems to be the only guy from either side who really cares more about the people than his own political fortunes and those of his chosen good old boy party.

Phil Chroniger

Actually, Ron Paul has said he would've had no problem with either Afghanistan or Iraq if we had gone to war Constitutionally...that seems to be his bigger issue with the war, and I can see the logic in that (even though we haven't engaged in a constitutionally-approved war since WWII). I don't believe that is a good enough reason to just pack up and leave, but I do understand the logic behind it.

I do go along with the whole "check the 2nd place winner for the real pulse of Virginia Republicans" because Ron Paul supporters have made it their point to attend straw polls in their state en masse (that they normally wouldn't have attended), and tip the results in their favor...simply to push their candidate's name and agenda into the limelight a little more.

While it makes for an inexpensive way for a 2nd tier candidate to campaign, it also skews things slightly. Alas, that is primary politics, I guess.

William Jackson

Having attended the Advance, I was suprised by the number of adult Ron Paul supporters there. Granted they were a bit rude during the speeches.

When my wife and I were walking to dinner after the straw poll we ran into a Paul supporter in the intersection holding up a Ron Paul sign. My wife asked how long they had him out there, and he responded that he was meeting his wife, and had some extra time and was there on his own accord. It was the only political sign we saw outside of the hotel.


This all reminds me of Barry Goldwater's sputtering fury when Nixon opened up the GOP to Strom Thurmond and his bunch of southern racists in 1968. And Republicans forget that their dear Ronald Reagan was the guy that rode CPAC'ers like Ron Paul to the Whitehouse - against the counsel of moderates like Jerry Ford.

South of the River

Scuse me Ben, but there are plenty of people who have been affected by the war that don't boo a Marine veteran when he's talking. My brother recently finished his duty in the Marine Corps (including a tour in Iraq) and I understand the sacrifice made. I can guarantee you that not all of those people (probably not even half of them) know someone who was killed in Iraq.

Also, as I said before, the Ron Paul supporters on the whole do not claim to be Republicans, so why would the party want to incorporate them? I've had two encounters with Paul supporters, and both times they made very clear to me that they were not Republicans. Supporting whoever you choose is fine, but not for the nomination of a party you don't even agree with.

And the comments about Ron Paul gaining ground are HILARIOUS. Its very easy to win when you stack a room.



I think the core of the issue is -- what exactly is a Republican? If it is someone who believes this: http://www.vagop.com/contents/resources/creed.shtml

... then I think there is plenty of room in the VA GOP for fans of Ron Paul.

Rtwng Extrmst

" If Gilmore wants to stand up on stage in a ritzy hotel and lecture a room full of these guys about why they shouldn't care their friends are coming home dead"

That my friends is one of the most uncaring and uninformed comments I have ever seen! Who on earth in their right mind would say Gilmore believes that?!

It's that kind of statement about the war that infuriates me and makes me realize how most Democrats have no clue about the real importance of what this war is about and the importance of the sacrifice our wounded and fallen in battle have given. You demean their service by making such a comment Ben.

Spank That Donkey

Phil says:
"Actually, Ron Paul has said he would've had no problem with either Afghanistan or Iraq if we had gone to war Constitutionally...that seems to be his bigger issue with the war,"

Last time I checked even Hillary voted to invade Iraq... Ron Paul is irresponsible in this sense. I mean voting to bomb the living crap out, of and insert 100,000 plus troops into another nation is not an act of War?

There is no point to be made here, except splitting of hairs over words... it's the deeds...

and Ron Paul sounds like he would choose the Clinton tactic of lob a couple cruise missiles, thump his chest, and have tea with the french...

Dan Lyons

Ah, out of rational arguments again. Remember, kids, we don't win debates by going ad hominem!

Face it, the only reason we ever attacked Iraq was because Saddam nationalized the oil fields. That, and if you are going to invade you A) follow the law, as we are a nation of laws and not of men, and get a constitutional declaration and B) don't use blitzkrieg tactics for an occupation (duh). Oh, didn't Bush swear that there would be no nation building under his administration? Can the socialists and statists please acknowledge that, at the very least, that the only thing here that's "batsh*t crazy" (tip of the hat to the anonymous one, you brave soul you) is our monetary policy? I don' have any friends that have died in Iraq, I do have a few, who, in the words of Patton, 'stayed alive and let the other SOB die for his country'? Did not Lincoln say that what made this nation great was that one man did not possess the power to send us to war? Why did we give that up? Anarchists? No, Anarchism is still collectivism, as is corporatism, as is fascism. Giving into collectivism is what was irresponsible. A return to constitutional government and the rule of law, and an abandonment of fiat currency is all I want. Regurgitate nonsensical authoritarian talking point all day long, but money talks and BS walks. The money says the dollar's worth 0.48 pounds sterling.

Adult for Ron Paul

I will vouch for the fellow Ron Supporters who I met up with at the Advance. They were all out of college by more than a few years. I am 30 myself, while not exactly "old"...I'm no spring chicken either and have been out of college for almost 9 years now. I assure you that I bathed but then again I am a woman and we tend to smell better than men anyhow.

Anywho, I have spent the last 11 months networking with other Ron Paul supporters and the majority of them (including those who attended the advance) are either Republicans or former Republicans. Yes there are definitely some former democrats and independents in the mix but the emphasis is on former. It would be really hard to be a democrat and support Ron Paul who has the most conservative record of all of the candidates. He wants to end welfare and most of the departments. What democrat in his right mind would support those things? The amazing thing about Ron Paul is that many left-wingers have actually seen the errors of their way through his campaign. Wow. Ron Paul is converting democrats!

I have always been a Republican but over the past few years I have really felt the party leaving me and I was definitely looking into third parties more seriously. The GOP has lost so many over these years. Ron Paul is bringing them back. We should all be happy about that and not discount those who want to join, rejoin or reaffirm their Republican ties.



The anger at the Ron Paul people wasn't that they were there, so much as the fact that they were rude and disruptive when the other people got up to speak. There was plenty of disagreement in the room, as the results of the poll showed, but nobody booed, or shouted, or disrupted the event the way they did.

Not to mention that this was supposed to be for Republicans, and these kids just showd up right at the end to throw the poll, not actually attend the Advance or support the party. Ron Paul's not a bad guy, his supporters were just crude and unprofessional.

Adult for Ron Paul

Archimedes, don't judge all Ron Paul supporters by the actions of just a couple. Only a couple of the 182 Ron Paul supporters behaved rudely. There were at least a couple GOP activists who made up false allegations to the media about Ron Paul's participation in getting his supporters to the event. That is quite a bit worse than a boo here and there in the middle of a speech. Yet, you won't see me condemning all GOP activists for the actions of a few.

Also, whether someone attended all or part of the events at the Advance has nothing do with whether or not they are Republican or whether or not they support the party. Do not confuse the two. Attendance to other parts of the event were much more likely due to financial reasons and time constraints than anything else. Many of these Ron Paul supporters are new to this type of thing.

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