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I'm surprised these Obama/Clinton posts of yours don't include references to a pegasus and unicorns, because at this point their content is 100% fantasy.


Go Mittens!

I will bet you, Ben, the lunch we never have been able to have, that the Obama campaign will be very alive and well on February 6th and he will be ahead in delegate count (not counting the traitorous MI and FL for dems). Double or nothing and we can just donate the cost of lunches to a charity of the winner's choosing.

Better than double or nothing- you win, I'll pay two lunches to your choice of charity (limit to a non-Saudi charity :) I win, it's a goat from you to Heifer:


HOW DARE YOU defy the Ted Kennedy/Dewars legacy.

snark snark snark


What's next, NLS? Asking Patrick to not hit the capitol Barakade again on his way to the Hill?

snark snark snark


Seems to me I once knew a pretty savvy Virginia politico who, circa 1996, was pretty keen on pointing out that "Elections were about differences."

She was right then and she's right now.

Do you really, honestly believe that, now, in this cycle, at this time, the vast and profound difference between Obama and any of the GOP field is anything but a strength?

Issues, yes, but age and message and, most of all, rhetoric, which I know that savvy politico wouldn't under-estimate.

Doug in Mount Vernon

I would, but this post doesn't even dignify a response.

By the way, the polls are apparently indicating a late surge by Romney. It might not be McCain's time to "surge" just yet, Ben.

If you truly believe your spewage, I am so sorry for you.

Doug in Mount Vernon

The only people "portraying" it that way, btw, are Clinton supporters.

And that's precisely why they're going to lose.


Ben, drugs kill! Stop taking those hallucinogens!

Perhaps you missed that little rally at AU today. Something about the torch being passed.

I think the momentum has done shifted. What you see forming is a wave. And Clinton ain't ridin' the crest.


I used to read this site on a regular basis. As Obama's chances are getting better your rhetoric is getting downright disgusting. I just removed you from my bookmarks.

Doug in Mount Vernon

What Dan said.

Watch Obama win Florida. That would be a hoot. Heck, coming within 10% in FL would be a hoot.

Doug in Mount Vernon

The real prize is California, my birth state.

If Obama wins California, it's all over for Hillary.



You hated the establishment in 2006. Went after good people such as Don Beyer, like they were puppy killers or something.

And now you write that "the torch has been passed?"

You're not fooling anyone, kid-o.


Wow Ben... using Obama's middle name as a negative is something I'd expect from Republicans, but from you? That's pathetic. Honestly, just pathetic.


Don't you worry Ben, there aren't enough helmet-sniffers in the Republican Party to offset the loss of "family values" voters - and McCain has more than a middle name in his closet. Oh yeah.

WOW!!! lol....you are nuts nls... my lord

The Richmond Democrat

Oh, silly Ben. Silly, silly Ben.

Today 10,000 people showed up at an Obama rally in a stadium with only 6,000 seats. There was a line of 4,000 outside who couldn't get in. 10,000 people at a rally Ben. Today's rally with Ted Kennedy was a triumph for Obama.

Do you really think your sad little recycled Republican "Hussein" taunt impresses anyone? Maybe today is just the day for Clinton supporter to embarrass themselves (more about that in a moment).

While Obama triumphes, Hillary Clinton is in the process of being embarrassed by another one of her surrogates. Hillary Clinton may or may not be behind this:


But she'll end up being blamed for it and losing even more support. How embarrassing!


Sam, when you have been absorbed by the Clinton campaign you lose your free will. They told Ben and their other minions to use the middle name and he had no choice.

Have you not noticed them all sounding very much like cult members mouthing the same words and phrases?


I've never bothered to post before, but this is absolute trash Ben. I enjoy the Tom Davis rumor and commentary as well as the Leslie Byrne updates, but this is just absolutely pathetic drivel made especially irrelevant by today's endorsement by Senator and Representative Kennedy as well as the upcoming endorsement of Sen. Obama by Governor Sebelius after she addresses the nation tonight. Pick yourself up out of the gutter.


January 18, 2008 Below the Belt: A Biweekly Column by National Organization for Women President Kim Gandy;

… Neither women nor African Americans are a monolithic population when it comes to voting or anything else. The insinuation that women owe Hillary their allegiance or blacks owe Barack not only leaves African American women, white male Democrats, and any other minority within our voting electorate in an impossible quandary, it is a disservice to the larger political debate about who is the most qualified candidate with the strongest political agenda to lead our country – now. And while our willingness to finally engage the race and gender conversations as a nation is encouraging, we're talking about electing the person in charge of the most powerful nation in the world, not identity politics. …


anon 05:05, I have no idea what you are talkig about. Like most of America I was damned unhappy with the establishment in 2006. I was damned happy with the election results in 2006.

What attacks on Don Beyer are you talking about? And who is killing puppies?

I have always been a Detroit iron kind of guy, so I do take a dim view of those Volvos he sells to the Northern Virginia yuppie scum. Politically I am fine with the guy.

What exactly are you alluding to with your cryptic remark?

The Richmond Democrat

Maybe we shouldn't be busting on him; maybe we should be planning an intervention . . .

Does anyone know a good deprogrammer?

Ian Jordan

your blog is becoming awfully ridiculous. First there is a solid chance Romney may win. Secondly, Hillary couldn't win the swing states necessary to bag this election. Man, the crap you spew makes me nearly want to stop reading this blog. At least have a thoughtful discussion about your beliefs. Jackass.

Adam Malle

is there any word about republican early voting in fl. it would be telling if we are close or beat them in turnout without even comming to the state


RichmondDem, I admire someone who is all in for their candidate. And heaven knows I have worked in plenty of losing efforts. But Ben has been so ludicrously over the top with this Cliton business that it is hard not to make light of it.

I really enjoy this blog and Ben does really good analysis of local politics. I guess we have to forgive this lunacy and move ahead.

I think we should all be prepared to buy the guy a drink when Clinton fails to get the nomination. He will be crestfallen.

Va Blogger

This is one of the dumbest lines of reasoning I've heard yet in support of Hillary Clinton.

Frantic Hillary supporters.

Be brash, be bold!

Jump up and down with your fingers in your ears, "lalalalalalalala, I cant hear you I cant hear you!"

Maybe, just maybe it will all go away.

I love it!



Didn't you know that Obama will cure cancer and other rare diseases once elected?

It's true, and all Obamazilla's are convinced of it. It will happen. Obama will prolong life. I know it. I cant stop talking about it. I cant stop writing about it. Osama is all I think about. Hey look, even the sun is now staying out longer because of the Obama surge. See, I tell you, it is the...

Adam Malle

he will bring those puppies hillary eats back to life

JMU Duke

Another take on that scenario by NY Times Columnist Frank Rich:

"In a McCain vs. Billary race, the Democrats will sacrifice the most highly desired commodity by the entire electorate, change; the party will be mired in déjà 1990s all over again. Mrs. Clinton’s spiel about being “tested” by her “35 years of experience” won’t fly either. The moment she attempts it, Mr. McCain will run an ad about how he was being tested when those 35 years began, in 1973. It was that spring when he emerged from five-plus years of incarceration at the Hanoi Hilton while Billary was still bivouacked at Yale Law School. And can Mrs. Clinton presume to sell herself as best equipped to be commander in chief “on Day One” when opposing an actual commander and war hero? I don’t think so."


Adam, so Obama is pro-puppy and Clinton is anti-puppy?

Does Ben know this?

maybe he will bring that country george bush ate back to life . . . oh no wait . . . yeah I forgot all we care about is winning.

yeah thats right.

JMU Duke,

Thank you for bringing in the Frank Rich GOP talking points for the BHO Koolaiders to drink.

Adam Malle

he is anti-puppy eating


anon 06:12, I am hardly an Obama kool-aid drinker myself. I will be voting for John Edwards in the Virginia Primary. I simply believe that disgusting behavior like that displayed by the Clinton campaignn shouldn't be rewarded.

Additionally, I think a Clinton nomination dooms us to defeat in the Presidential race as well as many winnable Congressional seats.

There is a reason the Republicans have been drooling all over themselves at the prospect of a Clinton nomination. She is the one candidate they can surely beat.

I want the Democratic Party to win big this year. That is my primary reason for opposing Clinton. The race baiting is a close second.


Some of the online gambling sites (based in UK) have the following sets of odds listed on the 2008 election as of today. Some people feel these gamblers are more accurate than the pundits. [Google search on “london odds on presidential election”] Here’s the one for Coral. The others – William Hill, Value Checker, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, etc., are all in the same range.

Coral: Hillary Clinton 6/5 ; Barack Obama 11/4 ; John McCain 7/2 : Mitt Rommey 6/1; Rudy Giuliani 14/1; Mike Huckabee 40/1; John Edwards 125/1


The Rezko case has taken a bizarre turn, with Rezko's arrest today.


Obama 'Backer' Rezko Ordered to Jail
Rezko Violated Parole With Series of Secret Financial Transactions With Mideast Banks
Jan. 28, 2008—

A federal judge sent accused Illinois political fixer Antoin "Tony" Rezko to jail today after federal prosecutors accused him of violating his bail terms by a convoluted series of financial transactions with Mideast banks.

Rezko has become an "Achilles heel" for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama after disclosures he and people associated with him had raised almost $200,000 for Obama and that Obama sought Rezko's "help and advice" in the purchase of a new home.

In a court hearing in Chicago, prosecutors detailed a $3.5 million wire transfer from a bank in Beirut, Lebanon that they said was moved through a series of accounts until it reached Rezko or some of his relatives who had posted property for his bond.

Under the terms of his agreement, prosecutors said in a filing with the court, Rezko was obligated to disclose any change in his financial status.

In court, prosecutors said Rezko had become a "flight risk" because of his secretive transactions in the Mideast.

According to the court filings, the money came from a company, General Mediterranean, owned by a British-based Iraqi billionaire, Nadhmi Auchi, who was convicted in France on fraud charges.

The filing says when Auchi was unable to obtain a visa to visit the United States in 2005, Rezko intervened and "asked certain Illinois government officials" to appeal the State Department's ruling.

The officials who Rezko approached are not specified. Sen. Obama had just taken office as a U.S. senator in 2005, the same year he sought Rezko's help in the purchase of his home. ****

mmmm, koolaide, tasty!

would you dumb-asses come up with some other saying other than "kool-aide drinkers"? ugh, this thing has been worn so tired and thin by all you "blogosphere" warriors.

And talk about your xenophobic Republican talking points . . you really think you are scoring points by continually bringing up Mr. Obama's middle name?

Quite honestly you all are revealing how hollow the arguments for Clintons candidacy actually are . . .

Like for instance lets take a look at Brian Beutler very interesting observation:

"Kennedy chairs the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions atop both Clinton and Obama. He is, at the same time, the senior Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, which is the very committee that has supposedly served as Clinton's home school for acquiring her widely praised military expertise. He is, in other words, not just the nation's most trusted and revered Democrat, but also, coincidentally, the one who's had the greatest opportunity to see the young candidates at work. And he came away supporting Obama."


mmmm, koolaide, tasty

would you dumb-asses come up with some other saying other than "kool-aide drinkers"?

And talk about your xenophobic Republican talking points . . you really think you are scoring points by continually bringing up Mr. Obama's middle name?

Quite honestly you all are revealing how hollow the arguments for Clintons candidacy actually are . . .

Like for instance lets take a look at Brian Beutler very interesting observation:

"Kennedy chairs the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions atop both Clinton and Obama. He is, at the same time, the senior Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, which is the very committee that has supposedly served as Clinton's home school for acquiring her widely praised military expertise. He is, in other words, not just the nation's most trusted and revered Democrat, but also, coincidentally, the one who's had the greatest opportunity to see the young candidates at work. And he came away supporting Obama."


koolaide sucks compared to real juice. Especially real juice with vodka in it.

the young reaganite

You have got to be kidding me. There is not way McCain is gonna take florida.


I've been looking at the Florida polls, which straddle the SC result in terms of when they were taken, and there seems to be no Obama bounce. So if Ms. Hillary has a good sized win there, it seems to me she will have regained the mo.

Doug in Mount Vernon

TDH, you're a mess. You mean the guy who surfaced in a very friendly looking picture with Hillary? That Rezko!? To continue to harp on that story reveals how sad things are over there.

Burkelurker---no way, not at all. No one has campaigned in FL, well at least until Hillary arrived there last night. FL's delegates do not count in the nomination race as they will not be seated at the convention.


OBAMABUSERS, break it out.

At the risk of being an echo, the idea that McCain will force Obama out of the race is ridiculous. Slightly more sensible would have been saying that his viability in the primary gives independents two real primary contestants to choose from on Super Tuesday. I'm surprised to find your particular favorite flavor of koolaide is "crazy."

I'm also surprised to find that Dannyboy's favorite koolaide flavor is "hypocrite." For pete's sake, everyone hates the establishment until the establishment is behind your guy....

Adam Malle

given the media coverage her fl win will be a blip on the radar screen. it will be covered as "she won but it doesn't count so who cares."

"Hussein v. McCain"... "that the media would portray"

That is just like Mark Penn not going to bring up the "cocaine incident"...


Regardless of the Hillary HQ spin trying to be pandered her at this web site Lets look at an interesting question: if McCain loses Fl, is he toast?

Romney can obviously keep trucking.

Anon 7pm made me think of that. He does make a good point.

But I think Super Tuesday will result in a tight race with no clear run-away winner . . . making us and maryland very important.


Now here is an interesting article by Dick--Clintons gonina race bait--Morris:


"Barack Obama used his victory in South Carolina to change the dialogue with the Clintons in the presidential race. He has taken Hillary’s and Bill’s attempt to use the race issue and replied with a clever move. He has basically called their bluff."


God, this headline is the biggest piece of horseshit I've ever seen coming from a non-Republican.



Dont get bent out of shape, he is obviously part of Hillary's VA web out reach. take it for what it is.

I am setting back and enjoying the show!



Still, one can be a shill without being completely unrealistic.

I am, however, very much looking forward to the day when Ben puts up an Obama banner after Billary drop out.

Adam Malle

im starting to think he is for Obama and is trying to drive voters away from clinton. i cant see how he thinks this horse shit helps billary & co.

Interested Observer

I'm saving up a good post to get me banned for sure, since Ben doesn't like it when people point out that he is misbehaving. This particular blog post is another example of that as has been repeatedly pointed out.

Ben's analysis is almost excellent and spot-on, except when he has a personal axe to grind. Unfortunately, he has no shame in this area. Look at Marsden, Connolly, The Davis Twins, Giny the Campaign Manager, and now Barack Obama. If Ben could control his personal attacks, he would be a successful political pundit, manager of campaigns, sought after oracle. But he is actually something else.

This post, and others in its vein are the politics of personal destruction, win at all costs sort of mentality that we shouldn't have to put up with from people ostensibly within the party. Look, everyone who reads my posts knows I support Edwards and his message. I am no Obama apologist. I think Edwards has a better message. Having said that, Obama has a good one as well and it seems to be gaining traction. Hillary & Bill Clinton on the other hand have a message of divisiveness, the past, and no clear vision to lead America. Hillary's campaign is based on being the "establishment" candidate. She has no standing based on any meaningful contribution other than that she was first lady and a one-term Senator. That is no more than anyone else in the Democratic race and a good bit less than others. Ben is on the band-wagon because he thinks she is going to win, not because he believes in her message or anything like that. He wants to take credit in some small way. The absolute blatant politicing for her has really brought down his brand and is kinda sad. I think he would have been better suited looking at the trends and analysis of the campaign instead of shilling for her.

Interested Observer

Oh, and one more thing, the use of Obama's middle name notwithstanding, I will be anyone, anyone a million dollars that Barack Obama is still in the race after tomorrow. I will even stretch and say he is in after 5 February. So, I will bet that the campaign has more than 168 hours left to go. That is quite a spread. Any takers?


Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

So when Romney wins tomorrow, are you going to eat crow like a man?


Which Mitt is predicted to win - the one that believes in choice, or the one that doesn't?

Yeah, I Said It

I have warmed up to Obama and hope he is the nominee.

So the guy's middle name is Hussein. Exotic. It sounds less mean than Rodham. That's an angry, b#tchy middle name! :-))


I don't get this thing about Obama's middle name. Don't 70% or so of Americans have weird and/or embarrassing middle names? I sure as hell do.

NLS: This post is why you don't get it and why you're part of the past, not the future, of the Democratic party. Enjoy being stuck in the 1990s.


I too say Romney wins tomorrow. There are too many factions of the Republican Party that hate McCain.

Bill Kristol's Admin

The real implosion started when the first "black" president decided he didn't want a second black president any time soon.


According to Survey USA in 2 polls, there has been no SC bounce for Obama. Polling in FL conducted after the SC results still gives Clinton a 20 point edge in their poll.

The same is true in Oklahoma, where she's ahead of Obama 45-19 in a post SC poll. Those are the same numbers that the poll came out with on 1-14.


The integrity of Ben is not to be impugned by the naysayers on this blog.

We must honor the sacrifices that Ben has made to keep this significant blog in operation.

Ben makes a number of substantial points that merit serious contemplation.

Dude, Richmond Dem is kicking your ass here and on his site. Man up!

NoVA Scout

I would think Obama would be the better McCain opponent from a Dem perspective. On the other hand, Romney would probably be stronger against Obama than McCain. As someone said, NLS can be very insightful except when he's carrying water for Hillary or Leslie. In those reality-free zones, he'll say most anything.

The Richmond Democrat

To clarify, The Richmond Democrat and Richmond Dem are not the same person.

The Richmond Democrat (me) is J.C. Wilmore and is the author of the blog "The Richmond Democrat."

Richmond Dem is another Democrat from Richmond (I'm guessing). While we are not the same person, I do agree with the observation that we are kicking Ben's ass.


Hillary is going to whip some ass next Tuesday; Barak Hussein Obama won't know what hit him ... and, thankfully, the wing of the Democratic party that is actually interested in winning elections will prevail. And Big Ted - retire already - your endorsement is about as valuable as our current president at a high school math competition. You're an embarassment to the Democratic party.



Ted is actually an embarassment to the entire human race.

Lose some weight Ted.


Ah, yes, the stench of the new "Camelot" ...


Senator Kennedy, your judgment in character is so very insightful. Bravo.


Ha! Just re-read that bit in the ABC story re: Rezko's ties to "mideast banks" ... priceless! The Republican 527s will have a field day with that one -courtesy of millions of dollars in direct mail pieces and robocalls. Oh -and Obama's blatant snub of Hillary at the state of the union address -- utterly classless.


I see Ben's tag team partner John is back. No, John, those of us who want to win this election realize the importance of not nominating Clinton. We understand the Redpublicans want her because she is so very divisive. We realize the country and the party are more important than the personal ambitions of Senator Clinton.

And for Christ's sake, in a country of three hundred million people I think we can select our national candidates from a pool somewhat larger than two families!


And the Hussein bit is really persuasive. Reminds me of Republicans whose pronouncements use the word liberal over and over. They, like John, have little of value to say.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Uhm Ben, I think that video set the cause of taking women seriously back by about 100 years.


You may not find the "Hussein" bit persuasive but unfortunately hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of voters will ... it doesn't make it right, but its reality and won't go away just because you have your head in the sand. And as for Republicans wanting to run against Hillary Clinton - its called reverse psychology, Dan. The Clintons have two presidential victories and two Senate races under their belts. Obama has won a single federal-level race against Alan Keyes of all people! He is a lazy, unaccomplished man who has never won a serious race against a Republican.


Hm, Barak Hussein Obama has some more 'splaining to do ... per the Boston Globe: Obama was one of only three state senators to vote against making it a crime for convicts on probation or bail to have contact with street gang members. Add yet another chink to Mr. Camelot's armor ... And, Michelle, you're no Jackie-O, so put away the pink pant suit.


oh johnny . . . a mind is a terrible thing to waste . . . hmmmm, but in your case, maybe not.

Anyway, anyone interested in seriously analyzing whats going? What do you all think of this:


Looks like pre-Teddy Obama is chewing up Clinton's lead in CA (though fair enough he is plummeting in FL's beauty pageant)


If hes chewing up her lead pre-Ted endorsement, God knows he'll not only close the gap but surpass her after the news is out. There goes Billary's lead among hispanics!

George Templeton

I say this as a Republican . . . do you really think anybody gives a flying flip about Obama's middle name. Give me a #@$@#$#@$@# break!!! If Hillary wins on Super Tuesday fine, but you don't have to viciously attack Obama in the manner that you do!

Anonymous Is A Woman

Thanks, George Templeton, for being a voice of sanity and fairness.

Hot for teacher!! Schwing!!

Hot for teacher!! Schwing!!

Dannyboy's been awfully grumpy since his girly kicked him to the curb.

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