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I saw the coat thing also. Gerry held out his arms and shook his hands and James put it on him. It wasn't unnatural at all, clearly this was not the first time.


Oh please tell me there was media witness?

As for James, he would become a national blogosphere hero if he quit the Connolly/Jennison/Burke team.

Va Blogger

Who is Chris Ambrose?

Not Larry Sabato

He got a write in vote- I don't think he is actually running.



If Chris got one write-in vote, then that means that only seven or eight people voted for Connolly???

1. Connolly
2. Jennison
3. G. Burke
4. S. Bunn
5. J. Walkinshaw
6. ??
7. ??
8. ??

You know it is lonely when you can figure out who DID NOT vote for you.

Not Larry Sabato

8 for Gerry is right- your list is hysterical and probably right on.

Bryan J. Scrafford

Doug Denneny, who really just entered the political scene a few months ago because he was in the Navy, must be running one heck of a campaign if he's getting twice the number of votes as someone who just spent a million bucks on a re-election bid. It looks like it could be him instead of Gerry Connolly who is Leslie's closest competition for the nomination.


I know Mt. Vernon is not Gerry's strong suit, but this is pretty bad. I love the irony of a straw poll coming back to haunt Gerry.

Not Larry Sabato

Actually NGB, Mt Vernon was not in the old 11th- so this is one of two districts in this 11th that has never been represented by Leslie- but they have been by Gerry- so it should have been his stronghold.

Jonathan Mark

I mentioned to James Walkinshaw that NLS's attacks don't hurt Connolly. In fact, they remind people that Connolly is running. James said that so far they had not hurt.


NLS - I wouldn't label something a "stronghold" just b/c he has represented them before. Leslie doesn't have a name ID problem in Mt. Vernon. You have to admit Providence is really his "stronghold", although of course it's debatable whether he is even preferred there either.


Ben, what the...? Not a word about the party itself? The many excellent items for the Silent Auction? The gorgeous decorations? Dude, did you even try the gumbo?

We just got back and we are all exhausted but happy. I think it went well and I'd say everybody had a good time--even Gerry Connolly. He was quite gracious and charming, with many kind things to say.

Thanks again, Ben, for coming--I hope it wasn't all work for you.

Not Larry Sabato

LAS, great event. I even gave $100 to support MVDDC since they are doing more than any other committee in Fairfax.

This was definitely a huge Hillary crowd tonight!!! Way to go!

An event write up without discussion of fashion? This isn't the NLS I know.


Ben, that was really very kind of you. You know we will put it to good use!

Anon at 11:56, you will be happy to hear, I'm sure, that Leslie wore a gorgeous pink jacket that suited her coloring very well. The sartorial star, however, was Jim Moran, who arrived in black-tie and looked splendid.

Creigh Deeds and Brian Moran were both there-- harbingers for next year's gubernatorial straw poll, I guess.

Janet Myhre-Chair MVDDC

Yes he did - and thanks Ben for supporting us.


Nail bitin time: Three California polls out this morning, and Zogby has Obama up 4, while Field goes the other way. Mason-Dixon gives her a slightly larger lead.

On the other hand, RELAX. They're both outstanding candidates. Kind of like having to choose between Ginger and that other girl on Gilligan's Island.

Loudoun Insider

Wow. Yet another example of Connolly being a frigging a-hole.

Didn't he go to Seminary? Where did he learn those bad words?

Ben, tell the truth...

Connolly wasn't even on the ballot. Byrne, Denneny, and Alexander were listed by name.

Anyone voting for Connolly had to write in his name.

Connolly is not yet a candidate and he didn't ask anyone to vote for him in his short speech.

Forget listing the percentages. How many votes did Byrne get? How many people from the 11th District were there?

Not Larry Sabato

Ha- what a Connolly hack. The speeches were AFTER the vote- and everyone in the 11th knew Gerry was running and they could write him in- it was a paper ballot, very easy to write in. He wasn't listed by name because the others filed before Tom Davis dropped out- Gerry isn't officially a candidate yet. Maybe this will send him a hint on whether people want him to become a candidate.

yeah, a random, meaningless straw poll will deter him or anyone from running for office. keep on believing that...

Bryan J. Scrafford

Anonymous 7:57, the poll must be representative of something or Connolly's supporters wouldn't be trying to dismiss the results and Doug and Leslie supporters wouldn't be using the poll as a good sign.

I think something that is really worth noting is that these results were from a committee event and, as Ben mentioned, are similar to the results from a poll over at Raising Kaine from a few weeks ago. In other words, both the netroots and the "political establishment" of the committee are thinking the same thing..... Leslie would make an excellent nominee.

woman of choice

simple algebra gives you numbers. If Gerry got about 8 votes, there are about 62 people who voted, and Leslie got about 32 of them. As for how many were from the 11th, that error would in theory spread equally among all candidates.

woman of choice

Sorry, meant those NOT from 11th

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