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RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

Why don't you try looking into the corruption of the Richmond City government while you're down here. You'd have a field day.

Yeah but the Richmond stuff has gone on so long, that people expect it. No one pays attention anymore. Since the woman who barked at the moon from city hall lost her seat and El-Amin went to prison, the corruption in Richmond now lacks that sort of spark that makes it entertaining. Fuel card abuse? *snore* Bring back that drug dealing councilman Chuck Richardson and hope that Reva Tramell gets caught diddling a cop in a police cruiser again.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)


Don't forget Mayor Leonidas "Penile Implant" Young.

Church Hill Dem

We do still have a sitting member of the school board who, while a principal at a city elementary school, conducted an exorcism on a student with a janitor in the cafeteria.

Come on, now... it's still plenty interesting!

not virgil goode

Anyone interested in helping recruit a credible challenger for Hogan in 09???

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

Well, ones things for sure. Anyone who has lived in Richmond and followed politics in this city for any length of time knows the myth about local governments being less corrupt and more accountable just isn't true.

There's no doubt Ben was in Richmond last night and this morning. Someone saw him this morning having coffee with Jeff Ryer, Morgan Griffith's top aide, curiously far from the Capitol, GAB, and his room at the Commonwealth Suites.

Is Morgan Griffith and Jeff Ryer the source of all of your inside information? That's very interesting.

What time and where? Give up the specifics?


After reading that article, I have concluded you should formally change your last name to "Triblett"... has a certain humorous sound to it...

Keep on this story, don't let it get away.

not michael brown

Wow that article was tough someone should ask Hogan how it feels to have a can of whip ass opened up and smeared all over him

Guess the locals and Clarke's colleagues have come to the same conclusion. Clarke's is a pompous boob to most and a grade-A ass licker to those he wants to suck up to.

Arrogant brown-nosing tools like Clarke were routinely beaten up behind the gym of my middle school. There was a general consensus that kids like Clarke just needed a daily pummeling. Even the teachers would probably let it happen if the kid were like Clarke. Hell, they might have even joined in the fun.

the poster formerly known as 147.

This Hogan stuff has made for very good reading.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

BTW, I just want to give kudos to Ben. Having lived in Hopewell for a time, I hate Allied Signal/Honeywell with a passion.

Nice to see the Democratic Delegate counter finally looks close to right.


Troubletts with Tribbletts?


Word in the GAB has it that the Hogan matter will pale in coparison to relevations about Phil Hamilton's role in his two-year-long crusade against the Crime Commission after his wife was forced to resign as Director in 2006. As a starter, he used his position on Appropriations in 2006 to give $200,000 to the Joint Commission on Health Care for two new positions and then "recommended" that the JCHC director hire two Crime Commission employees away from the CC. Ultimately three left the CC for the JCHC for salaries they couldn't refuse. Ever heard of a state secretary without a college degree making over $70,000 a year? Apparently, the attempt to de-staff the CC for revenge is just beginning to unfold and there's much more to the story. Why is Hamilton using our state tax dollars to fund his personal need for revenge? Now he is trying to eliminate the CC for the third straight year using Johnny Joannau as his lacky.

Stolle vs. Hamilton? Is this news a little stale? *Yawn* You are about a year late on this one.

To YAWN: Yawn away if it suits your political posturing. While the fued may be old news, the details are not - and this is just the beginning. Hold onto that yawn for a bit.


Word has it that many Republicans, including Dave Albo, have advocated that all legislative commissions - Crime Commission, Joint Commission on Health Care, Commission on Youth, etc... - should come under the Division of Legislative Services. Hey, isn't Albo a member of the Crime Commission? Why would he suggest such a thing?

Have all the legislative commission's go - especially if they waste taxpayer money by paying secretaries 70k. Makes me wonder why I went to college.

The Joint Health Care Commission apparently also pays about 50 grand a year for office space because its Director thwarted attempts to move to a rent free office in 2006. If that and the story about a 70k secretary are true, as well as other over-paid staff, its time for a budget cut.

Sleeping in separate rooms? Cure your snoring in 2 weeks 100% naturally

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