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Please tell Brian that last Friday, when he was walking across Broad Street with his huge umbrella that I beeped at him bc he chose to walk when we all had the green light. City drivers, especially those of us who hail from the North, will continue to drive and beep the horn wildly and angrily gesture, whether the offender is an elected official or not.


Since Brian is from the North, I suspect that he gets that.

Not Larry Sabato

Brian says he doesn't have an umbrella and you should come over here and confront him with these allegations to his face.

Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

I'd like to talk about Social Security. The most generous forecasts for the entitlement program predict that it will start losing money soon.

Yet, both Hillary and Barack are out there proclaiming that Social Security will be saved. This is despite the fact that in its current form, Social Security can't be saved.

I'm going with the economists on this one. I don't expect to receive dollar one from Social Security and I'm not planning for it.

So, it does seem somewhat unfair that I can't take some of my SS taxes and invest them personally.

Why won't Democrats stand up for some sort of privatization option, even if it's only partial?

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

DLISC SS reform will happen but not under Republicans.

Call them crazy, but since Republicans had been trying even into the early 1990s to dismantle SS, people don't trust you when you say you want to "fix" it.

Brian Kirwin

any cigar smoke?

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

And by "reform" I don't mean some harebrained privatization scheme to enrich Wall Street.

You can raise the cap on pay roll taxes, for starters. That would bring in more money to make it solvent.


Since Brian is from the North, I suspect that he gets that.

Posted by: | February 28, 2008 at 10:53 AM

Brian says he doesn't have an umbrella and you should come over here and confront him with these allegations to his face.

Posted by: Not Larry Sabato | February 28, 2008 at 10:54 AM

Good to know. Please tell Brian that I have to work bc we are very busy bc of state budget cuts and hiring freezes, and that there must be another very tall, red headed, statuesque and dapperly dressed man hanging out at the capitol.

BTW, tell him his sarcasm and take a joke meter must be off today.

Not Larry Sabato

Brian said the umbrella part- I made up the rest.


Well you are a LIAR!!!!!

But seriously, he should have an umbrella. Why would he mess with such expensive hair?

Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

Not JC,
Under your logic:

-I would pay more into a program than my parents and their parents. Is it fair to tax this generation more?

-A disincentive is added to the acquiring of labor. Because employers pay half the tax, wouldn't there be less of an incentive to hire people at higher salaries or hire as many people as you could otherwise?

-There is the problem of how to allocate benefits. Do people who pay in more collect more at the end? If so, it won't "fix" social security. If not, it's yet another tax on the rich.

Nof a Fan of HB 1126

Ask Brian why any democrat would vote for HB 1126, especially the women. Thanks!


Is Obama secretly pro-NAFTA? If he is, it's a big plus in his favor:


But Mr. Obama's rhetoric on the subject may be just that, CTV News reported last night. Citing Canadian sources, the network said that a senior member of Mr. Obama's campaign team called Canada's U.S. ambassador, Michael Wilson, within the past month, warning him that Mr. Obama would be taking some "heavy swings" at NAFTA in the campaign.

"Don't worry, ... it's just campaign rhetoric, ... it's not serious," CTV reported the campaign official as saying."


Well, he's going to be the Democratic nominee, and this actually makes me want to support him more strongly.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

"-There is the problem of how to allocate benefits. Do people who pay in more collect more at the end?"

No. And yes its a tax on the rich. So what? Would they rather go back to the days of 60%+ poverty among seniors like we had before SS (or if SS went bankrupt)? I don't think so.

Social Security is NOT a retirement investment plan like a 401k. Its social insurance. Get the difference? It exists so there will be a minimum for everyone at the end, even if you're retirement nest egg is erased in a stock market crash, or you loose your pension because your employer goes bankrupt, and so on.

Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

So what? So what...
Well, I guess I have a different perspective. A relative of mine recently passed away. She was very dear to me.

She grew up in the Great Depression. I remember her telling me she felt lucky to receive oranges on Christmas morning.

She was one of 3 women in her class to graduate from college and went on to make some prudent investment decisions. At the end of her life, she had acquired eight properties in a northern Virginia city.

Upon her death, we had to sell seven of her properties to pay the death tax. Millions of dollars you and undoubtedly others think should rightly go to the government.

So I guess your "so what" response to another tax on the rich might play well with others, but not with me. Different perspective I guess.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

Its not a "death" tax since not everyone who dies pays it. If I died tomorrow not one cent would be taken form me. Only those with an estate valued over a certain amount ($675,000 before the repeal IIRC). So please stop with the framing.

I'll tell you what though. How about simply raising the estate tax exemption to $50 million. Throw in exemptions for business and small farms, as well.

Would that be acceptable? Or does Paris Hilton need to be defended?

Brian Kirwin

Ask Brian if people misspell his first name often, and when they do, does he think it's a nickname?

I get that a lot:)

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

""Don't worry, ... it's just campaign rhetoric, ... it's not serious," CTV reported the campaign official as saying.""

I hope it is. I'm sick of the candidates trying to sound like Ross Perot on trade.

Job training to help people displaced by freer trade? Yes.

Aid to those displaced by jobs due to free trade? Possibly.

Stop trading at the expense of the rest of the economy so they can keep their 1950s jobs? No.

Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

"So please stop with the framing." It is you my friend you are "framing" with non sequitur references to Paris Hilton.

The point is that the "rich" are already taxed at levels far beyond the average person. The point is increasing the tax obligations of "the rich" won't be a long term solution to Social Security and certainly won't grow our economy. The point is that you punish "the rich" at the expense of all.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

"The point is that the "rich" are already taxed at levels far beyond the average person. "

They also benefit the most from having a functioning government more than anyone else.

The corporations they head use public infrastructure, their wealth is protected (in the end) by the police and the military, their businesses benefit from government-funded R&D, subsidies, and other goodies. I could go on.

"The point is that you punish "the rich" at the expense of all."

I know you probably believe in trickle-down to the last drop, but the Laffer Curve is a joke. Raising marginal tax rates to Clinton levels wouldn't sink our economy. It didn't in 1993, and it won't now.

What did happen to that depression Republicans all said we were going to get if we passed the Clinton budget in 1993, anyway?

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

DLISC, just curious, do you think theres ever a proper time to raise taxes? Ever?

Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

You and I clearly disagree on the role of government.

I have seen government work and it clearly works best when it attempts to do the least. It doesn't matter who is in control of the government. It always performs below what the free market and individuals can deliver.

You want to reinstate the Clinton tax increases, raise taxes on the cap on social security, and clearly have no problem with the death tax.

The results will be more entitlements, more debt, a larger government, a more intrusive government.

I want to invest some of my social security, particularly if the caps are raised.

Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

Sure, there are times to raise taxes, but looking at any budget, there is fat to trim and I think that should always be done before raising taxes.

Take a look at the VA Senate's budget for instance. They want millions for a new General Assembly building. Why? There's nothing wrong with the old none.

So before you raise taxes, cut that type of unnecessary spending. This what the GOP did not do in Congress following Newt Gingrich's departure.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

"You want to reinstate the Clinton tax increases, raise taxes on the cap on social security, and clearly have no problem with the death tax."

In case you've been asleep the last seven years, the government is in debt big time. Repeal the Bush tax cuts and guess what? You're on your way to a balanced budget again.

I'll ask you--why didn't we have a depression when taxes were raised to those same levels in 1993? A lot of folks in your camp made dire, dire predictions about the coming Clinton Depression which never happened.

"The results will be more entitlements, more debt, a larger government, a more intrusive government."

You've just described the Bush administration. Good job!

Its not about a bigger or smaller government unless things get extreme. Its about having an effective, efficient government that does its job. I want a government that can reasonably maintain our infrastructure so our bridges don't collapse and our roads aren't clogged to the breaking point, a government that doesn't respond to a hurricaine in a way that would embarrass even a third world country, a government that provides a decent education, and a government that balances its books and pays off its debts.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

DLISC everyone hates wasteful spending I think we can all agree on that. But theres a point where, even after you cut out pork projects (which really aren't that big a part of the budget anyway) theres still not enough money left over to solve transportation and education issues.

These ridiculous, ideologically-driven "no taxes" pledges foisted on legislatures by the likes of Grover Norquist don't help us solve those problems.

Not Bill White (either of them)

I'm surprise you haven't been singing paeans of praise on the scale of "You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings" about David Bowers announcing his big bid for mayor.

Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

"Its about having an effective, efficient government that does its job"

No such thing.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

""Its about having an effective, efficient government that does its job"

No such thing."

Well one things for sure. If you give the job of governing to people who don't believe its possible to govern well, they won't.

Piece of shit 'd' key. Oh, well, it's in fine company with Bowers.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

If you don't believe governments can even do things like build good roads or have good schools, why on God's green earth do you believe the federal government can successfully complete "nation building" exercises in Iraq?

Do you think the military is inefficent and incompetent too? Its part of the government, remember.

Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

You assume a lot of me throughout this discussion, JC. And you know what they say about assumptions.

What you can be certain of is that the more money, the more power, the more license you give to the government, the more opportunites will exist for disappointment, disgust, and despair.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

I was wrong to assume you're pro-Iraq War?

David Englin

You're drunk with power, Ben!

Dem Legislator in Search of Clue

Today's "Terrorism is No Longer Important" Post:


RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

So how does your "Bush has made us safer" meme go with the "Be very, very afraid" meme?

Jankowski airplane is owned by a pay-day lender Loan Max. This guy is a lose cannon,and will end up in big trouble.


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LINDA DeFRANCO recalls a meeting five prohibited where your ex supervisor, the head in craze foretelling of within Pure cotton Inc., came back from your explore visit with various fascinating photos. Whilst walks along the actual pavement connected with Stockholm, your lover got observed students donning their shorts thrown together some long to generate all of them more restrictive surrounding the lower limbs.
Milliseconds. DeFranco, a new type movement forecaster back then and from now on companion overseer with products style analysis, proclaimed the woman and even the woman's peers expected some sort of upcoming development — thin bluejeans — and even relayed that will recommended to their full consumers. “At some time a lot of ’80s manner appeared to be finding its way back to trend, this glimpse appears fit with the fact that, ” the lady said. This team’s hint was basically perfect — as a result of 2006, lanky denim jeans were definitely extremely popular.
The has utilized trend estimates with regard to 40 several years, however, the key forecaster’s task has replaced appreciably with the delayed ’60s not to mention beginning ’70s. Afterward, forecasters are just trend-spotters, bringing photos and exposure on what individuals were putting on around night clubs together with relating to the roadways of The world, reported Steve Wolfe, which does that himself inside Liverpool in your later part of the ’60s.
“European ready-to-wear models ended up being starting to be useful towards Usa brands and even retailers, in addition to there was clearly some starvation intended for this kind of advice, ” they explained. “We have been just like unknown correspondents, simply for type. ”
Mr. Wolfe at this point markets 20 pattern forecasters within the Donegar Number during Manhattan, which supplies overseas sector tendency examination to style market.
Nowadays, type forecasting concentrates just as much with economy exploration seeing that relating to the very first path trends. Forecasters widely are employed by fad exploration corporations much like the Donegar Set, WGSN together with Stylesight, or maybe shops for example Macy’s plus J. M. Penney.
Entry-level phenomena forecasters travel the globe using digital cameras along with laptop computers, taking photos of persons, nutrition, home furnishings, open public craft in addition to anything that will impact fashion together with develop. That they ship his or her pics as well as tips by using e-mail for you to foretelling of coaches and teams at home that get the internet towards circumstance, thinking of such things as any political not to mention economic system along with movements throughout favorite songs, food as well as home design.
“You become a translator, contemplating interpersonal signposts and even linking items that are most often disparate, however , aren’t, ” said Sally Career, what individuals instructs trend-spotting for Parsons the modern Faculty designed for Layout it is start of Far east Region written content for WGSN, each with New york city.
Master of science. Project lately spread by using some other forecaster towards Austin tx, Tex., in the Southwest by just Free airline popular music and also media happening. “We had taken concerning 4, 000 photos for what people have been putting on, however you at the same time investigated the things bandz looked like there was influential when considering style, everything that firms have been sponsoring individuals along with for the visuals regarding fliers and even COMPACT DISC masturbator sleeves, ” this girl reported.
Forecasters provide accounts on the subject of movements expected to happen some year or two in the future inside of skinny promote sectors, such as boots and shoes, add-ons, activewear or even men’s under garments. Reports contain info on materials, color, silhouettes and also fashion.
On the subject of 1, 000 to at least one, 500 folks work as way phenomena forecasters, as outlined by Evelyn Brannon, source for “Fashion Forecasting” (Fairchild), whilst others on the market. The fact that phone number will probably mature through require for the purpose of phenomena information, run simply by rivalry from the vogue sector.
“Competition is without a doubt enormous, so there is also a great number of demand to find the earliest level in product or service growth correct — colouring, cloth fabric, decorating ideas, ” believed Amount Messura, a good exec vice director located at Organic and natural Inc., any industry crew for that silk cotton field that creates style prophecies to make sure you retailers and additionally providers.
And also the career is normally little, there is absolutely no lack from contenders. “This is actually a aspiration employment, ” Ms. DeFranco claimed. “Especially job of moving, absolutely love vogue and tend to be resourceful. ”
Carly Beumel, any fad forecaster for ones retailer Anthropologie as well as adjunct teacher with the Design Initiate for Technologies for Big apple, affirms movement projecting is just not easy separate in to, nonetheless are usually extravagant in addition to thrilling. “I receive to see clothe industries for South east asia, that Wonderful Bazaar around Turkey and then to Asia you need to do cloth study in cottons and additionally silks, ” the girl proclaimed.
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