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If people want(or think) Corey Stewart and his crusade to rid the county of illegal aliens are going away any time soon they had better think again. This guy has enormous popularity within PWC. Being pro-illegal alien is NOT a good stance for the dems to take within the county.

Corey Stewart is ripping Prince William County apart, trashing the economy and society, and pandering to the most bigoted elements in order to further his political career. Too bad for him, Bill Bolling has messed up his plans, which means Stewart's stuck dealing with the disaster he's created in Prince William for a few more years. An appropriate punishment.

When Corey Stewart succeeds the Illegal Alien community has to deal with the fact that their very presence here is in violation of the law. Hmm... the government not wanting people to be in violation of the law. This is so tragic!

Where is the outrage? Only among the fringe liberal community that think that society, not the individual, must bear responsibility for the individual's actions.

This isn't about race... this isn't about ethnicity... it is about the law. Illegal aliens and criminals get deported to countries like France, Sweeden, Switzerland, Kenya, Nigeria, Thailand, and many other countries that are NOT in central or southern America. The reason that people from these regions seem to be the "target" is because there are so many more people from those regions here illegally.

If a fisherman catches 15 bass to every trout he catches in his nets... maybe its because there are 15 times more trout... Not because the fisherman hates bass.

Err... 15 times more bass is obviously what I meant.

If this isn't enough Corey, his BVBL minions, and other right wing nuts are now after Chief Deane. This is simply because he is doing his job and educating the public about the resolution as he was told to do. They won't stop until Corey has a dictatorship in PWC.

If you want to hold someone responsible for this mess in PWC besides Corey, one should really look at Supervisor Mike May. He is the swing vote on almost every vote the board has. If he was willing to vote against the resolution Nohe, Jenkins, Barg and Caddigan would have joined him.

As a fluent spanish speaker he knows full well the burden of the Latino community suffers. We should really be taking a look at May and hold him accountable for this.

wow...6 posts....all anon


This is a serious issue that should be discussed. Unfortunalty its nearly impossible to take the politics out of it.

Philosophical point here. The blogosphere has officially devolved into a right and left talking point site shouting match. It was inevitable but sometimes I really miss the old days back in 2005 when the operatives hadn't infested it yet.

Its getting so bad that there are few people even attempting to cross "sides" and even comment anymore. Enjoy the echo chambers.

not an allahbama lemming

Is there no shame?

This post comes out the same day as an article about the rape of a 4 year old?

nova.. there should be no politics when it comes to this.

If someone breaks the law by entering the USA improperly they should be held responsible and sent home. When someone rapes a 4 year old they should be held responsible.

For those who want to argue that "they only come here for a better life"... I don't think that would matter to this child. Unfortunately, this is becomming all too typical of these illegals.

I can not believe that anyone would support these people.

Anyone believe that this 4 y/o girl was asked if she was democratic or republican..


lemming while I agree with you in general.

The politics of it is waving around the crimes. Did you know for example that the crime rate for illegals is significantally lower than among the general population.

Additionally using phrases like "this is becomming all too typical of these illegals" (an inaccurate and ugly statement) takes away from the actual debate and makes you and by extension me look bad

James Young

"Must read"? Why? When Reagan talked about a "welfare queen," he was excoriated by the Left for generalizing from the specific. Isn't that what you're doing here? I do business with a number of legal Hispanic immigrants --- mainly from Central America --- and they're not worried.

'Course, I didn't read the WaPo headline. Did the Post re-hire Janet Cook?

James Young

headline = by-line

I'm a conservative idiot who posts anonymously to make it seem like there are more of me when in fact theres only one of me in my moms basement.

Novamiddleman - what possible source can you cite to show that illegal aliens have less criminals than the general population?

Considering that no one has any idea how many illegal aliens there actually are in the country, and many of them go by multiple aliases and have no trackable identities, how can you possibly have an accurate statistic of the comparative crime rates among the populations?

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

Novamiddleman, I totally agree with your comment about the blogosphere becoming more and more partisan. I can still find conservative blogs were I post and I'm not told to go away or called a "troll" (such as Too Conservative), though they are getting fewer and fewer.

Joel Rutstein

And, BVBL still merits platinum status on the blogroll, because?

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

"When someone rapes a 4 year old they should be held responsible."

Gee, I'm sure LOTS of people disagree with that. Not.

Next statement from Wimbaugh Wemming--"When you steal, you should be in prison."


By definition 100% of the "illegals" have broken the law.


is the use of "typical" in lemmings post more or less ugly than when obama himself used it?

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

Anonymous coward--

Obviously, you do believe theres a difference between say, jaywalking and murder?

Illegally immigrating isn't a felony. Its not even a criminal offense. Its a civil offense.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

I think we can all agree the federal government's inaction on this issue is completely inexcusable, however. How about a law that-

1) Brings the illegals out of the shadows and gives them proper identification so we know who is here (including a special worker's visa)

2) Deports anyone among them that committed a felony here or in their home country

3) Makes them pay a hefty fine, all back taxes, and learn english

4) Provides that if any former illegal commits a felony, they are booted out and never allowed to return

5) Secures the border. Yes, you'll get your 200-foot high wall fully funded and built if thats what you really, REALLY want.

"Its not even a criminal offense. Its a civil offense."

man are you that much of an apologist?

What is next?

It's not a felony.. it's only a misdemeanor...

It may be a felony but it should not be...

It was only a small crime....

It didn't hurt anyone...

Nobody got killed....

Typical liberal attitude lots of excuses.

I do agree that the fed's have not done their job in 40 years.

How about a law that:

Sends them all home and let them get in line behind those who have chosen to come to this country legally.


Anon 6:03: Dream on. You might as well say they should be tarred and feathered first, then sent home, because identifying them would be like grabbing a handful of mercury. I'm sure your toughness gives you some measure of satisfaction though.

Richmond Dem: You're too reasonable. Your proposal would go a long way to solving the problem but the right wing would derail it as an "amnesty" law. At least the immigrant haters have no dog in this year's presidential election.

The only part I question is why we'd require them to learn english when we don't require that of legal immigrants (see Cubans, Miami).


Anyonymous coward-

"Sends them all home and let them get in line behind those who have chosen to come to this country legally."

That would require the largest forced migration in the modern history of the western hemisphere. It would also require the splitting up of millions of families. Believe it or not, the real world is more complicated than talk radio makes it out to be.

So whats your problem with the above proposal? I guess you just want to keep this issue alive so you can demagogue it rather than looking for a solution.


"The only part I question is why we'd require them to learn english when we don't require that of legal immigrants (see Cubans, Miami)."

They'll learn English anyway if they want a future for themselves. The English provision is a sop to right-wingers so that bill would pass, much like the fence.


Conservatives should actually be thanking their lucky stars their candidate isn't Tancredo Light.

McCain has saved them from doing to the Latino vote what their party did to the Irish Catholic vote for the next 100 years in the 1850s. Namely, whipping up a hysteria that drives them into the arms of the Democrats.


A vote of "No Confidence" for Corey Stewart, the king of ego and secret meetings....

When people choose independently which laws they are going to obey and which they will ignore it is called chaos.

When people make excuses for these actions it is called ignorance.

Prudence dictates careful consideration in these matters, lest one find themselves on the receiving end of such ignorance.

Boo freakin' hoo. If you're here illegally, get the hell out, we don't want you.

If you're immigrating to the U.S. legally, we don't care what race, color or creed you are -- we welcome you.

This concept is obviously too difficult for leftie nutjobs to understand.

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