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Not Tim Kaine

Are the R's going to run a serious candidate for AG? Or, is The Cooch going to be the token nut case (a la Mike Ferris) on the otherwise not unreasonable McDonnel/Bolling ticket?

Anyone who votes for Cooch is a fool, in April or any other month of the year.

Not Jeff W

Too bad Cooch does not have to give up his Senate seat to run for AG. We could have a twofer; he's out of the Senate and out of a job.

Ben maybe you should not have been so hard on Janet. Cooch losing his Senate seat would have rendered him less viable for an AG run. Heaven help us all if he wins this seat.

Not Larry Sabato

Janet deserved it all and more. She had Cooch beat- and pissed the election away with a crappy staff. My pointing it out is not what cost her the election- her refusing to do anything about it did.

Ha Ha, as for token nutcase, this token nutcase won in one of the more diffiult senate district in the state for a Republican and I don't care if his opponent was stupid.

This token nutcase will easily win the AG spot with his grassroots strength and because most dem AG candidates are extrmely liberal with the exception of Deeds.

Starting in Jan 2010 get used to the Honorable Attorney General Ken Cucicnelli. The Dems make fun of him because they know he will be vitually impossible to stop.

Not Tim Kaine

NJW, I have no data on which to base this other than memory, (and I have CRAFT, which is worse than CRS) but it seems that whenever the D's or R's run a candidate on the down-ticket who happens to be too far from the center of their respective party, they lose. The most recent example.....Byrne. The list includes McEachin, Katzen, Ferris.....you get the point. Some candidates are capable of losing on their own merits, but getting too far from the center seems to clinch it. Sooooo, the D's should welcome The Cooch!

Not Jeff W

NTK you may have a point, but only if we have a strong AG Candidate to put forward. Who are we looking at right now? I've heard Mark Herring's (Loudoun)name being tossed around. I could live with that just fine.

Ben, I also think Janet ran a terrible campaign. In fact I was surprised by how really bad she was as a candidate. But I don't think she needed to be put on blast by you every chance you got. In the end I believe she would have been a better Senator than she was a candidate.

Not Larry Sabato

I agree she would have been a better Senator than she was a candidate. (She certainly couldn't have been worse).

2009 GOP Sweep

Call me crazy, and I know it seems impossible to VA Democrats, but a united McDonnell-Bolling-Cooch ticket this early in the game is pretty intimidating. Cooch would love nothing more than for you all to underestimate him, and like it or not, he starts with a tremendous leg up as a Republican for AG.

A ticket that fully covers VA's urban crescent while not compromising any appeal to rural Virginians - it's early, but I smell a sweep.

2009 GOP Sweep

NTK - Your analogy about being too far from the center really only works in one case you cite, and that's Farris. Kaine won because of Warner's strength and because Katzen was a terrible candidate (not because of his ideas), and McEachin lost because he was a Democrat running for VA A.G. against someone with better credentials, among other reasons.

2009 GOP Sweep

I didn't address Byrne....Byrne is no more liberal than Bolling is conservative, so again, I think the distance from center is irrelevant.

There is a huge difference between Farris and Cuccinelli. Farris just came off as a push it down your throat at all costs conservative who was very mean spirited.

Cuccinelli is an intelligent, well thought, well spoken, nice conservative who can win in Fairfax of all places.

Mark Herring could not compete with Cuccinelli because Cuccinelli could marginalize NOVA while getting huge numbers downstate. Mark Herring is just not a good campaigner either. Look at who he has beaten, Staton and Phillips, two awful Gop candidates who are considered third tier by their own party. That race would not be close.

Deeds could compete again because he is more of a rural moderate dem if he does not get the nod for Gov. A bluedog moderate dem is always the best candidate for AG.

From a Republican perspective, Deeds is by far the toughest candidate in the dems fold because of his wide appeal.

Ben, your "pointing it out" (over and over) might have been worth 101 votes. You let your personal beef with her campaign manager cloud your judgment.

Smell that fear from NLS and the rest of the Cooch haters. They know he'll stomp any bedwetting liberal Democrat AG candidate, and there's not a damn thing they can do about it.


This is delightful news. Cooch is an ardent pro-lifer and shall have my vigorous support.

J. Tyler Ballance

Stop it.

Stop exchanging small-minded insults, either directed at the candidates, each other, or both.

If you think about it, the folks who are actively engaged in the self governance of this Republic, only add up to about fifteen to twenty percent of the voters in many areas (including Democrats, Republicans and Indys).

People who take a little time to participate in discussions via blogs are less than one percent.

Senator Cuccinelli is a polite and well reasoned man, who has devoted many years of service to the Commonwealth and he deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect, even if some of his voting decisions defy what some would think is common sense.

The same can be said of many other members of the Senate and House, regardless of which side of the aisle they are on. These folks will not always vote the way we want, but that is not a good reason to deny them basic courtesy.

It would be so much more enlightening for readers, if the discussion was about actual facts associated with Senator Cuccinelli's voting record and reports of what he has actually said during public appearances, or on the Senate floor.

One example: I think he will have a tough time defending his votes for the notorious "abuser fee" law, that was just recently repealed.

I would like to hear Senator Cuccinelli's positions on key issues like the death penalty, clean energy incentives, Pre-K funding and health care programs, to name just a few.

Forums like NLS could be so very helpful to candidates from both sides, by illuminating their positions on key issues and allowing a forum for a thoughtful discussion of proposed solutions to many of the challenges that we all face. For example, if we could reduce or eliminate the tort exposure for Virginia businesses and provide some form of cost containment plan for business health insurance, we might have a fighting chance of re-establishing out strategic manufacturing base. Our next AG could play a pivotal role in helping to re-cast Virginia laws to be more conducive for job creation and to help Virginia businesses to find affordable ways to provide Dental and Medical coverage for their employees (our fellow citizens).

Let's make 2008 mark the beginning of a return to civil discourse. For those few of us who are still taking part in this experiment of self-governance, let us work together to set the example for our fellow citizens, by having constructive dialogs about real solutions; judging each idea only on their respective merits, and sharing our thoughts or opinions, free of partisan vitriol.

not michael brown

Cooch is anti death penalty...should be interesting to see how that plays out.

Best April Fools joke is Steve Shannon completley blowing his shot at AG by hooking up with Leslie Byrne- Thanks to Steve Shannon and Leslie Byrne for Republican attorney general!

Thanks for letting us back in the game, silly moonbats!

-Republican Party of Virginia

Not Larry Sabato

Great point anon 122. Being seen with Leslie killed Jim Webb's campaign.

Oh wait...


Considering the power Gerry has in Fairfax, Steve's decision to break with him and go for Byrne is very interesting. Good to know there are, in fact, honest politicians around.

not michael brown,

do you often visit blogs and make up idiotic bullshit like that? Thanks for the morning laugh, dumbass.

Brian Kirwin

I guess Cooch didn't ante up the Nationals tix, eh?

not michael brown

anon 8:07 ok since you know everything how do you explain his vote against the expansion of the triggerman rule. Do a little research before you speak!

not michael brown

should have said aboltion of the triggerman rule which would have led to an expansion of the death penalty.

Anonymous Is A Woman

First, I think J. Tyler Ballance is right about extending courtesy to candidates and having a dialogue on the issues.

Then, anybody who underestimates the Cooch's abilities as an effective campaigner will be making a serious mistake because he does come across as personable, intelligent and rational.

But anybody who thinks he neutralizes NoVa just because this is his home area is also mistaken.

He is out of step with his district and only won his race because Janet, indeed, ran an ineffective campaign and did poorly in the debates. She is, however, an intelligent woman who also deserves our courtesy. She just was not effective on the campaign trail. There are worse failings in life.

Anyway, back on topic. Just being from NoVa won't help the Cooch win the vote up here. His values, policies and positions are not in step with this area.

He has a better shot at a statewide race, where he can win support from downstate and rural areas than he does running again in Northern Virginia.

I think he will lose to the Democratic candidate, if we pick a good one, because he won't carry the voter rich areas in the NoVa suburbs, or the suburbs around Richmond, Richmond itself, and the Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, and Norfolk areas. Those places have been trending purple.

If the Democrats pick a good moderate centrist, the Cooch will have a tough battle. I'm not saying it won't be close but he's not a shoo-in.

the poster once known as IP

"he won't carry the voter rich areas in the NoVa suburbs, or the suburbs around Richmond"

Ah, yes - those liberal bastions of Henrico, Hanover, Goochland and Chesterfield. Puhlease. Cooch will roll up HUGE margins in all the Richmond burbs. Stick to commenting on NOVA, you clearly don't have a clue what's going on in metro Richmond.


All you need to know in one sentence

Cuccinelli will be saved by McDonnell and McDonnell will be saved by Cuccinelli

Bolling bringing in Richmond is the icing on the cake

oh and Go Memphis


Good point, middleman. This is indeed a dream ticket for the GOP, and Virginia Democrats who don't have their heads up their asses are scared shitless.

Interested Observer

Cooch running for AG is about the best chance of Dems picking up a Senate seat a couple years early. He can beat demographics once, but he knows the trend is against him, so this is his hail mary to keep his political career going. I also imagine he doesn't like being a double minority in the Senate (minority right-winger in the minority party).

And you have to wonder, what use is being AG rather than a Senator? Well, it is a constitutional office and you can claim some executive experience if you are going for the big office (Governor) in 2013. It is often a stepping stone, but it doesn't end up doing too much...

Rtwng Extrmst


Once again playing with the facts to trash a Republican...

"The state lawmaker who introduced a bill to allow people to be fired from their jobs if they didn't learn English?"

This bill did nothing of the sort. It is already legal for employers to fire employees who refuse to speak english. What this bill would have done is exclude fired employees from claiming unemployment insurance when fired for this reason when learning to speak english and speaking it on the job was a requirement of employment. Sounds pretty reasonable to me and it would have actually been a pro-immigrant bill by allowing employers to take risks on employees they otherwise might not hire to begin with and give the immigrants a chance they might not otherwise get.

I am all for Sen. Cuccinelli running for AG. I think he would make an excellent candidate and AG.

Rtwng Extrmst


When Ken wins the AG in 09 I think Tim Hugo would have an excellent chance of winning his Senate seat in a special.

Alex P Keaton

If this is true, and Cuccinelli is indeed running, this is great news for Virginia conservatives.

Ken has been a leader on mental health, tax reform, right to life, second amendment, the list goes on.

Cuccinelli worked to help unify the Republican Senate this year. This is great news for Virginia Republicans, and I hope they see the great opportunity a McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli ticket offers, and don't divide the party with a silly primary.

Republicans have much to be excited about, again.

Funny that you mock Cuccinelli for announcing his run on March 31st when just below you're praising Jim Webb's fundraiser being held for Leslie Byrne this evening ... I guess coverage on that would be in tomorrow's papers also, making her a big joke as well.

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