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that's a hell to the no.




Nice personality.

Separated at birth: Leslie Byrne and Louie Anderson?



She will make a wonderful congresswoman and an even better host of "Family Feud."

That would be a SMOKING hot!

That's OK, considering Gerry raises enough money at actual fundraisers. Netroots support is irrelevant.

she's a definite two-bagger.

Beautiful inside?


You may not like her - that's your preogative - but she's not unattractive, not by a longshot.

skank, inside and out.

NLS homo-erotic hermaphrodite status is confirmed- Ben and Leslie were twins separated at birth- each got 1 ball, but Ben got the cunt and leslie got the cock

leslies cock, currentley in bens ass

James Young

I'm impressed by the picture that Ben uses. It's probably 20 years old.

I'm assuming that the headline was a pre-emptive April Fool's joke.

As for the last two comments, they demonstrate that this is not a family-friendly blog.


James - No, they demonstrate the age and maturity of many bloggers. I suppose we should be happy they can read and write.

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