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That video was one of the most touching videos I've ever seen. I've always liked Webb, but now I like him alot more.
It's a tragedy though that he's supporting an extreme leftist like Leslie Byrne -- a huge tragedy.
Jim Webb is a man of character who has served our nation well. Leslie is an extreme liberal of the most dangerous kind. But I can completely understand why he feels the need to "return the favor" after what she did for him in 2006.

Not Larry Sabato

Jim Webb wouldn't exist in the U.S. Senate if it wasn't for Leslie Byrne. If you really think that highly of him you should suck it up and support her.

Not Wayne Rooney

So the luckiest man in politics is supporting the one person the Republicans could actually beat. Yawn.


Nice video but what does it have to do with Leslie? We know he's endorsed her.

Fan of Integrity

I LOVE this video

Greg Kane

The video is, of course, absolutely terrific. We had our Webb for Senate office on the mall in C'Ville and played this in an endless loop to the people walking by. It was very effective and it raised quite a bit of money. It also brought in independents and the occasional Repub.

It does bring back great memories, especially because the guys on the video I got to meet were really wonderful guys.

The reason I signed on for Webb was because I was a vet and I understood who he was. I didn't always agree with him on vets legislation, especially years ago, but I knew who he was and I jumped at the chance to help him. I still don't always agree with him, but I am proud to have helped him.

While I do understand that Jim Webb owes the Byrne clan, I don't get this video for Leslie.

The video is vets sharing personal stuff about Jim Webb that most folks would never get to hear except that these vets agreed to do it publicly for Jim.

Trying to play this for Leslie doesn't work. It’s like scratching nails on a blackboard.

This is more uncomfortable than helpful.

Not Larry Sabato

Greg, I'm sorry but that was the dumbest comment I have ever gotten on here.

I'm not playing this video for Leslie, I am reminding people why they want to come see Jim Webb.

Greg Kane

Ben, do you always have to be a jerk? This is a fund raiser for Leslie and you are still selling Webb.

Not Larry Sabato

There are hundreds of fundraisers for Leslie. There's one so far with Jim Webb. Hence, the selling of Webb.


I don't think I want to give leslie any money but is there a pac or a place that I can give money to Webb?

Not Larry Sabato

Sure- he has a PAC called Born Fighting. (Your money is likely to be donated to Leslie from there though).

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