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Pete in Williamsburg

This was a tough one. I'm a big Jim Webb fan and I'd rather keep him in that seat for 5 more years.

Biden was my favorite candidate for president but he's put his foot in his mouth too many times and the result is an ample number of soundbites that can be used against him.

Ultimately, I voted for Biden because we need Webb in that seat.

Newport News Dem

Played this game last week and took a shower after visit the Daily Kooks Web page.....I pass

Interested Observer

Where is Hillary? Of course, she is damaged goods...


Pete! It's an Internets blog, it's not for real! You have to vote for Webb for the pride.

Obama is going to pick Sebilius, McCaskill or Kloberwhatsername, because he would be very smart to pick a very talented woman to run with him. Them or Chuck Hagel.

This is for good fun!

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

Newport News Dem-

You better get used to supporting Obama, because theres a 87% chance (according to intrade) that he will be our nominee.


What RichmondDem said.

Pete in Williamsburg

Bipartisan dreamers like me always think about some sort of blended ticket which would pull in a guy like Hagel.

RichmondDem (Not J.C.)

Pete Hagel is pro-life I don't think the base will accept that.

Lincoln Chaffee, on the other hand, would be a good bi-partisan pick.

Newport News Dem

Just like I angrily condemn and denounce the shrill "demands" by Obamabots that my candidate must quit before the contest is over, denying a chance for the voters in 10 more contests to be heard, you can stick your "suggestions" that I get used to supporting your seriously flawed candidate, a candidate whose concept of "winning" is silencing the voices and votes of millions in 2 major states. This would makes him an absolute fraud as our nominee. Additionally, I resent you telling me what I/we must do and it is tiring.

So why don't you get used us fighting for this nomination, in the remaining contests, on behalf of FL and MI, in the credentials and rules committee and up to the very second 2025 delegates are amassed. This country and leadership of the world in troubled times demands nothing less from Hillary and her supporters.
What you just seem to not comprehend, we passionately think Hillary would be heads and shoulders above Obama as President and Commander-in-Chief. One does not just quit and walk away from that fight.


Ben, you might want to post that the Kaine / Feingold matchup is being voted on now.

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