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Wahoo-wa! Way to represent Zim!

And the Nats winning the opener is just awesome anyways.


Baseball? Exciting?

Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaa


Life is far too short to waste time watching baseball.

Ben Keeler

The stadium looked pretty sweet on TV. I am glad WSH won. As a Phillies fan, I hope they used their heroics today and not tomorrow in our Opening Day.

I think the Nats could have a pretty decent season.


t, I always suspected you were a closet commie.

Only a godless, atheist communist would say those things about baseball.


Ben, I'm sure it is exciting for you kids who grew up in Washington without baseball. It is truly sweet for old Senators fans like me who remember all too well having our team taken away twice.

I stuck a pin in my Bob Short voodoo doll every day from 1971 until the day he died. And I am sure that a special place was reserved in heaven for Congressman Bernie Sisk for his efforts through the years to bring baseball back to DC.

Timothy Watson

Baseball can be pretty boring watching it on television but when you're in the ballpark it's great. At least based on the O's/Yanks games I've been to in Baltimore.

By the way Ben, who's going to get the favorable coverage after they bribed you? ;)

Martin Lomasney

I love baseball and look forward to seeing the new stadium.

But as a Democrat I have to ask, did the Lerners really need $600m in corporate welfare?

How many schools coould have been renovated and kept open instead of having dozens closed across DC?

How many neighborhood health clinics could have been opened and staffed?


Yeah - death to those with young children or jobs that leave early to meet their committments.

Only those working at home to their own schedule should go to opening day games.

Ease up.


Ahhh, but with whom did Ben go to this game? ;)


Ben - That's crazy - I was in 117 too. I split season tickets eight ways with a bunch of friends, and it was my turn to pick first this year! I guess you saw Carville and Colin Powell in addition to Russert? Carville was sitting with Russert and Powell was also just behind the Atlanta dugout in 117. I also saw Jim Moran at the game but I'm not sure where his seats were. I booed Bush happily. The guy next to me told me Obama would have thrown it in the dirt and I told him he was crazy.

What the hell- first of all why didn't YOU invite me- :-) and second, I didn't see Carville. I did see Powell.


The only team that t watches is the Colorado Rockies, because they are a team of devout Christians.

Praise God!


George Bush received quite a welcome. Too bad he squandered the goodwill of the American people and our allies after September 11. Doesn't look like there is much goodwill left. Good riddance. January 2009 can't come soon enough.

Oh, yeah. Good ballgame.

Goodbye Bush, hello McCain!


Sorry - I had to take my Dad. I even ended up buying a second pair of seats in 140 so my Mom and fiancee could go too. I have seven or eight games left this year - I'll send you the list and perhaps you can join me for one of those.

Marion Barry shouldn't have to wait in line for his ticket to be taken? Should they otherwise helicopter him into the outfield?

not an allahbama lemming

My guess is that allahbama would have thrown it in the dirt...

I read that he scored a 37 at a bowling fundraiser...lol

Maybe instead of smoking pot and snorting coke he should have played some sports when he was young.

So, NLS, were you among those classless morons who showed their poor upbringing by booing the President? Wait, don't answer that. We all know you were booing with all the vigor your patsy flabby ass could muster.

obama would school bush in basketball with one arm tied behind his back.

though bush could probably give obama a lesson or two about how to snort copious amounts of blow

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