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didnt leslie lose to tom davis, who voted with W 90% of the time?

Wouldnt that make her a former rep?

the audacity of leslie and nls BS!

leslie hates local VA and DC basketball teams... what wont leslie the loser do to win something / anything?

RichmondDem (Not J.C,)

Whats the origin of that graphic? Can someone who has read this blog longer than me answer that?

David Englin

You might as well just leave it up until the end, Ben! (But if you do that, could you at least please link it to http://www.DavidEnglin.org/contribute ?)



Yay, I still have one scenario left!

Although that scenario, I believe, requires Davidson to beat Kansas, doesn't it?

Not Larry Sabato


Brandon Bell

Thanks David. It seems that I am one elected (former) from having a crying graphic on NLS. I'll try to take a lot less chances on my bracket next year.

What the hell is "Mo Siziak Experience"? Do they mean the "Moe Syzlak Connection"?


If you're going to use an incredibly obscure joke, make sure you get it right!

Cheap Computers Canada

Something confusing about this post as things are a little cloudy.

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