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Not John McCain

I think I speak for all of us readers out there when I say:

Amen, Gerry. Someone had to finally say the truth about Ben... and that's the straight talk, because John McCain said so.

Gerry responding to Ben is not Congressional behavior.


Oh, Ben. I get it, Gerry sucks! I can't wait for "Gerry Sucks, Part 53: Gerry Doesn't Sort His Recycling Properly".


Please continue this series. It saves the Fimian Campaign alot of time in opposition research.

Bryan J. Scrafford

Honestly, this just made me think of how there are some lawmakers out there who don't get too worked up about it when Ben attacks them and actually are really good sports about it.

Take David Englin. Most regular readers have seen the graphic Ben has poking fun at David for being a little sensitive at times. Nonetheless, David comes on here and even joins in the joking around. For a prime example, take a look at the first comment for this post.


During the conversations I've had with Gerry I've noticed that a decent sense of humor occasionally comes through. Perhaps he should use David Englin as an example here and use that sense of humor when dealing with Ben's attacks. If he continues to promote a message like the one mentioned in the article, he's going to come off as extremely petty.


how many connely sucks do ya have?

Not Wayne Rooney

That last quote by Connolly is a good enough reason to spend the SOB $50.

not Mark Penn

fannyboy for Warner of the Week!

Not Jack Benny

AH, anyone who knows Gerry knows he has a great sense of humor and the quote he made about Ben no doubt had that Irish twinkle in his eye.

Almost as funny as when Leslie launches into the truck cover speech!!


Virgina politicians who insult Ben Tribbett do so at their peril.

Ben is the second most influential political force in Virginia (second only to t).

One does not want to be on the wrong side of that tornado.


I'm holding out for Connoly Sucks part 2584


It would behoove Gerry to apologize to Ben ASAP.

Ben is a formidable opponent - a gale force in the blogoshpere.

The sheer ferocity of this barrage of attacks against Gerry have left Gerry, and his closest advisors, reeling.


Gerry, If you want the bleeding to stop, it appears as if you are going to have to humble yourself, and apologize to Ben.

Otherwise, these relentless posts are going to engulf your election efforts.


Gerry, you are simply being pummeled.

Gerry, you need to give Ben a call, and put an end to this madness.

Ben clearly will not stop until you apologize, or until you drop.

Make the call Gerry.

Thank God Ben is standing up and chipping away at Mayor Quimby! Take that walking Napoleon complex down!

PWConservative: Keith who?

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