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Gerry Connolly is a great American who has successfully presided over America's most triumphant county. Godspeed good sir!


Dude you really need to change your life priorities or something

Go outside take the rest of the day off

I'll do number 4 for you for free too

Gerry Connolly sucks, hes a tax and spend Democrat

Source Fairfax County Budget over the past 5 plus years


Mr. Connolly has ushered in an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity in the great County of Fairfax. He is a shining beacon of hope for all Virginians.

I never heard about this before. So a police officer was murdered and Gerry released the name before they notified the family. That's dispicible beyond description.


12:01 - you're totally right, that is dispicable.

nova - You know the County government can't raise taxes, right? In fact, they lowered the Property Tax rate many times in an effort to combat the skyrocketing assessments.

Not Wayne Rooney

This is great. You make it easier to support Gerry Connolly.


This is all so dumb. So he committed a faux pas and released the name before the police had done their thing. Last I heard, the police work for the county and not vice versa. More important, is this really a reason to support or not support a congressional candidate? You sound like ABC debate moderators.

Donkey Breath

Man, Leslie must be feeling the pressure! Tick Tock, Tick Tock,

Be glad if you have either Gerry Connolly OR Leslie Byrne up that way. Looks like the 6th is going to have Republican Sam Rasoul as its Democratic Nominee.

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